Top 8 Best Home Audio Subwoofers

If you have an audio system or a home theater system at your home, then you certainly know that the quality of the sound is essential when it comes to these systems. If you are passionate about video games, movies, or loud music, and you want to experience them with maximum quality, then you need to make sure you do some research first. In order for the experience to be the best of your expectations, you will have to invest in a high-quality subwoofer that will generate the necessary bass. We have reviewed some of the top 8 best home audio subwoofers available on market today, listed in no specific order.

The Importance of an Audio Subwoofer

We’re excited to present the top 8 home audio subwoofers you can buy now, but what’s the significance of all this? What are the benefits of using a subwoofer? They’re not necessary when listening to music or a movie, though they have many exceptional advantages. 

Traditional speakers can’t play a wide range of frequencies, meaning you can miss out on low tones, thus taking an element of a song away from you. Instead, you’re left with music that sounds okay but doesn’t have a rugged bass or extended highs. Therefore, your listening experience isn’t as full and balanced as it could be. 

Fortunately, this is where audio subwoofers participate. When listening to low-frequency tones and bass, whether that’s in music or movies, you want to feel the audio and not just hear it. Subwoofers create thick vibrations you can feel through furniture and the floor. They provide an explosion of sounds that sparks an emotion within you.

The Top 8 Best Home Audio Subwoofers

1. The Polk Audio PSW10

Designed by Polk Audio, the PSW10 monitor series powered subwoofer is available in an elegant black color and does not only appear sleek and classy, but also has power as well. Rated the #1 bestseller on Amazon for home audio subwoofers, this subwoofer measures 10 inches in diameter and it has a built in amplifier that is designed to deliver a high quality bass sound. Along with the bass effect, it has a laser based Klippel measurement technology for a high precision sound. It comes with volume control to increase or decrease the sound of your input. For its affordable price, this subwoofer is top notch!

2. Monoprice 60-Watt Powered Subwoofer

top 8 best home audio subwoofers

The Yamaha YST-SW012 is a smaller active subwoofer that measures eight inches and can be purchased for cheap. This subwoofer comes with a magnetic shielding as well as a high 100 W dynamic power. The subwoofer also has a low frequency response as well as a linear port designed to block out the extraneous noise. Overall, if you are looking for an active front-firing subwoofer for a cheap pricetag, then the Yamaha YST-SW012 is certainly one of the best ones you can get for such little money.

3. The MartinLogan Dynamo 300

This is a home theater and stereo subwoofer designed by MartinLogan. It delivers a highly effective sound with a very low distortion rate, it comes with a high ranking 75-watt amplifier, as well as a polypropylene cone woofer that measures 8 inches in diameter. This subwoofer delivers an extreme bass output thanks to the low turbulence port that is embedded in it. It is also durable and has a long-lasting construction to ensure its quality. It can be connected not only to your stereo system, but also to your home theater system.

4. The Klipsch Sub-12HG

The Klipsch Sub-12 HG is a 12 inch, 300 Watt subwoofer that is part of Klipsch’s Synergy series. This is a very affordable subwoofer that comes with a BASH sound amplifier for the highest sound quality, as well as 650 watts of dynamic power. If you are looking for a subwoofer that extends the range of the bass, the Klipsch Sub-12HG is an excellent choice, delivering high dynamics and performance. Other notable features and functions include the variable low-pass filter, the level adjustment (which allows you to connect it to virtually any audio system), and its RCA inputs.

5. The JBL ES250PBK

The JBL ES250PBK is a high-performance powered subwoofer with a diameter of twelve inches. This cone is made from high quality cellulose fiber and is a very lightweight speaker, yet strong and durable at the same time. It features a powerful 400 Watt amplifier and comes with a bass reflex port designed for low distortion and deeper bass. It also comes with a polymer coating designed to regulate the motion of the pistons. These speakers are not only high-performance, but they are also very stylish and elegant and are perfect for your living room. Although more on the expensive side, the JBL ES250PBK will not disappoint!

6. Sonart 10″ 300W Powered Active Subwoofer

top 8 best home audio subwoofers

The Pinnacle SubSonix 10-200 are ten inch subwoofers with a power of 200 Watts. It has an anti-clipping circuit as well as a volume control and a line level input that allows you to connect it to just about any audio receiver. These speakers have a fixed crossover frequency of 100 Hz and a maximum power of 116 dB. Although a little more on the expensive side, this subwoofer will provide excellent sound.

7. The BIC America F12


The BIC America F12 is yet another 12 inch front firing powered subwoofer. But the difference is that this one has a capacity of 475 watts and is set at a fairly reasonable price. The BIC America F12 comes with a generous five year warranty, an adjustable volume control, automatic signal sensing, and inputs that are suitable for Dolby. The system also has a BASH designed amp and comes with an adjustable crossover too.

8. Polk Audio PSW111 Subwoofer


The Polk Audio PSW111 Subwoofer is a small, eight inch speaker that delivers high quality sound. It is internally secure and ensured with excellent construction. It can hold itself constant at 150 watts of power and has a maximum of 300 watts of power. It has several line and speaker inputs, which allows fast and quick connection to any type of system. For an affordable price, this small subwoofer has a lot of power, and will deliver strong!

Positioning an Audio Subwoofer

Once your heart’s decided on one of the top 8 best home audio subwoofers above, you should carefully consider its placement to receive the richest sounds possible. One popular location is near a wall, as this sends bass vibrations across the wall so you can feel the bass power. Alternatively, for intense movie scenes, position your audio subwoofer under a table close to where you’re sat. By having furniture to vibrate off of, the sound doesn’t get lost in the room and you’re drawn into the scene.

Why stop at one subwoofer when you can own multiple? The more subwoofers, the stronger the sound. Many brands sell three subwoofers together to enhance the bass performance so your room is thick with tones. One of the worst places to position your audio subwoofer is inside a cabinet. The unit needs to breathe to produce an array of tones, and being locked up doesn’t release its full potential. If you position your audio subwoofer on a floor, ensure there’s nothing directly in front of it that can block the speaker and absorb the sound.

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