Top 6 Best Water Coolers

A water dispenser is becoming a popular unit in the work and leisure environment. It’s common to find one in a doctor’s waiting area or reception space while you’re waiting.

So, why do you need one? Water dispensers allow you to have easy access to fresh and clean water that is chemical-free, unlike tap water. Your water is filtered through a dispenser system so it’s free from contaminations and chemicals to ensure you have a refreshing drink to hand. Every drop is filtered for the best tasting water at a high quality.

Purchasing a water cooler encourages more people to stay hydrated, and reduces the number of plastic bottles sitting in landfills each year. So not only are you having a positive impact on your health but the environment too.

In this article, we’re sharing the top 6 best water coolers to help refine your search. All of which are sold by trusted suppliers and have excellent Amazon reviews from other customers.

Choosing The Best Water Cooler For Your Needs

Throughout your search, you’ll discover a plethora of water coolers that both look and operate differently. Here are some important factors to consider to discover the best unit for your needs.


Consider who will use the water cooler. Will you store it at home or in the office? If you have a large office, perhaps you could purchase multiple water coolers so everyone doesn’t have to gather around one unit. 

Many bottle dispensers accommodate one to five gallons of water, but you should also consider the size of the unit. A bigger bottle dispenser means it’ll require more floor space.


The best water coolers offer three temperatures: cold, room temperature, and hot. This variation means users can make an instant coffee or remain hydrated. 

Alternatively, cheaper units don’t have as many temperature options, though this is ideal if you’re looking for a unit just for cold water. If you wish to buy a water cooler for the office, consider asking for people’s preferences first.

Countertop or Freestanding

If you have a limited budget and minimal floor space, a countertop water dispenser is a great go-to. These units are easy to change the bottle and tend to have a lower capacity, making them great for small work environments.

On the other hand, freestanding water dispensers look more professional and can serve colder water thanks to their larger compressors. Consider the amount of floor and unit space you have spare to conclude which design is more suitable for your environment.


Everyone should be in safe hands when operating the water cooler, and many units come with an array of safety features. For example, a child lock is useful for water dispensers that release hot water, particularly in a children’s environment.

Many dispensers are weighted to ensure they don’t fall over in the event of an earthquake or accident. A freestanding design is much more stable than a countertop unit which can be easily knocked over in a busy environment.

Finally, for the water to be high-quality and safe to drink, the water should be sourced for a reputable supplier that doesn’t use chemicals. Consider if the nozzles are easy to clean and replace to keep the water safe and bacteria-free each time you take a drink.

The Top 6 Best Water Coolers

1. Top Loading 3-5 Gallon Water Cooler

top 6 best water coolers

There are many great reasons to own this water cooler, but one of the main reasons is its energy-saving feature. If you intend to use your unit moreso for cool water than heated water, this is an ideal choice for you. 

It’s also designed for an environment with people of all different ages as it’s equipped with a security lock to protect children. The user-friendly lock on the hot water option prevents children from accidentally scolding themselves, while giving parents peace of mind.

We’re a fan of its durable design as this water cooler can comfortable hold three and five gallons of water without struggling. The water dispenser also operates extremely quietly, making it ideal for a range of environments. 

2. Aquawell Water Dispenser

top 6 best water coolers

This is another of the top 6 best water coolers on the market right now and is easy to use. The high-efficiency compressor ensures that this water dispenser is whisper-quiet, which is great for environments where you can’t afford any interruptions.

There’s a large emphasis on this unit’s design: it’s sleek and slim enough to fit into any tight corner so you can enjoy hot and cold water instantly.

The stainless steel body provides an efficient framework that ensures that cold water can remain at 9°F to keep you refreshed all day long. The water dispenser releases water quickly and smoothly to avoid any delays or spillages, which is ideal for a busy office.

3. Brio CL520 Commercial Grade Hot and Cold Top load Water Dispenser

top 6 best water coolers

If you’re searching fora hot and cold water dispenser that carries a minimalist design and is simple to operate, look no further then this unit by Brio. this unit encourages family and staff to enjoy more water, whether that’s for a refreshing drink or hot cup of coffee.

This unit takes the hassle out of replacing a water bottle, thanks to the non-spill top. The BPA-free bottle securely fits on top of the cooler and can hold up to five gallons of fresh water.

Owning a water dispenser can be high-maintenance, which is why Brio developed a product that is convenient to use and easy to look after. The anti-rust drip tray is long-lasting and ensures that any spilt water is caught to prevent any spillages.

4. The Clover B7B Room Temp Water Cooler

The Clover B7B Room Temp Water Cooler is bottleless and includes an installation kit, as well as a filter. What makes this water cooler so efficient is that it does not use any plastic bottles whatsoever, thus being very economical and eco-friendly.

Other than this, the water cooler can be easily cleaned up as well as it requires very little maintenance. The water cooler comes with a stainless steel tank. Not only is it very inexpensive, but also proves its efficiency at the same time.

5. Avalon Bottom Loading Water Cooler

Avalon’s latest water cooler was rated #1 New Release in water coolers and is Energy Star Certified. This cooler comes with three temperature shots and a child safety lock on the hot water portion.

They have three different slots, including Crisp Cold Output, Room Temperature Output, and Piping Hot Output. The bottom loader can hold up to five gallons and the cooler also comes with a built in light for the icing on the cake.

This is a quality cooler and is a great option for any family with young kids.

6. The Triple S2-304 Gauge Stainless Steel Water Cooler

The Triple S2-304 Gauge Stainless Steel Water Cooler is one of the best options for water coolers, thanks to its sleek look as well as its many features.

This stainless steel water cooler may be more on the expensive side when it comes to water coolers, but it it worth every penny. This water cooler comes with a compressor that cools down the water, an adjustable cold water temperature, a child safety faucet, as well as a stainless steel reservoir.

It also comes with a built in, no spill system to prevent dripping  as well as leakage. It has stainless shrouded drip trays and chrome plated brass faucets as well. The Triple S2-304 water cooler uses the industry standard water bottles of either 3 or 5 water gallons. Overall, the Triple S2-304 is a tank and serves its purpose.

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