Top 6 Best HDMI Cables

A good, high performance HDMI cable is great and convenient to have around all the time, and you most certainly do not need to be a technology lover to know how useful these cables are at times. Have you recently purchased a new device that you want to connect to your TV, and you need a strong and solid cable to help you do just that? Then the HDMI cable is exactly what you need! We have some of the top HDMI cable products listed below, along with a buying guide for helping you figure out more specifically what you need.

Buying Guide for HDMI Cables

When purchasing a HDMI cable, know that cables aren’t simply something required to connect components of your home audio or video set up. The cables you choose are important and you will most certainly notice compatibility and quality differences between cables of high quality and cables of poor quality. Sound quality is also improved with HDMI, as it is the only cable that gets both picture and sound to and from different components.

What Is HDMI and What Can It Do?

HDMI stands for High Definition Multimedia Interface, and that’s exactly what it is. The old — and still used — analog audio and video cables are a one way street. Sound or picture travels from the the source to your TV or audio system when you use these cables, but no information travels back. HDMI doesn’t work that way; instead, it offers two-way communication between components.

Two-way communication between components can be handy. With HDMI, if you turn on your Blu-ray player or cable box, you can power on your television at the same time. The same thing is true when powering off components. This feature is called HDMI-CEC; you can take advantage of it by connecting components with compatible HDMI cables and setting the function to “on” in the settings menu of connected components.

Another advantage with this type of communication is ARC, or Audio Return Channel. If your TV has special features or you choose to connect all of your sources to the TV, rather than a surround receiver or soundbar, the HDMI connection allows that sound to go from the TV to an audio system. This is useful when your surround receiver needs to get the sound from your TV’s smart features, or if you’re using an older sound system that doesn’t support the modern connections that the TV does.

HDMI Performance Concerns

Many versions and grades of HDMI cables are available, and the most expensive cables aren’t always the best option. Instead of considering price point as a major buying factor, look for HDMI cables labeled with appropriate versions for your equipment and needs. Version 1.1 cables offer basic support, but won’t drive 3D video or the most updated surround sound formats. Version 1.4 cables offer higher speed capabilities and 3D support, and individuals who want to get the most out of their 4K televisions should opt for cables labeled as Version 2.0.

Cable Build Quality

Not all HDMI cables are built the same way, and the materials and construction of cables can have an impact on sound and picture quality. Higher-end components require higher-end cables, if you want to use all of the capability that comes with your devices. At the same time, there’s no point in purchasing high-end or high-version cables when you plan on using them with a five-year old television. Updated cables are build to maximize features that an older television doesn’t allow, which means extra money spent on cables that will most likely be wasted.

Cable Length

A final concern when purchasing HDMI cables is the length of cable. Because signal does experience some degradation as it travels through a cable, shorter cables are usually better for performance. Measure your space carefully, determining where you want to run the cables, and buy the highest quality cable (within your budget) that will fit your space, but is the shortest possible.

Top 6 Best HDMI Cables

1. AmazonBasics 2-Pack High-Speed HDMI Cables

Provided by Amazon Basics, these high speed HDMI cables come with a cheap price tag! The pack contains two, 3 foot long cables that are made of durable black PVC, along with gold-plated connectors that are not only resistant to corrosion, but also designed to provide optimal signal transfer. The cables are also offered in 6 and 10 foot lengths. Amazon truly does deliver quality cables for an affordable price!

2. SecurOMax HDMI Cable 10 Feet

Whether you are going for 4k or standard HD viewing, the SecurOMax HDMI cables can deliver a lag-free connection. There are no loose connections that can limit the performance, or aluminum cables hiding under the durable casing. These only feature pure, smooth high speed content delivery.

The cables also feature 24k gold plating where the HDMI connector meets the device, which increases the conductivity and lowers the chance of corrosion. Couple that with oxygen-free 100 percent 28AWG copper cables, and throw in a lifetime warranty for good measure, you’re in for quite the ride.

3. Cable Matters Gold Plated High Speed HDMI Cable


Cable Matters’ gold plated high speed HDMI cable comes in lengths of three, six, ten, and fifteen feet. These cords are great for 3D, but also for 1080p resolution display. It is compliant with both RoHS and with HDCP. It comes with gold connectors for added rigidity and resistance against corrosion and it also comes with a lifetime warranty provided by Cable Matters. Between its great warranty and gold plated connectors, this cable is a great choice for an affordable price!

4. Atevon High Speed 18Gbps HDMI Cable 2.0


Atevon’s high-speed cables are capable of delivering crystal clear Dolby TrueHD sound, 32 channel audio, and flawless 4k images, thanks to it’s 28AWG braided cord. This is the cord you’ve been looking for to transmit all of your 4k, HD, 3D and Blu-ray content. The cord itself measures in at six feet with a 2.0 connector.

Beneath the durable nylon cover, Atevon has multiple strands of 28 gauge oxygen-free copper wire that can handle up to 18 gigabits per second. There is also a zinc-alloy shell that protects the wires from outside interference. As long as the cable is securely hooked at all times, you can be sure your viewing experience will be uninterupted.

5. Syncwire HDMI Cable 2.0

Minimalistic, yet attractive is the name of the game for Syncwire’s HDMI cable. This flexible cable features gold plated connectors and a triple-braided copper shielding to protect from interference. The 2.0 connection is compatible with all of your HD and UHD devices like Blu-ray, Xbox, 3D, 4k TVs, and so much more.

These will get you where you want to be with seemless 48 bit color depth, and 32 channel audio, perfect for getting that theater quality in your home. Plus, you get a three-year replacement guarantee in case anything happens to your cable. Not that anything would thanks to the durable plastic casing.

6. iBirdie 4K High Speed HDMI Cable

This is one heavy-duty HDMI cord, with a whopping eight foot length. The iBirdie created their cable from robust 26AWG copper wires, which are better at transmitting over long distances than the standard 28AWG. Which makes sure that your worries of your cables not reaching are long over.

The gold-plating on the connectors also factors in to iBirdie’s heavy duty feel, as this will make them last far longer under strenuous use. These cables are perfect for all of your UHD, HD, 3D, and high-def streaming, and it’ll sound perfect with it’s 32 channel audio. You want clear, these will deliver and then some.

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