Top 9 Best Baby Powders and Factors To Consider

Baby products are fun to shop for, but sometimes parents just casually get whatever is cheapest or whatever looks the best on the package. But baby powder is a key item when it comes to baby products and every baby is different.

You need to make sure the power is the best quality for your child. It cannot trigger allergies or contain dangerous substances. And while most products are trustworthy, some are simply better than others and have better results. 

Below, we have a helpful guide to show you how to pick the right powder. We have also provided a list of the top 9 best baby powders you can buy right now.

Why is Baby Powder Important?

Before we share the top 9 best baby powders you can buy, what’s the importance of this product? 

A natural powder helps to absorb any moisture on your baby’s skin to reduce any friction and irritation. As a result, they’re less likely to encounter dry skin and rashes. In particular, the product is especially beneficial in preventing nappy rash. 

However, ensure that you take proper precautions to avoid powders containing talc as this ingredient can lead to many life-threatening incidents, such as choking and breathing problems. Regular inhalation can also cause lung damage.

Buying Guide for Baby Powders

When to Start Using Baby Powder

Every new mother wants to give her baby the best care. While it is tempting to stock up on toiletries, like baby powder, a newborn’s skin is delicate and their immune system is very active.

It is recommended to use as little topical products on the baby as possible unless you need something for diaper rash or another skin condition. Many pediatricians recommend waiting until the baby is six weeks old to add lotions and powders.

Of course, many of us grew up with baby powder as a household item. We used it throughout our childhood and still find ourselves sprinkling it on liberally after a bath or shower. But is that baby powder that we casually use damaging our health?

What to Avoid When Purchasing Baby Powder

It is a general rule of thumb that when purchasing anything we put in or on our bodies, that if the ingredient is too long or difficult to pronounce, it is most likely something that is not good for us. There are some other ingredients that may seem innocent, but should be avoided:

• Talc: Talc itself isn’t the culprit. The drying, soothing properties of talc would be an asset if we could produce it from the root of a plant. But, talc is derived from rock that contains harmful carcinogens such as asbestos.

Unfortunately, they have not figured out how to get the talc without the harmful ingredients being included. And since we keep purchasing cosmetics containing talc, no one is likely to invest in those kinds of resources to stop it.• Parabens: Parabens are essentially a preservative that are found in all kinds of cosmetic products. Not only are they a carcinogen, but they have also been found to affect adversely reproductive hormones and cause skin irritations.

• Anti-bacterial: If you see that the label reads “anti-bacterial” on a product…run away! Not only does this mean it has carcinogenic ingredients producing the anti-bacterial properties, but the entire idea of “antibacterial” is one fraught with irony, especially when it comes to your baby.

Babies are born with amazing immune systems and antibacterial products only disturb the balance. Remember, not all bacteria is bad!

• Fragrance or Perfumes: Fragrance and perfumes can cause skin irritations and respiratory problems. When dealing with any fragrance, less is usually more.

What Ingredients to Look for in Baby Powders

• Arrowroot

• Cornstarch: Cornstarch is somewhat controversial. Some would argue that it may cause respiratory problems and to keep away from the face, but it does have rash healing properties.

• Dried herbs: All dried herbs have healing properties and are great for the skin.

o Lavender

o Chamomile

o Calendula

o Elderflower

o Rose petal

• Essential Oils: Essential oils are great, especially derived from the herbs above. They are, however, very powerful. They should be last on the ingredient list, and the aroma should not be too strong.

• Oatmeal: A terrific option for your baby’s skin!

• Bentonite Clay: This is a by-product from volcanic ash that has incredible healing properties.

A Brief Guide To Buying The Best Baby Powder

It is usually safest to buy your baby powder and other related products at a natural food co-op or a health food store. Wherever you make your purchases, make sure you are reading the labels.

Not to be preachy, but consumer groups and legislators fought for your right to know what is in the products you buy. You can find great recipes online if you are inclined to make your own homemade baby powder.

Our Top 9 Best Baby Powders

1. Nature’s Baby Organics Silky Dusting Powder

Nature’s Baby powder is a great option when it comes to baby powder! It is inexpensive and safe for toddlers of all ages. It can absorb moisture and soothes irritated skin, which is a fairly common issue among babies. To make it safe and recommended for all toddlers, the manufacturers used a cornstarch free and talc free formula.

This powder does not include any extra preservatives of any kids. Nature’s Baby Organics is USDA certified as an organic product and is fragrance free. This is a great choice for any mother seeking organic powder.

2. Johnson’s Baby Pure Cornstarch Powder; Lavender & Chamomile

Johnson is a well-known brand that has been manufacturing baby products for many years. Their baby powder follows the footsteps of their legacy in terms of quality and price value. The Lavender and Chamomile Cornstarch powder absorbs moisture and its special formula has been specially designed to be mild and gentile for skin.

Using hypoallergenic compounds, the powder has a soothing effect when applied on skin, with or without rashes. This product does contain cornstarch, so beware if you believe your child may be allergic. An overall great product offered at a very reasonable price.

3. California Baby Calming Non-Talc Powder


California Baby Powder is an excellent non-talc formula. Talc can be known for being a little too harsh on baby skin, hence why the manufacturer created this particular formula. It contains only organic ingredients that are able to absorb moisture and keep the skin dry and irritation-free.

It is safe to use but it is not advertised as being a hypoallergenic product. However, it is very affordable and a convenient organic choice.

4. Farmstead Apothecary 100% Natural Baby Powder

top 9 best baby powders

This is another strong contender of the top 9 best baby powders. In the entire powder, Farmstead only use 8 ingredients to keep their formula simple and safe to use on babies. They also formulates all of their products so they’re suitable for an array of skin types, including sensitive skin. 

We also appreciate that this natural baby powder is ethically made and Farmstead only uses biodegradable packaging and recycled plastic. Plus, all of their ingredients are ethically sourced and never tested on animals.

The lavender aroma is delicate to help calm your baby, but this product is also suitable to use on adults, too.

5. Gold Bond Cornstarch Plus Baby Powder

Gold Bond is known not only for their baby powder, but also for some of their adult designed products. Their talc-based powders are extremely popular with their buyers. Their baby powder is one of the best ones to get for a toddler age child.

It specializes in preventing and treating diaper rashes while keeping the skin dry and soft. This powder does contain cornstarch. Gold Bond recommends the powder to be used each time the diaper is changed or just before bedtime.

It is inexpensive and comes in bottles of 4 ounces, which should last for quite some time if used properly.

6. Caldesene Corn Starch Powder

Caldesene used a cornstarch formula for their baby powder. It is almost completely organic but it does contain zinc oxide. The substance is completely safe but eye contact should be avoided completely when applying on the baby.

The baby powder has a soothing effect thanks to its presence of aloe and chamomile in the formula. It has a calming feel, preventing rashes and treating the existing ones.

The product can also help protect the baby from skin infections and bacteria. It is inexpensive and very easy to use, making it a very practical product.

7. Onea All-Natural Baby Powder

top 9 best baby powders

Searching for a safe and gentle baby powder that doesn’t put you or your baby at risk? Onea developed this formula without any parabens, sulfates, and toxins to make it suitable for a baby’s sensitive skin.

The product uses a combination of vitamin E, apple peel powder, Kakadu plum, calendula oil, Jojoba oil, and many more natural elements.  Talc isn’t safe for babies to inhale as the harmful chemicals can be dangerous on their delicate organs. Fortunately, Onea developed a baby powder that doesn’t use talc to keep them safe. 

This natural powder smells divine and has a calming effect to ensure your baby isn’t distressed during bath times or nappy-changing time.

8. BabyHugo Baby Powder-Shea Butter

BabyHugo is a natural product and is a talc-free formula, despite the fact that most other powders use this substance in order to absorb moisture and prevent rashes. This particular product manages to achieve the same thing but with natural ingredients.

Using shea butter as an extra ingredient, the powder will successfully take care of the sensitive skin of any infant. It is unscented, gluten free, and gentle enough for a newborn. BabyHugo is a an excellent product sold for a decent price.

9. Soothe & Cool Cornstarch Powder

Soothe & Cool is a popular baby powder company that has been around for a long time. The vast majority of them received positive reviews from parents that used their products. Using a formula based on cornstarch, the baby powder manages to absorb most odors and moisture without any kind of risks.

It feels very soft as a powder and can keep the baby’s skin safe from rashes caused by diapers. Because it is made of natural ingredients, the powder is also biodegradable. Manufacturers claim that it can be washed off with great ease and the surface of the skin is protected from bacteria.

The price of the powder is a bit higher than but the product is superior in terms of quality and ingredients used.

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