Top 9 Best Deodorants for Men

There is something sexy about how a man smells. Although some may think the natural body odor of a man is appealing, most of us would agree that a pleasant deodorant is much more attractive than natural odor. Thanks to their husky nature, men tend to sweat more than women. Not to mention they don’t shave their underarms like women. The alcohol ingredient in deodorant helps fight off bacteria by turning the skin acidic. A good deodorant goes beyond just smelling nice. A good deodorant product fights off foul odors and heavy sweat. There are so many over the counter deodorants that promise miracle results and hours of protection, but which ones really gets the job done? The list below provides some of the best selling products and affordable deodorants that are popular today. We have also provided a Buyer’s Guide in case you need some more help searching for a suitable deodorant.

Buying Guide for Men’s Deodorant

Though it may seem like just another purchase and not too big of a deal (and in some aspects, it is not as important as others), getting the best deodorant for you is really an important decision. You don’t want to be THAT guy who stinks up an elevator or walks around shrouded in a pungent cloud of B.O. But where do you start?

To begin with, you need to narrow down what kind of deodorant you want. There are three main types of deodorant:

1. plain deodorant

2. antiperspirant/deodorant

3. spray deodorant

The difference between the first two is hinted at in the name, as plain deodorant will not stop you from sweating but will block odor, and anti-perspirant/deodorant will reduce or eliminate sweating. While the third is very different, being spray instead of roll on. Which one is right for you depends on your sensibilities and preferences.

In recent years, some people and organizations have claimed that anti-perspirant is bad for your health, though more research is definitely needed to confirm or deny this assertion. If you’re concerned, the best thing to do is read available research from organizations you trust and then make a decision from there.

If you’re a guy who frequently finds himself dealing with embarrassing “pit stains” from sweating, then a deodorant with anti-perspirant is probably a smart choice. Anti-perspirant deodorant is generally a little chalky in texture and is often white. IF you go with this option, you’ll generally want one that does not leave white residue on your armpit (or worse, on your clothes – we’ve almost all been the victim of the dreaded white deodorant smudge on the black tank top). Obviously, most stores won’t let you try out a deodorant before you buy, so trial and error is your only realistic option. In some cases, you can get a tiny sample deodorant of the brand you’re considering. These can be found at drugstores and are usually less than a dollar.

Even if the specific scent you want isn’t available in trial/travel size, you can still get a good idea of feel, residue level (if any), etc., from trying another scent by the same manufacturer. This way, you can also try a given brand at work or at the gym to figure out how well it masks odor.

Plain deodorant
If you would prefer to have a plain deodorant that does not include anti-perspirant, there are a couple of varieties to choose from as well. Major deodorant makers like Old Spice have plain deodorants, which are usually bluish in color and are gel-like, even though they are solid. An advantage to this type is that there is generally no residue left after you roll it on. If residue is your main concern, this should probably be your go-to option.

If you are worried about additives, there are many “natural” crystal deodorants that are similar to plain deodorant. These tend to be the purest and simplest in terms of ingredients. Though for best results, many suggest that you wet the crystal before applying. These are not always as powerful as other deodorants, so you may want to use something more high-power in sweaty situations and keep the natural deodorant for your typical daily use.

Spray deodorant

Aerosol deodorants can be a great option to consider for everyday use. Their popularity is no accident – these types of deodorants boast of relative speed and ease of use when compared to stick and roll-on varieties.

Long underarm hair can really impede the application of traditional deodorants, causing bits of material that ought to be on your skin to reach no further than the hair itself. When that happens, you can bet bad smells will follow sooner rather than later. Spray deodorants eliminate this issue.

This list sticks to the sticks, but if you require something quicker, spray-on deodorant options may work very well for you.

Top 9 Best Deodorants for Men

1. Dove Men + Care Antiperspirant Deodorant


The latest product of Dove Men + Care is Amazon’s Best-Seller for antiperspirant deodorants. It guarantees up to 48 hours of sweat and odor protection and is designed solely for men, having a 1/4 moisturizer ingredient to condition the underarm skin and hair. This product is recommended by dermatologists for its soothing and gentle roll stick on the skin. If you are looking for an antiperspirant deodorant, this is a great option is very affordable!

2. Old Spice Fresh Collection Invisible Solid Fiji Scent


This exotic Old Spice Fresh Collection deodorant, once applied to the armpits, will have your underarms smelling like sunshine and palm trees instantly. By far one of the more popular deodorant brands, this antiperspirant product has a great scent that captures the attention of women everywhere. The deodorant is mild enough for your under arms but is strong enough to fight off the bacteria. Old spice manufacturers take caution and do not go overboard with the scents with the philosophy that less is more. This scent is a great option for any male seeking a beachy scent to cure their smelly underarms!

3. Herban Cowboy Forest Deodorant with Maximum Protection


The Herban Cowboy Forest deodorant unleashes the forest’s refreshing natural scents to give you the confidence you need to take on the world, and the forest for that matter! This deodorant contains no harmful agents and is gentle even for the super sensitive of skins. The woody smells oozing from the Herban sensations are incredibly pleasant give off a natural odor. It remains clear, dries faster, and will not stain that favorite shirt of yours. Unlike other maximum protection deodorants, it is made from non-harmful antiperspirant chemicals and is a 100% vegan deodorant. This is a top product if you are looking for something that is good for the environment and not made from any type of harmful chemical.

4. Degree Men Dry Spray Antiperspirant and Deodorant


One of the top spray products, Degree’s Men Dry Antiperspirant offers a spray-on-deodorant that dries instantly. Not only does it keep your armpits fresh, but it leaves no residue and will protect your underarms for up to 48 hours. When your armpits move or are in motion, the spray has a technology that releases more protection to cover even more area. Degree has done it again and offers a very cheap spray-on-deodorant with guaranteed results.

5. Speed Stick Deodorant


Speed Stick deodorant is a great option for fighting off those embarrassing pit stains and foul smells. It promises protection and a masculine scent leaves no white residue. Speed Stick also features a cool comfortable applicator for that smooth gliding over the skin for amazing hassle free application. Its sleek and trendy design makes it the go to deodorant for most men, along with its very cheap price. Speed Stick is very common and can be found in most grocery stores or supermarkets.

6. Gillette Clear Gel Cool Wave Antiperspirant Deodorant


Gillette is not only known for their shaving products, but for their deodorant as well. It contains a ground breaking, triple threat protection formulations that provides a transparent dry shield. Gillette has active odor blockers and all day scent agents that go a long way in underarm protection. It was specially designed for any fit man that is constantly at the gym, having an agent that fights off excess moisture. It stays and goes on clear. With its topical Brisa scent, advanced hydration formula that locks in moisture and soothing conditioners, this deodorant is a great option for any gym-aholic male.

7. MenScience Androceuticals Advanced Deodorant


This advanced deodorant from MenScience Androceuticals is an invigorating, unscented, aluminum free deodorant that does not stain clothes. Most deodorants use alcohol to get rid of foul smell causing bacteria, but MenScience on the otherhand, does not contain alcohol. It employs breakthrough technology that is guaranteed to control odors even in the long term. With micro zeolites, witch hazel and tea tree extracts, odor is no match for this formula as it targets the bacteria from their source! Although it is more expensive than normal deodorant, if you are looking for a fast drying, eco-friendly deodorant, then MenScience is your best choice.

8. Axe Antiperspirant Deodorant; Phoenix


Axe is most known for their strong deodorant and cologne, offering many different masculine scents that are incredibly irresistible! Phoenix gives you 24 hour protection from foul odor and wetness under the arms. The Phoenix scent comes from combined smells including lavender, citrus, and geranium. While this fragrance is also offered in shampoo, cologne, and body wash, the Phoenix deodorant is a great option for any man wanting a strong fragrance for their deodorant.

9. Degree Men Antiperspirant Deodorant


Degree provides a cool and refreshing antiperspirant that provides wetness protection and a twenty four hour odor shield. This deodorant is clinically formulated to get you through even the most stressful presentations with no sweat patches. Its incredible citrus aroma with skin soothing aloe leaves your underarms itch-free when in intense sweat situations. Degree Men is an excellent combination of quality performance, great hydration formula, and spirit lifting fruity scent. We would totally recommend it for that long lasting protection and cool comfort.


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