Top 7 Best Refrigerators For Various Budgets

In a home, one of the most important appliances that no one should miss is a refrigerator. It makes everything easy by keeping your food, fruits, and vegetables fresh and cool. It is especially essential during the summer because you don’t want to buy foods and let them get spoiled quickly by the warm weather. So by having a fridge, you will be spared all the stress and burden of wasting money on food items, only for them to end up in the trash can.

Not all refrigerators that are advertised are constructed of high quality. Some of them are just as bad as not having a refrigerator at all. This is the main reason why we have taken a step further and reviewed some of the refrigerators available today to help save you some extra hassle and headaches. We have taken into account the quality of the available features, price, cleaning ease, styling, functionality, and durability. We have also provided a buying guide for purchasing refrigerators, which will help you narrow down the choices to which ones you want.

Buyer’s Guide

By looking at the different styles of fridges that are out there, this will help shrink down which one suits you best.

Single Door Fridge (Freezer is not separate)

These fridges are most popular with college students and are normally seen in classrooms, dorm rooms, or apartments. They are by far the cheapest fridges available on the market today, and quite frankly, they are by far the most simple and basic refrigerators. They are a single door refrigerator, many times measuring about three cubic feet. Their freezer is not separate from the rest of the fridge and is included, normally a small portion at the top. If you are searching for something to hold a few items and nothing more.

Top Freezer

This is the next most simple refrigerator. It is very basic with the freezer being on top (at least it is separate!) and the fridge being on the bottom. While top freezer fridges are not in style much anymore and are not as modern as bottom freezer fridges, they are by far the cheapest. If you don’t care about having the next big thing or being overly modern, then this is a perfect fit!

Bottom Freezer

Although not much different from the top freezer style (except duh, the freezer is on the bottom), the bottom freezer is more modern. With the freezer on the bottom, it is easily accessible for anyone; kids, shorter people, people that may be handicapped, etc. If you like keeping your kids out of the freezer, this is not as great of an option. Or if you have a really smart dog (just kidding!). But for any typical, stay at home cook, wife, or mom, the bottom freezer refrigerator is a great option.

Side by Side Refrigerator

Just like the name suggests, this refrigerator provides the freezer on one side behind the door and the fridge portion on the other side behind the door. Although the sides are narrow and may not fit as much food as some people may want, the doors are very small and make it perfect for full kitchens with islands and other furniture. If you have a small kitchen, small family, or do not eat a whole bunch of food, this is a great option.

French Door Fridge

The most modern style available on the market today, this fridge comes with a freezer on the bottom and two doors of fridge space on top. This is most popular not only because of its sleek and classy look, but also because it offers the most space. It’s convenient for those who want the freezer on the bottom, but is also great for bigger families or groups of people with all the fridge space available. Most come with advanced and modern features as well. Being at the top of its class, this type of refrigerator is not cheap.

Top 7 Best Refrigerators

7. RCA Igloo Platinum Fridge


Rated #1 Bestseller on Amazon, the RCA Igloo Platinum Fridge measures 3.2 cubic feet and is a single door, small refrigerator with a built in freezer. It includes shelves that are easy to slide out and slide back into place, an adjustable thermostat, low energy consumption, and built-in holders for bottles. For any college student or single bachelor, or even a hardworking professor in the classroom, this small refrigerator is compact and is highly efficient!

6. LG LSXS26366S Stainless Steel Freestanding Refrigerator 


This refrigerator offers side by side doors and a tilting freezer door bin. It has a SpacePlus system and an ice and water dispenser. With its modern digital display, moderately quiet and sound free system, wide space and double fridge door features, and affordable price, this LG refrigerator is hard to beat!

5. Costway Compact Refrigerator

top 7 best refrigerators reviews

This two-door refrigerator offers ample space for fresh and frozen foods. It’s designed for those who require more refrigerator space as this is the largest compartment of the two. One of the reasons this is one of the top 7 best refrigerators is because it cools evenly and instantly for perfectly chilled food.

Some kitchen appliances can be noisy, but you won’t hear eery sounds in the middle of the night as this is quiet in operation. This feature along with its customization makes it ideal for a single homeowner or couple. Feel free to adjust the setup by moving the glass shelf to accommodate taller items. This is also a great feature for convenient cleaning.

4. Thomson Top-Freezer Refrigerator

top 7 best refrigerators reviews

If you’re looking for an easy-to-use refrigerator with no fancy technology or hefty price tag, this is a great contender. This is the ultimate refrigerator and freezer for flexibility. The storage bins help organize your food, which is ideal if you tend to purchase food and drink of all different sizes. You can even claim a storage bin for your snacks.

The automatic lighting for the refrigerator and freezer is great for late-night hunger. Though it won’t cost the earth to run as this energy-efficient appliance typically uses only around 378 kWh per year. This refrigerator is a great addition for small kitchens as it’s narrow and can comfortably fit into narrow spaces. You can also control the temperature settings to lower your utility bill: a great feature for when you’re on vacation.

3. Magic Chef Refrigerator

top 7 best refrigerators reviews

The Magic Chef is referred to as “the big mini” refrigerator as it has all the storage space you need while remaining an efficient design for limited interior capacity. If you’re searching for a refrigerator with more door shelves than your average appliance, we’re excited to present the Magic Chef to you. It’s an ideal kitchen companion if you purchase beverage as the in-door can dispense makes it easy to store your drinks.

The door racks are ideal for large and small items, allowing you to efficiently organize your food and drinks. In total, there are three fresh-food shelves that keep food fresh and crisp. If you need to adjust the internal temperature at any time, the interior analog controls are easy to use and get to work instantly.

2. Thor Kitchen Automatic Ice-maker

top 7 best refrigerators reviewsFor a striking refrigerator, look no further than french doors. This elegant aesthetic makes this a standout piece in your kitchen while it’s interior and touch controls enhance its usability. Specifically, the deli drawer operates colder then the other refrigerator section to keep your deli food fresher for longer. Another impressive design feature is the stacked freezer drawers that provide simplicity when sifting through your freezer selection.

Testers didn’t find a single hot spin inside this appliance as its temperature setting is accurate and consistent. You also get the luxury of an ice-maker to instantly cool a margarita or water on a hot summer’s day. The inside shelves are retractable to accommodate smaller and larger items. Overall, it’s a great addition to a large household.

1. Bossin Compact Refrigerator

top 7 best refrigerators reviews

Finally, this refrigerator by Bossin has all the essential functions while offering a bonus feature of a compact design. The classic white is ideal for most homes, while its single-door design makes it suitable for limited spaces such as an office, apartment or student dorm room.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for an additional appliance in your kitchen to store drinks, this offers a flexible design to conveniently obtain them. For example, the three glass shelves are removable so you can adjust the heights according to your drink sizes. This refrigerator is also equipped with nifty shelves to store delicious snacks. Don’t forget, you also have a freezer compartment that comes with seven adjustment temperature controls to suit your needs.

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