What You Should Expect From A PPC Management Company

Online business owners well know PPC in today’s digital and social world. However, some are unaware of the term due to a lack of knowledge or insufficient resources. 

Although PPC advertising is a powerful tactic to market your business, you pay for the best positions on relevant websites and search engines here. Many existing SEO strategies are completed with vertical markets, business models, and test keywords. 

Undoubtedly, PPC is designed to divert instant traffic to a site. As noted, you could not initiate a pay-per-click campaign independently due to your capabilities or experience in this sector. In these scenarios, you must hire a PPC management company.

When you hire such an agency, you should expect the following benefits:

Instant Results

The reality behind a successful business is real publicity. If you have the opportunity to point an arrow directly at the eye of the fish, you can get profits and instant results. You do not have to wait months to see the consequences of your expenses. 

The motivation behind each click is that you know how much it costs you a single click and how necessary it is.

To show your products and services more quickly in the online market, you should aim for PPC, as it can provide instant traffic to your site.

Improvement In Sales

When he heard about the PPC and decided to use this strategy for his site, he learned about the benefits, such as improvements in site visits, quality traffic, and even sales. 

It is used worldwide simply because it can divert heavy traffic to a website without losing time when the purpose is to buy a service or a product.

Ultimately, it will affect the quality of your sales. For a successful PPC campaign regarding sales, it is essential to target potential and effective customers.

Bringing New Clients In

Another way to market your products or services is to use online advertising. It is a practice to attract customers and visitors who have never met or visited your website. 

Using Google Display, your ads can be viewed on several potential high-ranking websites with similar and similar industry content. Your ads can take your business to success for people who browse a particular site searching for particular content. 

You can expect the arrival of new clients due to a good marketing campaign established by the PPC firm Todays.agency that you would hire.

Pocket Promotion

Promotion in today’s world does not open a hole in your pocket. Through powerful tools like Google Ads and Bing Ads, you can attract new visitors to your website and increase your sales. With only minimal expense, a professional pay-per-click agency provides you with perfect services to promote your goods and services.

SEM Services

The SEM is to find the most interesting words for our business and integrate them into our google advertising campaign. Therefore, both SEO and SEM go in parallel since they have many processes in common, such as studying keywords.

In this campaign, an SEM company performs all its efforts to configure the keywords we want our future clients to find us.

The management of Google Ads campaigns allows us to develop the idea of ​​obtaining quality and optimal density traffic, which makes the customers who click on our ad interested in our product.

Likewise, an SEM campaign automatically gains visibility on the 1st page.


A Google Ads campaign, to work properly, must be profitable. The words go out daily to auction; depending on the demand, they raise or lower their price. Higher demand, higher cost per click.

A PPC agency, through its SEM department, performs an exhaustive search of those keywords that are more profitable for each of our customers. It is also responsible for optimizing them, making the PPC more profitable.

We always recommend our clients conduct a cross-country and geo-located campaign.

ETFE applications in architecture

The excellent mechanical and self-cleaning properties make ETFE the ideal material for different applications in architecture.

ETFE roofs

ETFE roofing has gained popularity in construction since its first application at the Burges Zoo in 1982. Today, it is successfully utilized in several buildings.

The most commonly used technology for ETFE roofing consists of two or more layers inflated with dry air, creating ETFE cushions. With an accurate design of the membrane cutting pattern, even the most demanding load conditions can be effectively managed.

Wind loads are typically managed through the overpressure of the cushions, which can be controlled in an adaptive way to maintain internal pressure higher than external pressure caused by the wind, preventing fluttering problems.

If there are exceptional snowfalls with loads exceeding the internal pressure of the cushions, the cushions may partially or fully deflate. In this case, the ETFE layers overlap to distribute the load evenly between different layers, ensuring roof coverage and safety even in extreme conditions.

Additionally, if snow loads are extraordinarily high or cushions are oversized, structural support cables may be added to reduce excessive deformation of the ETFE foils when loaded with snow.

Single-layer systems are not commonly used as roofing systems due to the risk of excessive elongation of the ETFE beyond the elastic range. These systems are generally utilized in areas with limited snow loads and are usually reinforced with support cables.

ETFE facades

Thanks to the absence of snow loads, ETFE facade systems are characterized by considerable geometrical freedom with fewer technical limits due to the risk of water stagnation and the accumulation of snow and ice.

In addition to two or more layer cushion systems, modular panel systems or double-curved single-layer systems can be successfully used.
As for the roofs, also in ETFE façades, it is possible to integrate ropes or nets of support ropes that guarantee the construction system even in tropical areas with winds over 36 m / s.

One of the key advantages of using ETFE for facade systems is the possibility to obtain complex three-dimensional shapes at a low cost, especially if compared to glass facade systems.

Greenhouses and winter gardens in ETFE

Greenhouses and winter gardens are one of the most natural applications of ETFE systems thanks to the high transparency of the material, even in the spectra of solar radiation generally shielded by glass panels.

In addition to optimizing thermal gains in the winter season, the high transparency of ETFE increases fruit and vegetable cultivation yield by reducing chemical treatments thanks to the fungicidal action of ultraviolet radiation from sunlight.

In addition to the greater transparency of the covering film, there are also the advantages of a less bulky support structure that reduces the shade on the underlying crops.

The Eden Project in Cornwall is undoubtedly the best-known example of an ETFE greenhouse.

Still, the system can also be used successfully for less expensive applications in agriculture, allowing the rapid and efficient replacement of glass panels or traditional plastic films.

Art installations with ETFE

Digital printing created new opportunities and different possibilities for the customization of ETFE films which have become an alternative to PVC or PU films for applications that require better mechanical strength and aging when exposed to sun rays.

Recent applications of art installations include the Coca-Cola Beatbox pavilion for the London 2012 Olympics (Asif Khan and Pernilla Ohrstedt), the 2015 Serpentine Gallery pavilion (SalgasCano), and the artistic installation Invisible Borders per il Fuorisalone di Milano 2016.

Retrofitting and improvement of existing buildings

Thanks to the lightness and flexibility of ETFE film systems, it is possible to retrofit existing buildings by improving their aesthetics and thermal performance without compromising their structural behavior.

The extremely low self-weight per surface unit (2-3.5kg/m2) does not increase the structural stresses in case of an earthquake and, at the same time,e reducing the risk of debris from detaching from the facade or the roof, injuring passers-by.

Temporary structures in ETFE

Due to the material’s flexibility, temporary structures such as pop-up shops, fairs, or traveling events are generally made of PVC fabrics and films.
However, the recent experience of the itinerant pavilion for the Yamaha MotoGP hospitality area has highlighted the feasibility of modular ETFE facades for nomadic structures and temporary architecture traditionally made with materials other than ETFE.

Top 4 Best Scientific Calculators

Scientific calculators are a necessity for many students today, whether you are a freshman in high school, taking an algebra class, or you are in graduate school, trying to pass an advanced calculus course. If you are searching for a high-quality and accurate calculator to help you with your math, these calculators are undoubtedly a great investment.

Not only do they speed up your work and help you save a lot of time, but they can actually eliminate a lot of math errors that would otherwise cost you money, or even brainpower, for that matter.

The Top 4 Scientific Calculators

After thorough research, we have found that there are three highly recommended calculators that would suit any student and meet their expectations, listed in no specific order.

1. Texas Instruments TI-84 Plus Graphics Calculator

By far one of the top-selling models and companies, Texas Instruments does not disappoint with their latest updated calculator, the TI-84 Plus. Although not as small as others, this calculator comes with many advanced features, including a USB port making it easier to transfer information from either calculator to calculator, or from your computer to the calculator itself.

It comes with functions for statistics, such as data and graph analysis, engineering, calculus, basic algebra, trigonometry, and logarithms. It can also be used for solving for financial aspects as well.

The TI-84 plus has a fast processor and a 24 KB Ram for high-efficiency storage. There are twelve main apps that are pre-loaded on to the calculator for you, including conic graphing, inequality graphing, transformation graphing, probability simulations, and other science tools. This calculator only requires four AAA batteries and shuts off automatically after awhile of no usage, improving your calculator’s battery life.

As one of the best sellers in many stores and websites, such as Staples and Amazon, the TI-84 will provide you with everything you need for conquering math courses. Although more expensive, most come with a warranty and are very durable, prepared to last years for you.

2. Casio FX-991 ES PLUS Scientific Calculator

This slim and sleek calculator lives up to its smooth design. The Casio FX-991 ES PLUS is one of Casio’s newest calculator creations, surpassing many of their other calculators when it comes to improvement. This calculator has standard functions, including table functions, fraction calculations, and statistic functions, such as standard deviation and regression analysis. Because of its name PLUS, it also includes special features like matrix calculations, complex number calculations, along with CALC and SOLVE functions.

One of its greatest features includes the fact that it is a two-way calculator when it comes to power. It is both solar and battery-powered, using solar when in a bright area and the battery when there is no light available.

The Plus comes with light plastic keys, a natural V.P.A.M. display, and a dot matrix display. Although this calculator is a lot smaller than the Texas TI-84 as listed above, it is much less expensive and still has many practical features when it comes to math calculations and problem solving.

3. HP 35s Scientific Calculator

 The HP 35s scientific calculator is one of HP’s best calculators and is great for math students, surveyors, people in the medical profession, or even engineers! It comes with many features, including keystroke programming, both single and two-variable statistics, and many different conversions, such as logarithms, cube roots, inverse functions, and exponents. It comes with 30 KB of memory and more than eight hundred different independent storage registers.

You can also choose between RPN or algebraic entry-system logic, which is not offered by any other scientific calculator that is currently on the market. If you are worried about warranty, HP offers you a one year warranty in case something would happen to your calculator.

The HP 35s is a happy medium when it comes to price, and still offers math users various features that will be appreciated when it comes to math, and even some engineering aspects.

4. Texas Instruments TI-36X

This is another option from Texas Instruments. However, this TI-36X is strictly a scientific calculator, while the TI-84 is actually a graphing calculator. Because of that, this is a much less expensive option.

If you’re in a class where you’re not allowed to have a graphing calculator, than this may be a better option for you. It has a multi-view display that shows multiple calculations at the same time on the screen. It also shows math expressions, symbols, and stacked fractions as they appear directly in the textbooks.

The TI-36X can be used from high school to college and is ideal for Algebra 1 and 2, Geometry, Statistics, Trigonometry, Calculus, Statistics, Physics, and more. This calculator is ideal for converting fractions, decimals, and terms including Pi into alternate representations. Additionally, it can be used for select degrees and radians, floating and fix, and number format modes.

This is an excellent basic scientific calculator that will last you for years to come.

Getting the Most Out of Your Scientific Calculator

No matter which calculator you choose, any scientific calculator will be a lifesaver to you in your math classes from high school to college. If you choose a graphing calculator, such as the Texas Instruments TI-84 Plus, then it can last you even longer and for even more classes than a basic scientific calculator.

However, certain classes won’t allow a graphing calculator, so take that into consideration before investing in one. If yours doesn’t allow them, or you just aren’t ready to spend the money on a graphing calculator, then any of our other options will be perfect for you.

Do you have a favorite scientific calculator that we didn’t mention in our list? Let us know in a comment!








Top 10 Most Inspirational Personal Development Books

Since time immemorial, human beings have always been on a personal development quest – whether consciously or subconsciously. One way or another, people are wired to assess their qualities and skills, set goals, and aim to realize their full potential. As a result, personal development is one of the phrases used fairly often, but rarely explained.

round bookshelves in a library

Personal development can be defined as self-care or investing in oneself through activities such as increasing consciousness, expanding knowledge, and improving personal skills with the intent to effectively remain in control of one’s life regardless of all the obstacles that might come your way. In other words, it happens when you’re dedicated to becoming a better person.

Self-help enables individuals to be proactive and approach life with a positive attitude. Rather than give up when things don’t pan out, you learn from your failures and continue to pursue your objectives. It should be no surprise to you that the world is always evolving. To keep up, it is imperative that you strive to learn something new every day. And what better way is there to hone your self-development than to use excellent personal development books that can guide the way?

10 Outstanding Personal Development Books To Put On Your Wish List

three books with white covers

Regardless of your profession, self-development plays a vital role in determining your success. Unfortunately, there are many personal development books out there that make big promises but never deliver.

Though some of these books are well intended, they turn out to be a complete waste of time and money. Luckily, the following list presents hand-picked must-read personal development books that have proven to have an immediate and lasting impact on the reader’s life.

1. The Success Principles by Jack Canfield

If you are an avid reader, then you have probably come across the name Jack Canfield. Canfield has been an inspirational author for several years, and plenty of people from all over the world love his work. The Success Principles focuses on 65 methods through which an individual can instantly transform his or her life.

In the book, Canfield provides readers with numerous ideas on how to not only improve their existence, but also excel on every level. However, if you are a dedicated fan of personal development books, some of the principles mentioned might seem as rehashed versions of what you already know. Nonetheless, the book is an excellent starting point for those new to the genre.

2. How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie

the book How to Win Friends & Influence People by Dale Carnegie

A classic that first came out in the 1930s, this book still mesmerizes self-improvement readers. Carnegie gets into great detail regarding personal habits that bring about success and also educates readers on how to deal with all sorts of people, from co-workers to strangers.

The book is packed with tales and anecdotes from some of history’s greatest achievers, making the content quite enlightening. Carnegie stresses that regardless of your objectives, there will always be third parties who can affect the outcome of your actions. Instead of ignoring them or antagonizing them, you are better of recruiting them to your cause. And this book will guide you through all the steps you need to take to do just that.

3. Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill (Revised and Updated for the 21st Century)

someone holding a book written by Napoleon Hill

Via this book, Napoleon Hill tries to explain to the audience how to unleash their full potential, overcome obstacles, and achieve guaranteed success in all circles of life. The book also educates the reader on how to conquer day-to-day fears such as criticism and poverty. Hill does not focus a lot on financial wealth, but rather on leading a productive life. When that happens, money will follow.

What makes this book fascinating is that it is based on data and knowledge acquired by the author as he studied over 500 brilliant and successful individuals. After 20 years of thorough research, Napoleon Hill compiled the results and came up with 13 extraordinary principles for successful living. Start following them and you’ll be on the right path towards leading your best life.

4. Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson

What is there to say about Steve Jobs that hasn’t already been stated? Even Hollywood released an award-winning movie based on this release.

The enthralling self-development book is a biography based on more than forty interviews with Apple’s co-founder Steve Jobs, conducted over two years by author Walter Isaacson. The book is a riveting narration of the searing, intense life of the driven and creative entrepreneur, whose passion for the impossible revolutionized several industries.

5. The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle

an open book close-up

Tolle methodically makes the reader understand that there isn’t a better moment in life than the now. The author seeks to help individuals enjoy every minute of their life rather than spend most of their time lamenting about the past and worrying about the future. An eye-opening and fulfilling read, The Power of Now is guaranteed to change your life for the better.

6. The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy

Admittedly, there are numerous personal development books available that revolve around how decisions affect a person’s future. However, a huge percentage of these books do not come close to Darren Hardy’s work. The book is easy to read and has a step-by-step structure, allowing readers to keep track of their progress as they move forward towards greater things.

7. The Biology of Belief by Bruce H. Lipton

This book will definitely change your perspective about thinking. It revolves around the findings of leading scientists such as Dr. Lipton, on how cells receive and interpret information.

Dr. Lipton uses humor and simple language to explain to the reader how DNA signals are affected by messages from an individual’s thoughts. The book will immediately change our understanding of life, enabling you to learn how to grow as a person at the same time.

8. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey

a man sitting at a desk with books in front of him

Covey’s unique approach to human behavior redefined personal development books and still inspires people to cultivate productive habits. The book is based on the philosophy that better habits can change a person’s daily life and that positive change within has the same effect on the outside world. If you’re looking to spice up your routine, this book is an excellent tool to help you kick-start the process.

9. The Richest Man in Babylon by George S. Clason

This book is the perfect introduction to finance. Clason emphasizes the idea of financial freedom and teaches you how to achieve it. Also, he reveals to readers how planning for the future acts as a guide for making smarter decisions. Apply the lessons from this book and you will be able to build a more financially secure future for yourself and your family.

10. The Magic of Thinking Big by David J. Schwartz

Another classic in the self-development genre, The Magic of Thinking Big first came out in in 1959, but both its advice and anecdotes have a timeless feel that make the book an enjoyable read to this day. The author doesn’t make empty promises; instead, he offers readers proved methods on how to get the most of their lives, whether you’re looking to become better at your job or play a more vital role in the local community.

You don’t have to be an intellectual to achieve great success. In fact, it’s all about attitude, and learning and how to be kinder to yourself and set better goals is the first step towards a more abundant lifestyle.

Schwartz is a strong believer in the fact that when you actually think that something is possible, that objective becomes much simpler to accomplish. Just take it one step at a time, ignore the haters, and focus on building confidence every time you manage to get something done. You’ll be surprised on how quickly one can make their dreams come true when they don’t let other people’s doubts stand in their way.

To Sum Things Up

There are plenty of great personal development books out there. The task of narrowing down the list wasn’t easy, but we strongly believe that the books mentioned above are ones that have a comprehensive approach to life, finance, and self-development. Plus, a lot of people seem to like them, based on general reviews.

At the end of the day, personal development books play a pivotal role when it comes to mental wellness, self-improvement, and growth. If you are a huge advocate of continuous learning, then picking up a self-development book every now and then should definitely be on your to-do list. Start with the options from out list and take it from there. You’ll become a better version of yourself in no time.

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Top 18 Most Beautiful Dog Breeds in the World

Dogs are amazing creatures and it is true that a “dog is a man’s best friend.” For centuries, humans have used dogs not only for companionship, but also for training, teaching, breeding, and support for people with disabilities.

Either breeding dogs for work or for aesthetic purposes has produced a huge variety of dog breeds, each with their own individual characteristics, traits, and personalities.

If you are considering a new dog or are interested in the breeding business, but don’t know which ones will be successful or are more popular, here are some options.

The 18 Most Beautiful Dog Breeds in the World

Below are listed the top 18 most beautiful dog breeds in the world in no specific order.

18. The Chesapeake Bay Retriever

Chesapeake Bay Retrievers are known to be bright, affectionate, and sensitive. They are famous for their waterproof coat, which is wavy and oily to the touch.

They’re solid-colored, being a chocolate brown, deadgrass, or sedge, and have yellow-amber eyes or light blue eyes that complement their coat.

Chesapeake Bay Retrievers are much more emotional than a typical gundog. Although they can be trained, they have a mind of their own. They’re protective of their humans but are also polite to strangers

They are known to be excellent watchdogs and athletes. A Chesapeake Bay Retriever will be a wonderful companion or hunting buddy.

17. The Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retrievers are known to be one of the most friendly dogs, both with other dogs and humans. They will bond with the entire family, including children. But don’t make the mistake of thinking that this beloved family dog has low energy, because Labs are very athletic and love to swim, fetch, and run.

Labrador Retrievers have a dense coat that can be yellow, black, or chocolate. Indeed, they’re some of the most beautiful dogs in the world.

16. The American Bulldog

The American bulldog is by far one of the most popular American breeding dogs and is also a popular household dog.  The aesthetic of this breed is its essence of strength and character; it looks at you with confidence and compliance.

There are two different types of American Bulldogs, including the standard type as well as the bully type.

15. The Chow Chow

Beautiful Brown Chow Chow

The Chow Chow may not be a very outgoing dog breed, but with its fluffy thick coat, curly tail, droopy eyes, and lovely squashed face, it will turn heads around wherever it goes. Chow Chows are mainly known for their signature blue tongues which they develop by the time they are six months old.

This overly cute and majestic dog breed is not the only breed with a black/blue tongue. Another Asian breed, the Shar Pei, has the same feature.

The Chow Chow originates in China but it isn’t clear how it got into Europe and then the Americas. In Chinese, this breed is called “puffy-lion dog” (Songshi-Quan), which is a pretty accurate description.

14. The Catahoula Leopard Dog

The Catahoula Leopard is a loyal and hard working dog. Originally bred in northern Louisiana, the Catahoula is a tough breed used to track and catch wild hogs, which explains its nickname, “The Hog Dog”.

At first glance this dog gives a striking impression due to the pattern and colorization of its fur.

But its appearance can vary quite considerably from individual to individual, making this dog a unique breed and why it is one of the prettiest.

13. Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever is a larger size dog, and is known for retrieving hunted and dead game unharmed, hence the name “Golden Retriever.” Golden Retrievers are very popular in dog shows because of being purebred, their smooth fur, and their golden color.

While retrievers can come from many different nations and vary in looks, they all have the same characteristic: they are loyal to their owner This is why retrievers are chosen for people with disabilities, because they are known to stick it through with their owner, no matter the outcome.

Combined with their adoring personality and their golden glow, the Golden Retriever is a solid choice when looking for the world’s most beautiful dogs.

12. The Tibetan Mastiff

The Tibetan Mastiff is a purebred guard dog originating in the Himalayan Mountains. Legend has it that this mountain dog is the result of multi-generational inbreeding with local wolves in Tibet, with the sole purpose of protecting traders and troops from potential aggressors while on long distances.

It is a protective, strong willed, and loyal dog that is less inclined to participate in games and fun family activities. As an adult it is rather a silent and introvert dog, with a strong bark, and an inborn love for the great outdoors.

Get this dog if you’re after a watchful but a beautiful and fluffy four-legged companion with a strong personality.

11. The Shih Tzu

most beautiful dog breeds

This pretty little ball of fur is the Shih Tzu, a favorite of past Chinese royalty. Another example of elegance and grace on the list, any Shih Tzu dog seems to float across the floor as it moves, an illusion produced by the long silky fur that trails on the ground behind them.

This breed is a favorite show dog, mainly because its fur is able to be styled in any way combed or brushed. They are also a fun house dog and small enough that they will not knock over small children.

Its name translates from Chinese mandarin to lion dog. Quite the irony, eh?

10. The Saint Bernard

most beautiful dog breeds

The Saint Bernard is an astounding breed. Despite its size, the Saint Bernard is an adorable and classic choice, and an incredibly useful and hard working dog.

It was originally bred for rescue relief in the Swiss Alps and Italy, of which it has become famous for, stereotypically depicted carrying a barrel of brandy around its neck (which has been found to never have happened).

A Saint Bernard is a great dog for cuddling, and it is very similar to hugging a big teddy bear.

9. The Long Coated Chihuahua

The long haired chihuahua is the pretty version of its less appetizing short-haired cousin. Except for the think coat, the two chihuahuas are identical: they’re loyal, smart, energetic, and clearly affected by the small dog syndrome.

Paradoxically, even though they are the smallest dog breed in the world, chihuahuas are renowned for their unresolved anger management issues. This is especially true if their owners failed to socialize them as pups. So, it is best to think twice before getting a chi, especially if it’s a rescue.

Aggressiveness and stubbornness aside, long coated chihuahuas make great one-person pets, can literally fit in a purse, and are extremely loyal and devoted to their human. However, they come at a steep price: from $500 to $1,500 for a purebred.

8. The Siberian Husky

Siberian Huskies were imported from Siberia to Alaska in the 1800’s and were bred specifically to pull sleds in snowy terrain.

This made this breed extremely useful to humans who had no other form of mobility in these climates and were proven to be absolutely imperative for the exploration of the North Pole.

Siberians are known for their bright blue eyes, or sometimes even multi-colored eyes. This breed has a gorgeous fur that can range anywhere from black to a copper red.

The dog has a double coat that protects it from harsh winter weather but does reflect the summer heat.

7. The Doberman Pinscher

A sturdy looking breed of dog, it is praised for its loyalty and its compassion toward its family. Not only is the Doberman Pinscher beautiful and can come in a variety of colors, including black, brown, fawn, blue, and red, but it can also be intimidating at the same time.

No wonder this breed is commonly used as a personal guard dog — it can kill with its looks!

6. The Poodle

The poodle is the very essence of fashion and has been a very popular pet for Europeans for the past seven centuries. These trendy dogs were originally bred in Germany and come in many forms: the standard, miniature, and toy types.

Historically, the poodle has always been a useful working dog, as well as a beautiful show dog due to the assortment of colors and styles that can be applied to its fur. The poodle is a true testament to the beauty that occurs in all dog breeds.

5. The Pomeranian

A toy dog that was first originated from the North Poland and East Germany regions of Europe, these dogs are adorable with their fluffy fur. Overall, this dog is a complete bundle of joy.

The tail of the Pomeranian is excessively plumed, giving this intelligent little pooch a high degree of character to its look.

Pomeranians are known for their beauty because of their fluffy fur and chirpy personality, and they simply make you want to hold them in your hands and look at you with their big, beady eyes.

4. The Samoyed

Samoyeds take their name after the Samoyedic people, a tribe native to the frigid regions of northern arctic Russia. This stunningly beautiful dog was bred to sledge heavy loads and as herding dogs.

Their fluffy, bright white double coat used to keep both them and their owners warm during the long, freezing Arctic nights. Samoyeds are independent but friendly dogs that make great companions for families and children.

They love people and dislike to be left alone, are relatively easy to keep (except for the grooming part), and they have a low tolerance for heat. The Samoyed is an optimistic and calm dog, that often puts on the so-called “Sammy smile,” instantly cheering everyone in its pack.

3. The Akita Inu

The Akita Inu is a strong, magnificent dog with a big heart and an unyielding fidelity to its owner.

This beautiful Japanese dog breed has caught the world’s imagination with the story of Hachi, a Japanese Akita dog who reportedly waited for its late master to return from work at the same train station every afternoon until its death, nine years later.

The Akita is a calm, loyal, self-reliant dog, who rarely barks. It has strong inborn guarding instincts, so it needs to be socialized as a pup to prevent it from becoming aggressive toward strangers later on.

Just like the Japanese people, it is hard to tell when this dog is mad, angry, or upset as the breed, in general, is very hard to read. So, an Akita may be furious about something and not show it until it suddenly snaps at another dog or person who did something to infuriate it.

2. The Keeshond

Sleepy Keeshond pup one of the most beautiful dogs in the world

The Keeshond [KAYZ-hawnd] is great for families with children. They’re playful, energetic, and affectionate, and a joy to look at. Even thought the Keeshond was initially bred as a watchdog, it has become a great apartment pet as long as you don’t leave him alone for one bit.

Its thick fluffy coat protects it against harsh winter temperatures but works against it in hot, humid climates. The Keeshond’s easy-going nature and nice personality have turned it into the Dutch’s favorite canine companion ever since the times when it used to offer companionship to Dutch sailors on their barges and boats.

The Keeshond used to be known as the Dutch Barge Dog, but the name doesn’t really do this dog any justice, as the Keeshond’s excessively friendly personality doesn’t make it one of the best watchdogs out there.

1. The Pug

most beautiful dog breeds

With its stubby wrinkled face, huge eyes, curly Danish swirl tail, and characteristically stubby frame, the Pug definitely needs to be on the list.

Pugs were first imported from China to Europe during the 16th century.
Not only are they beautiful, but they make excellent pets, thanks to their personality.

For instance, they are remarkably social and great around children for their endurance and relaxed attitude. The pug will forever be a favorite in the eyes of many.

To Wrap It Up

Our list of the most beautiful dogs on the world could go on forever, but the breeds here have caught our attention. What do you think? Is there another aesthetically pleasing dog bread that should have made it on the list? Leave your feedback below.

Image source: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

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Top 13 Best Push Up Handles (& Bars) Reviewed

Why do regular, boring push ups when you could use push up handles to help you do them? Push up bars make it easier to attain a better posture while working out and will help keep your hands in the right position.

Some of the products listed below are the best bars out there that you might want to consider purchasing for your next workout session in your home gym.

We have also provided  different ways to do push ups to spice up your exercises and  to help you pull off those perfect pushups (anatomically speaking) that you’ve always dreamed of.

Pushup bars are great for both beginners and pros but if you can’t do a push up yet, then we advise not starting out with one.

Most push up handles come in a range of different shapes and sizes, some including features which allow them to rotate.

Push up bars protect your wrists, helping keep them straight throughout exercises, granting a more controlled range of motion and reducing the risk of wrist pain and wrist strain and injury.

Opening up your chest further will put a better emphasis on your pectoral muscles, helping you gain more strength in that area in the long run. The greater range in motion also allows you to work your arms a little more too.

If you have the money and are willing to spend it on something to help you sculpt your body, then the pushup bar is one of the best accessories to start with. Just make sure that you choose a high quality set.

We hope this list will help you on your journey to a healthier life and better toned self.

1. 321 Strong – Push Up Bars (Set of Two)


Created by 321 Strong, these push up bars come with a strong pushup stand, comfortable grip, and an ergonomic angle. They are angled perfectly to prevent tiredness in your wrists.

The stands are able to be positioned at different levels for varying levels of exercises, accompanying all different types of muscle groups. These handles are lightweight, not made of metal or steel, and very compact, making them great for traveling or for when trying to moving them to different areas!

2. Nike Push Up Grips 2.0


These grips, made by the powerful athletic franchise Nike, offer great elevation for not only push ups, but also other exercises that will strengthen your chest and triceps. These lightweight but stable grips provide maximum support for your wrists and are easy to carry for travel.

3. Fitness Kings X-treme Push Up Bars Set

These heavy-duty pushup bars by Fitness Kings are lightweight, visually appealing, and sturdy enough for any type of pushup routine.

With them, you’ll be able to pull off deeper push ups with minimal risk of injury. They are a necessary piece of gear for every home gym user on a tight budget who doesn’t want to skimp on quality.

The X-treme Push Up Bar Set comes with a 100% money back guarantee and the manufacturer’s promise to replace any damaged set for free “no questions asked”.

The provided 90” workout guide mat is an excellent resource for beginners that want to build a pushup routine from scratch.

4. Maximum Fitness Gear – Power Press Push Up Training System

The Power Press Push Up Training System is a unique tool manufactured by Maximum Fitness Gear that lets you choose where you want to plug in the push up bars.

It includes heavy duty bars and it comes with a push board with plenty of color codes for optimal user-friendliness.

The board comes with a DVD that shows you how to do a variety of different exercises beyond just the typical push up, allowing you to mix up your workouts every once in awhile.

5. Iron Gym Push Up MAX Rotating Push Up Grips

While these rotating push up grips look different than the other grips listed, they offer just as much as the others and more. The slip resistant discs are designed for rotating pushups, so they have quality rubber material on the bottom so you have the best overall control when doing rotating pushups.

They help reduce strain on your joints and help you tone your body without risking hurting yourself. They can hold up to 400 pounds and come with a nutrition/workout guide, offering various exercises and instructions on how to use them.

These grips by Iron Gym do not disappoint! Below, there’s a short tutorial on how to use them but it’s not for the faint-hearted.

6. GoFit Push Up Bars

These GoFit Push Up Bars are very useful, especially if you are searching for exercise that are geared for triceps and strengthening your chest. They have padded handles and grips on the bottom to help them stay on the floor and not move while in use.

They are compact, making it easy to take them with you and store in small areas so you don’t have to take up a lot of space using them.

7. Aihoye Fitness Non-Slip Foldable Pushup Handles

Aihoye fitness push up bars are great for home use, the gym, and travel. They offer a soft by solid grip thanks to the quality cushioning on the handles, are lightweight, and extremely portable. When not in use, you can fold them up and stack them in a drawer or the provided carry bag.

Even though they are made of plastic, they can hold up to 660 pounds with no noticeable flex or strain.

The bottom is layered with anti-skid pads for extra stability so that you can workout on all types of (slippery) surfaces, including hardwood and tile floors and marble.

The provided resistance tube is great for stretching and toning. The handle elevation may be a bit low for advanced users.

8. Harbinger Push Up Bars

Made of polyethylene with padded foam grips, Harbinger Push Up Bars provide maximum comfort and make it easier to have better posture when working out.

They strengthen the upper body, help tone muscles, and are easy to use. These can hold up to a maximum of 350 pounds. Customers have raved about their durability, and how many customers are still able to use them years later with not a scratch on them.

If you are looking for something small that will last a long time, Harbinger has it for you!

9. KANSOON Carbon Steel Push up Bars

Kansoon have surpassed themselves with this set of push up handles. They have the professional looks, feel, and durability, while retailing for a fraction of the rice of big-name brands.

The company boasts that their product comes with a 20 mm pipe diameter as compared with just 15 mm in their competitors’ products.

This means that the bars have greater load capacity (400 lbs) and better stability than what similar products have to offer.

Also, the padding is double layered for extra cushioning and the paint is similar to those used on pianos, which means that it’s odor-free and environmentally friendly.

Canson’s Carbon Steel Push Up Bars are comfortable, steady, and well-built but be wary that they may roll over. So, we recommend them just for standard push-ups, and not for anything fancy or overly dynamic.

10. Perfect Push Up Elite

Perfect Fitness’s Elite Push Up Handles are Amazon’s best selling in Strength Training Push Up Stands. They engage muscles in strenuous activity, have a steel ball bearing system, and support up to 400 pounds.

Perfect Fitness also offers a twenty one day workout that you can download, giving different ideas for workouts. Made of fine quality and durability, this bestseller is sure to suit you and all your strength needs.

11. Push Up Bars by CAP Barbell

These chrome plated CAP Barbell Push Up Bars have grips on them so you can easily use them without fear of slipping. These bars also come with  rubber foot pads that provide you with more stability while you exercise.

They help position you safely while working out your upper arms, shoulder, and strengthening your back. For an affordable price, these are an excellent option!

12. Ultra Fitness Gear 18-Inch Wooden Push Up Bar

For those of us looking for a quality product with a timeless vibe to it, these wooden pushup bars by Ultra Fitness Gear is all you need.

They are made of 100% natural slip-resistant boxwood designed to absorb sweat even during some of the most strenuous exercises. The base is cushioned with non-slip rubber feet that keep the bars put during intense training.

These pushup bars can support as much as 400 pounds and can accommodate some of the toughest workouts out there, including calisthenics.

Thanks to the perfect handle elevation, these stylish pushup bars will give your torso the deep stretch it needs to pump up those muscles.

13. Juperbsky Push-Up Stands Bars/ Parallettes Set

These are hands down the best push up handles that money can buy right now. They are bit pricier than other options on our list, but they are worth every penny.

They are made of durable, rust-resistant steel so you don’t have to worry about it breaking or injuring yourself. The bars can reportedly hold up to 2,200 pounds.

The cushioned handle offers a soft but steady grip and tons of abrasion resistance. Each base is fitted with non-slip caps for enhanced stability.

Also, the height is perfect for achieving that extra stretch when working out. The whole product including the finishes scream quality and durability.

These are ideal for L-sits, push ups, handstands, and more.

Different Ways to Do Push Ups

1. Wide Grip Push Up

Start wider and work your way in!

2. Diamond Push Up

It may put pressure on your wrists, but your triceps are sure to be strengthened!

3. One Arm Push Up

Make sure to keep your legs balanced wide! It works your shoulder strength immensely, so be sure you are up for the challenge!

4. Decline Push Up

Have your feet elevated and touch your nose to the ground! Make sure your wrists are prepared to handle the weight.

Image sources: builtlean.com, leanitup.com, beautycares.info, bodybuilding-wizard.com

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Top 7 Best Workout DVDs For Women

Top 10 Most Beautiful Chinese Women

Women in China are known for their amazing bone structure, smooth porcelain skin, and enchanting looks. What’s more, they are naturally smart, charming, and irresistible.

The following are some of the most beautiful Chinese women who are famous not only for their fascinating appearance, but also for their remarkable talents. This list is in no specific order.

1. Liu Yifei

Also known by her English name “Crystal Liu”, this talented woman is a professional singer, model, and actress. When Liu was only eleven years old, she and her mother transferred to New York so she could attend the Louis Pasteur Middle School.

But in 2002, she returned back to China to pursue a career in acting. Eventually, she adopted her screen name Liu Yifei, and became popular by that name.

While she was in show business, she was accepted to study at the Performance Institute at the Reputable Beijing Film Academy.

After she earned her degree in acting, she received numerous offers in several television series in China, which propelled her success and fame as an actress.

2. Gao Yuanyuan

Gao began her career in the entertainment industry when she was seventeen years old. Unlike other famous actresses in mainland China, she did not receive any degree in acting from renowned drama schools.

Instead, her appearance in a TV commercial for an ice cream company started her instant fame. Her smooth white skin, piercing eyes, and sexy-cute vibe immediately propelled her to stardom.

The lovely Gao appeared in Spicy Love Soup, which was a comedy film in 1997. She was also featured in a few other advertisements such as the Qing Zui, which was broadcasted worldwide in the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney.

3. Chi-ling Lin

Born in Taipei, Lin is a famous Taiwanese actress and model. She became quite popular for her fragile looks and gentle demeanor, which was also the reason why she was named as one of the freshest faces of Taiwan.

Ever since, Lin was a serious student, and she earned a degree in fine arts. Although she wanted to obtain an employment position at the Fine Arts Museum in Taipei, she was turned down because of her lack in a postgraduate degree in this field.

Thus, Lin decided to pursue a modelling career, and soon became one of the most recognized actresses in China.

4. Fan Bingbing

This talented woman is not only a professional singer and actress, but a well-known producer as well. She attended the Shanghai Theater Academy and the Shanghai Xie Jin Star School.

Her rise to stardom began in 1999 when she gained a supporting role in the Chinese TV series Princess Pearl. Before she starred in the series, she had a few appearances in minor projects for about two years.

5. Zhang Jingchu

The fascinating beauty of Zhang captivated thousands of TV fans in China and many parts of the world. In fact, she was regarded by Time Magazine as one of Asia’s Top Heroes in the 2005 issue of the magazine.

Zhang studied and earned a degree in directing at the Beijing Central Academy of Drama.

She also studied the English language in the New Oriental Institute of Beijing, thus making her fluent in the spoken and written language.

In 2015, she had a 30-second appearance in Mission Impossible 5.

6. Zhao Wei

Zhao is best known for her English name “Vicki”, and is a famous pop singer and actress in China.

Moreover, she has received several awards for her impressive acting skills, awards including the Golden Eagle TV Award, a Shanghai Film Critics Award , a Shanghai International Film Festival Award, and the Hundred Flowers Award.

Her passion for acting started when she was given a supporting actress role in a minor filming session.

Even when she was still a student at the Beijing Film Academy, she expressed her love for acting and has joined several film projects in the academy.

7. Zhou Xun

Zhou is considered one of China’s famous Young Dan actresses in the early parts of 2000. She joins the ranks of other renowned Chinese actresses, such as Zhao Wei, Xu Jinglei and Zhang Ziyi.

In addition, she received international fame for her compelling roles in several films, which also earned her the Best Actress Award at the 15th Film Festival in Paris.

8. Zhang Yuqi

This famous Chinese actress started in show business when she appeared in the Longest Night in Shanghai, where she played a minor role.

Although she holds a degree in acting, her acting career didn’t kick off until she was spotted by the influential Stephen Chow in a TV commercial.

The actress soon became even more popular when she starred in Chow’s films, especially the 2008 Hong Kong – Chinese comic SF flick “CJ7,” and her talent and good looks brought her great attention from the media.

Additionally, Zhang has appeared in many international magazines, including Elle.

9. Zhang Ziyi

Famous not only in China, but in Hollywood, Zhang Ziyi is considered one of the finest film actresses in the world.

She is also a professional model and has appeared in the cover page of numerous fashion magazines, both domestically and internationally.

She has received several nominations for the BAFTA Awards and one for the Golden Globe Award. Some of her international films include Memoirs of a Geisha, Rush Hour 2, and The Road Home.

10. Xu Jinglei

Xu is an accomplished editor, actress, and film director. She earned a degree from the Film Academy of Beijing in 1997.

Aside from her superb talent in acting, Xu is an excellent writer and editor. In fact, her Chinese blog has millions of incoming links, which is currently earning her more fame domestically.

She also works as the editor of her e-zine “Kaila”, which she began in 2007.

To Wrap It Up

Have you enjoyed our list of the most beautiful Chinese women currently in showbiz (one way or the other)?

What do you think about these beautiful women? Do you have others you would like to add to the list? 

Feel free to share your thoughts with us below.

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12 Best Iron Rich Foods for Babies to Consider

Iron is a vital nutrient that is essential for growth and development during the early childhood. As a matter of fact, a diet that is deficient in iron can cause many health problems including growth and developmental delays and behavioral issues in a child. This is why iron rich foods for babies are so important.

various colors of baby food in plastic bowls; iron rich foods for babies

Thankfully, many foods can provide this vital nutrient in the diet. In this article, we will be taking a look at ten such iron rich foods for babies. The foods are listed in decreasing order of their iron content and their ability to provide dietary iron. So, let’s begin.

The 12 Best Iron Rich Foods for Babies

Here is our list of the 12 best iron rich foods for babies, in no particular order.

1. Red Meat: iron rich foods for babies

raw red meat on a table

Red meat is one of the best iron rich foods for babies. The iron present in red meat is different from that found in plant sources in that, it is attached to proteins called heme proteins.

As a result, the iron in red meat is often called heme iron. The body absorbs heme iron at a rate of 7 to 35 percent, which is significantly higher compared to non-heme iron that is absorbed in 2 to 20 percent.

You can feed your baby pureed meat such as beef, chicken, and pork from the age of 4 to 6 months. The pureed meats contain high amounts of heme iron that are easy to absorb and don’t cause any gastric trouble as well.

As for the amount, it depends on the age of your baby. You can start with one teaspoonful of pureed meat and increase the amount gradually over time.

Babies can have a difficult time eating pureed meat in the beginning.

If your child does not want to eat the meat at first, try feeding it after a gap of a few days. If you are introducing pureed meats for the first time, try to introduce various meats one at a time. That way, you will have a better chance of success.

2. Quinoa

a bowl of quinoa salad; iron rich foods for babies

Another great option for iron rich foods for babies is quinoa. Quinoa contains as much as 8 mg of iron per half-cup. Although the iron in quinoa is non-heme iron that is less readily absorbed, it is one of the richest sources of non-heme iron.

You can start feeding quinoa to your baby as early as six to eight months. However, babies do tolerate quinoa before that age as well.

Quinoa is a great alternative to meat for vegetarian families. Another advantage of quinoa is the fact that it is a versatile ingredient. You can make a wide variety of recipes using this grain such as cereal, pilaf, and even burgers.

You can find some great baby food recipes using quinoa here.

3. Sweet potatoes

a sliced sweet potato on a cutting board

One of the tastiest foods on this list, sweet potatoes are quite rich in non-heme iron as well. They contain 2.5 mg of iron per half cup.

Apart from the iron, sweet potatoes are also rich in vitamin A and C. Including them in the diet of your baby can boost the iron intake.

The fact that they are sweet and you can make some recipes out of them is an added advantage. You can start giving cooked, pureed sweet potatoes to your baby as early as four to six months of age.

Once your child is old enough to eat finger foods (around ten months), you can try feeding cooked and cut up sweet potatoes, as well as occasional sweet potato fries!

4. Beetroot

several beetroot vegetables on a wooden surface; iron rich foods for babies

Beetroot is a tasty vegetable that is one of the best iron rich foods for babies. It contains about 1.1 mg of iron per cup. It can be easily cooked and pureed to feed your baby. You can start giving beetroot puree to your baby from the age of six to eight months.

Just make sure that you take off the peel from the vegetable before you puree it. The skin of beets is not easily digestible and can cause some problems.

It is best to puree the root vegetable and strain it through a coarse strainer to make sure that all the pieces of peel are removed.

5. Green leafy veggies

a bowl full of fresh spinach

Dark greens are ideal for your baby. Not only are they one of the best iron rich foods for babies, but they also contain many other micro-nutrients. Veggies like spinach, kale, and collard greens are rich in iron.

They are easy to feed to a baby as well. You can cook them and make a puree to feed babies as early as four to six months of age.

If you want to get the full advantage of these veggies, try and add some vitamin C containing vegetables into the mix. Tomatoes or lemon juice are ideal. The vitamin C helps in the proper absorption of the iron from these leafy greens.

6. Beans

a large pile of lentils legumes on a table; iron rich foods for babies

Beans and lentil legumes are also a great source of iron and other nutrients. You can introduce beans and lentils in your baby’s diet as early as six to eight months.

The non-heme iron present in these foods needs Vitamin C to be absorbed properly. Hence adding a little lemon juice or tomatoes in cooked lentils and beans is an excellent idea.

That said, as these foods are rich in protein, they can be a bit challenging to digest. A young and sensitive tummy may not be able to handle a lot of beans, and hence, you should take it slow. Start with a few teaspoons and increase the amount gradually.

7. Green peas

a large pile of green peas

Green peas are also one of the best iron rich foods for babies that contain non-heme iron. You can start feeding pureed peas as early as four months of age.

Peas are easy to digest and provide some nutrients apart from iron. They contain 2.1 mg of iron per cup, which is quite high for a vegetable.

Again, as peas are high in protein content, they can be a tad difficult to digest completely. Starting slow and building up the amount is the key. Also, make sure that you are avoiding frozen peas.

8. Oats

two bowls of oats on a table; iron rich foods for babies

Oats are easy to digest, quick to make, and delicious. They also contain high iron content that makes them one of the best iron rich foods for babies. You can make a nice oatmeal cereal or porridge for your baby with this versatile food.

Oats are less constipating than rice, and hence oatmeal cereal is better than a rice based cereal for babies that have recently started to eat solid food. Also, babies do prefer the taste of oatmeal over that of rice cereal.

9. Eggs

carton of eggs, best iron rich foods for babies

When choosing eggs as an option for the best iron rich foods for babies, stick to the egg yolks. These are the best source of iron from the egg.

Scrambled eggs are an excellent recipe to go with, as kids are generally a huge fan of them. You can even add milk or cheese to the eggs to help babies get their dairy intake for the day.

You can also serve them the eggs with a glass of orange juice, which will help their body absorb iron.

10. Tofu

tofu, best iron rich foods for babies

If you are a vegetarian or vegan family, you may struggle to find iron rich foods for babies that can give them the nutrients they need. Tofu is an excellent choice for this.

Tofu has 6 mg per a 4-ounce serving, so it is a fantastic vegetarian option for iron. It is an easy finger food when chopped up, and children tend to enjoy the texture.

11. Seafood

cooked and peeled pile of shrimp, iron rich food for babies

Although many young children tend to stay away from seafood, it is an excellent source of iron. It can be a particularly good choice if you are a pescatarian family.

Tuna, shrimp, and clams are all excellent seafood choices as iron rich food for babies. You can even make a pasta and incorporate seafood into it, especially if your child is nervous about trying seafood.

12. Dried fruits

dried apricots, iron rich food for babies

Finally, our last option of iron rich foods for babies is dried fruit. These include raisins, dates, prunes, and apricots. Generally, they will contain about 1.5 to 3 mg per serving.

For some options for your young one, you can add them to your kid’s cereal, bake them in muffins, or pack them in their backpack for a small snack.

Which Iron Rich Foods for Babies Should You Choose?

When it comes to choosing the best iron rich food for babies, it all boils down to personal preference. If you don’t mind eating meat, the best source of iron for your baby is undeniably the beef liver.

Not only does it contain a lot of iron, but it also contains the readily-absorbable heme iron. Add that to the fact that you can quickly make a puree out of it, and that makes it a clear choice for an iron rich food.

However, if you are a vegetarian, you still have a lot of options to choose iron-rich foods for babies. Among all the veggies listed above, quinoa and sweet potatoes are the best. Both of these foods are easy to make, versatile and most importantly, rich in iron.

The fact that they are easy to digest for a baby only makes them more attractive.

Choosing Iron Rich Foods for Babies

Although all these veggies, legumes, and beans contain a lot of iron, it is important to note that they do contain non-heme iron. Iron in this form is absorbed slower compared to heme iron as we noted earlier. However, you can accelerate the absorption by adding some vitamin C-containing ingredients such as lemon juice or tomatoes to remedy this.

The point is that iron is a vital nutrient that is essential for the proper development of your baby. Make sure that the baby’s diet contains enough iron by including these foods as much as you can.

If you consider the information in this article useful, please help us spread it. If you have any suggestions or thoughts, please drop a comment below.

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8 Baby Shower Games For A Genuinely Fun time


One of the most beloved traditions during pregnancy is the baby shower. The birth of a baby has been cause for celebration since ancient times. Through the years, this joyous occasion has evolved into the modern shower party that has become extremely popular today. It is a time for loved ones to gather, laugh, eat, and bring gifts for the new member of the family. But what is a baby shower without games?

baby shower with pregnant mom to be looking happily at a onesie with her two girlfriends by her side

Baby shower games are fun and creative, while also providing a chance for those in attendance to get to know one another better. Are you planning such an event soon? Then some of these crowd-pleasing baby shower games should definitely be on your to-do list.

1. Pin the Baby on Mommy

pregnant woman in black bra and skirt with naked belly from side view

Remember the classic birthday party game Pin the Tail on the Donkey? Here is a funny twist on that game that would be perfect for a baby shower. However, it does involve some preparation. A few days in advance, take a picture of the mom-to-be, from the side. Take it to a photo lab and have the picture enlarged to poster-size.

You will also need a drawing or picture of a baby, with some double-sided tape on the back. Blind-fold each guest and give them a couple of twirls, then let her “pin” the baby on the mom. The person who gets the baby closest to mom’s tummy wins a prize – like maybe a special cupcake or a goody bag.

2. Feed the Baby

The best baby shower games are those that keep the crowd laughing. On that note, is there anything messier than baby feeding time? While the mess may not be something the parents-to-be are looking forward to, it can be outrageously funny as a game for shower guest.

Arrange two rows of chairs across from each other. Next, divide guests in two groups: one group will sit on one row, the second will sit across from them in the other row. Tie a napkin on the people of one row—they will be the hungry babies. The other group will be blindfolded and will play the feeding parents.

Give each “parent” a little jar of baby food and a spoon, and set a timer for 60 seconds. The team who empties their jar to “feed the baby” first wins. Needless to say, this game is a messy riot that everyone will love!

3. Loaded Diaper!

woman smelling baby diaper at a baby shower with gifts in the background

Action baby shower games get more guests involved than traditional guessing games. Add in the fact that new moms need preparation for changing diapers, and there’s no better time than the present to give this fun game a go. You will need some inexpensive newborn diapers (folded napkins are fine, too), and a few varieties of chunky candy bars. Number each diaper with a marker and print off enough numbered papers for guests.

Before the party, put a melted dab of candy bar in each diaper (the messier, the better). Each player must smell the numbered diapers and write down what type of candy they think is in each. Tasting is also encouraged! The guest with the highest number of correct answers is the winner.

4. Fashion Designs for Baby

Not all baby shower games need to be a competition. For this game, parents will get to keep the results as wearable keepsakes. Buy enough plain white onesies for each person attending the shower, a variety of fabric paints, and brushes.

Next, place a piece of cardboard inside each onesie to turn the cloth into a canvas. All that’s left is to encourage guests to get creative and paint unique designs that the baby will be able to wear. If you want to make it a contest, have everyone vote for which design they think is the best.

5. Potty Race

One of the most frustrating parts of pregnancy? Going to the bathroom every 5 minutes. Some expecting mothers swear that the baby is “dancing” on their bladders. Have some fun with this concept by suggesting a game that will have guests make a wild dash to the potty. Provide a jar, a balloon, and a quarter for each guest.

To play, line the jars across the room. Have the guests blow up their balloons and tuck them under their shirts, as if they are expecting. Also, each player has to put the quarter between her knees.

When you give the signal, everyone hobbles as fast as they can to their jar, without dropping their quarter. If they drop it, they must put it back between their knees and start again. The person who drops the coin from her knees into her jar gets the blue ribbon and wins it all!

6. Baby Picassos

beautiful hand painted portrait of a baby sleeping from side view

Many baby shower games tap into guests’ creativity—like this one. Each guest gets a paper plate and a colored marker. Tell everyone that they will be drawing a lovely portrait of the baby and tell them they can be as artistic as possible. That sounds easy enough, right? As they pick up their markers, tell them to stop, because you forgot to mention something. They must draw the picture while the plate is on top of their heads!

Now, the real fun starts! People will be laughing while they try to balance a paper plate and draw a baby without seeing anything. The results will be hilarious! Tell the guests not to show anyone their pictures, but just write their names on the back of the plate. Let the mom-to-be judge the best one and congratulate the winning artist.

7. Bottoms up!

Do you enjoy baby shower games that involve refreshments? This outrageous game offers your guests something cold to drink—only in a bottle! Buy a few inexpensive baby bottles (enough for each guest), and fill them with the drink of your choice. If you are serving alcohol, beer would work best. Alternatively, fruit juice or soda works just as well for children or for a shower sans alcohol.

Give each person a bottle and blow the whistle. The winner is the first player to drink her bottle dry. Remember that biting a hole in the nipple or removing it to drink from the bottle is cheating!

8. Don’t say ‘Baby’

When it comes to this shower, mum’s the word, at least as far as ‘baby’ is concerned. Let your guests know from the moment they come in that the word ‘baby’ is absolutely forbidden for the duration of the party – or for a set period of time, like until mom gets to open the presents.

If you’re serving alcohol, anyone who breaks the rule will need to do a shot. For alcohol-free showers, consider giving each guest a pin they have to hear for the duration of a challenge. When they hear someone else say ‘baby,’ they take that person’s pin. At the end of the night, whoever has collected the most pins wins.

To make things even more interesting, get out the karaoke machine and make your guests line up to sing tunes that heavily feature the word ‘baby’ – like Baby One More Time, Ice, Ice, Baby, Hey, Baby, Always Be My Baby, and so on. The rules remain the same, so the guest will have to awkwardly hum over that part or replace ‘baby’ with another word. Hilarity will likely ensue.

Final Word

When you play baby shower games, be sure to take a lot of pictures and videos. These are moments that parents and their new baby will cherish for years to come. So don’t be afraaid to have a blast with these games while making awesome memories.

Do you know other unique baby shower games that would be entertaining? Your suggestions are welcome!

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Top 10 Sexiest Kpop Female Idols In 2019

K-pop girl groups have steadily morphed into a global phenomenon. Thanks to the catchy songs, high production value, visually stunning choreography and overwhelming beauty, Kpop female artists are a rare mix of innocence and sexiness that is attracting more and more people across the globe.

But since South Korea is a very beauty-oriented country to become famous one will have to invest not only in their skills but in their physical beauty too. This may be why so many K-pop idols and stars have such an amazingly attractive appearance.

K-pop, formally known as Gayo, originated in South Korea in the early 1990s. Then in the early 2000s, it reached commercial success with the rise of social media.

Korean TV shows spread K-Pop and other Korean entertainment worldwide, a phenomenon known as the Korean Wave.

The type of fans these groups manage to lure is unprecedented, showcased through their massive social media following. Nonetheless, there are still many other factors that would decide some K-pop bands’ rampant popularity, such as vocals and band talent.

What makes K-pop so popular is singers’ eccentric dance moves and tunes that are sung by young and hot female artists. Any of these ladies on our list can make you fall in love with them.

Below, we have listed 10 of who we think are the sexiest K-pop female idols that make your jaw drop.

10. Uee  – After School


Uee is a hot South Korean actress and singer. Born in 1988, she is manages to still stay young and full of energy. Uee had a major appearance in 2009 as a member of the hot girls band After School. She is also an actress featuring in many television series and dramas including Queen Seondeok, Ojakgyo Family, Jeon Woo-Chi, Golden Rainbow, and High Society.

9. Ga In – Brown Eyed Girls


Son Ga-in is another beautiful lady in the Kpop industry, who is a South Korean actress, singer, and entertainer. She is widely known as a member of the band Brown Eyed Girls, a group that has charming and fun songs for their fans as well as sexy dance moves. Her electrifying performance grabs the attention of all her fans.

8. Bae Suzy – MissA


Bae Su-ji, commonly known by her stage name Bae Suzy, is an attractive South Korean singer and actress. She is known as the member of the popular Kpop girls group Miss A. She is the leader of this band and has grabbed the attention of fans from all over the world. Suzy has a sexy figure and beautiful face that makes her performance so entertaining.

8. Jaekyung – Rainbow

Jaekyung Rainbow

Jaekyung was a member of the South Korean girl Kpop group called Rainbow. She is a sexy, multi-talented woman who is a popular singer, actress, model, and now full-time television personality.

Jaekyung was the lead member of the girl band and her “rainbow color” was red. Her cute face and sexy figure used to leave her fans mind blown after each performance.

6. Jun Hyoseong – Secret


Jun Hyoseong  also known as Hyoseong or Hyosung, is one of the best rated female Kpop singers across the globe. She was the group leader and main dancer of the band Secret until 2014 when she went solo. She made her way to stardom as a finalist in the 2005 television show Mnet’s Battle Shinhwa.

Her extraordinarily flexible and sexy-cute body has caught the eyes of many at her concerts and performances. This advantage accents her in-shape body and adds to her list of beauty features.

5. Yura – Girl’s Day


Kim Ah Young also popularly known by her stage name as Yura, is a popular actress, rapper, and singer. In 2010, Yura became a member of the girl group called Girl’s Day. Her stunning voice and incredible dance moves made her a favorite not only among her many fans, but among the general public as well.

4. Park Ji Yeon – Tara


In 2009, Park Ji Yeon became the main dancer and one of the youngest Kpop members of the group T-ara. Popularly known by her stage name Park, she first started out as a model before joining T-ara.

Her cute face and amazing figure has kicked off a great career for her. Park has even starred in the KBS television show called Masters of Study. In 2012, she was ranked as one of the “Best-Looking Idols,” and in 2014 she became the first T-ara member to make a solo debut.

3. Nana – After School


Nana was a member of the popular girl group After School and its subgroup Orange Caramel that both promoted a combination of Kpop and Jpop. Nana is multi talented, not only being a performer but a licensed makeup artist as well.

She is even a member of the Makeup Artist Association. A third-generation member of After School, she won the K-Beauty Icon award in 2014.

2. Hyuna – 4 Minutes


Hyuna is a South Korean songwriter, dancer, model, and singer and former member of the now-defunct girls band 4minute. Starting 2010, Hyuna has done many performances as a solo. She is versatile and her physical sexy looks makes her popular and well known in the K-pop world.

1. Yuri – Girls Generation


Yuri is a hot but seasoned Kpop singer that was a part of one of the most popular girl bands in the world, Girls Generation. Her amazing performance and great looks are what made her who she is today. Yuri is extremely talented, her voice and seductive moves gentrifying and drawing people toward her music.

Her amazing figure, glowing complexion, and hot body are all some of the contributing factors to her being one of the sexiest female K-pop idols. She started her solo career in 2018.

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