Top 8 Cat Breeds for City Living

cat breed sphynx with big eyes

Cats bring daily joy to their owners’ lives. They are playful, cuddly, and entertaining pets with a great deal of personality. City dwellers often choose cats over dogs because they are more suited to a smaller home. Cats can tolerate being on their own for longer periods than dogs can, and they don’t need to be walked.

When choosing the best cat breeds for city living, we considered their space requirements, activity level, friendliness, and adaptability. We also considered their grooming requirements. Read on to discover the best cat breeds for your city home.

8. Manx

manx cat breed

The Manx cat is one of the best cat breeds for city dwellers. That’s because it has a sweet, charming, and laid-back nature. The distinguishing characteristic of the Manx is the short or missing tail. This gives these cats a quirky appearance.

They are medium-size cats weighing between 7 and 13 pounds as adults. They are a more active breed than others we considered. They enjoy playtime with their owners. However, they are not generally disruptive in the house. This breed has an excellent reputation as a mouser, meaning your city home will be free of rodent visitors.

7. Maine Coon

maine coon cat breed sitting on balcony with nature in background

The Maine Coon cat is known as the “gentle giant” of the cat world. Males can weigh up to 25 pounds as adults. However, don’t let their larger size intimidate you. These cats have a calm nature and bond closely with their owners. Such a friendly personality makes them loyal and loving companions. These cats enjoy active play with their owners, but most of the time they are docile and cuddly. They are also considered good mousers.

The one drawback to the Maine Coon cat is that their luxurious coats require regular brushing and grooming. These cats generally enjoy grooming. However, due to their large size, taking care of their coats can be a time-consuming exercise.

6. Sphynx

cat breed sphynx with big eyes

The hairless Sphynx cats are easy to care for and an excellent choice for owners with allergies. Their unique appearance makes them stand out from all other cat breeds. The only grooming they require is a regular wiping down.

They have clownish, attention-seeking personalities and are very interested in human activity. They will often run to greet their chosen humans at the door when they return home from work.

The disadvantage of the Sphynx is that it is not considered a good pet for families with small children. The Sphynx can live happily in a household with older children or adults.

5. Siamese

siamese cat breed looking at camera

The Siamese is one of the classic cat breeds. Stylish and elegant, this cat will give your city home an air of sophistication. The Siamese is devoted to its owners and is very easy to groom, requiring only light brushing. They are very intelligent and curious, enjoying playtime with their owners and other cats.

Some owners may find the Siamese a bit too “chatty” for their liking. They broadcast their likes and dislikes clearly to everyone in the house. They also need a little more space to stretch their legs than some other cats in this article.

4. Russian Blue

home pet russian blue cat breed

The Russian Blue is more reserved than the Siamese and much more shy with strangers. They are loving and loyal to members of the family. Russian Blues are quiet, gentle cats who don’t search for the spotlight, but look instead for quiet affection.

While they are docile and sweet-natured, Russian Blues love active play and may need a little more room to run around. Their intelligence makes them easy to train, and they love to play “fetch” with their owners. Their short coats are easy to maintain,  and their laid-back nature makes them fit into any home.

3. British Shorthair

british shorthair-sitting carpet

The British Shorthair is one of the best cat breeds for a small home because it has a lower energy level and fewer space requirements than others. These cats are relaxed and even-tempered and are not known for their athletic abilities.

They are loving companions with little trouble adapting to family life. They can live happily with all members of the household, including other pets and small children. With adult males averaging 9 to 17 pounds, they are a larger breed. As a breed, British Shorthairs have no known medical issues. Their short coats are easy to maintain.

2. Persian

lazy persian cat breen sitting on carpet indoors

The Persian is a great choice for owners with more time on their hands. They are quiet and lovable cats with soft voices and a sweet temperament. They can adapt well to living with children as well as other pets. They are not very active and do not need a great deal of space to be happy.

Grooming is an essential part of owning a Persian. If you have the time and patience to devote to daily combing and regular baths, the Persian might be the perfect companion for you.

1. Ragdoll

ragdoll cat breed next to dutch wooden clogs

The Ragdoll is our ideal breed for city living. While they are large cats with adult males reaching 15 to 20 pounds, they are incredibly laid-back. They are not as active as some other breeds we considered.

They are happy to not only play with children, but also allow themselves to be carried around the house. They do have long fur, which requires some grooming. They are easy keepers, as their fur does not tangle like that of the Siamese.

Choosing the Best Cat for Your Home

For your city home, always consider adopting an adult cat from a reputable shelter or rescue organization. Adopting an adult cat provides you with a calm, mellow pet with fewer requirements than a kitten.

In this article, we have detailed the eight best cat breeds for city living. These cats are loving and affectionate and can be happy in smaller spaces. They all have their own special qualities, so make sure you consider their requirements when choosing which breed is right for your family.

If you own one of these charmers, share your experiences with us.

Things to Consider When Buying A Cat

All cats are different, and it’s essential to choose a cat that will suit your needs and interact with you the way you want it to. Every cat is individual and will behave with you according to its inherent personality and early experiences.

The environment your cat grows up in is significant for the cat’s wellbeing,  making them fearful, playful, and confident in general life. On the other hand, If it lives with other cats that do not get on, then it will become stressed and start reacting differently

While there is still no guarantee when it comes to choosing the right cat for your lifestyle. Adopting a cat that will be able to cope with a new environment is crucial for both of your happiness.

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