Top 6 Best Car Subwoofers

If you are passionate about cars or car racing, you certainly know that the car subwoofers are an essential part of your sound system, especially if you like to listen to songs that have a very incredible bass. The subwoofers play an essential role, so choosing the perfect subwoofer may be a bigger task than you think.

Below, we have a helpful buyer’s guide for figuring out what type of subwoofer you want. We also have a list of some of the top 6 best car subwoofers available today to help narrow down some of the choices out there!

Buying Guide: Car Subwoofers

Choosing the Right Subwoofer for Your Car Audio Setup

When buying a subwoofer for your vehicle, consider performance needs, interface requirements, and the type of sound you are seeking. All speakers need some type of amplification and require an enclosure.Some subwoofers come from the manufacturer with an amplifier and enclosure, which is usually the most convenient way to purchase a sub. Some manufacturers even make sub enclosures specifically for certain vehicles that are designed to take the least amount of space or be hidden from view completely.Customization and PerformanceWhile pre-made enclosures and subs with included amps are convenient, the best way to ensure high quality is to purchase the subwoofer, amp, and enclosure separately. This way, you can pick the best performing parts. The best performing subs are usually sold individually, and the same goes for amplifiers. Because of this, you can get a specific sub and amp tailored to your music tastes, vehicle, and desired maximum volume.Prefabricated enclosures are available, but if you want to get the best possible performance and longevity out of your subwoofer, having a custom enclosure built to your exact specifications is the way to go. Customization is definitely more expensive, but is most certainly worth it. Since subwoofer longevity tends to be longer in a custom enclosure, you’re long-term investment could be less.Interfacing and InstallationUnderstanding how the amplifier for your sub will interface to your vehicle’s existing stereo is critical. Aftermarket radios are generally easier to interface with because they are equipped with higher-quality interfaces and work with components, such as subwoofers, to deliver the best music experience.The design of some newer vehicles makes it difficult to replace the factory radio. But you can integrate a subwoofer amp to a factory stereo. Some amplifiers come with line level inputs. These connect to your factory stereo’s speaker connections and receive the signal that way. The sound quality isn’t as good as other types of interfacing, but in many newer vehicles, line level inputs might be your only option.Line level adapters of different levels of sound quality are available, if your subwoofer amplifier doesn’t have the line level option or if you want to improve on the sound quality of this type of connection. Before buying a subwoofer, you must know what type of car stereo you have and how you plan to hook up the subwoofer.Sound ConsiderationsAnother consideration when purchasing a subwoofer is the type of sound you want. Larger subwoofers tend to be louder and reproduce lower frequencies easier, but can lose the tight punchy bass that rock, country and jazz listeners tend to crave. If most of your listening involves rap or techno music, your desired sound is generally provided by a bigger subwoofer and amp combination.A smaller, but higher-end sub and amp combo provides the volume most people will want for daily listening, but will be much cleaner and tighter than larger, less expensive options.To ensure a proper subwoofer purchase for your car audio setup, you should understand your vehicle space, your existing audio components, and your own music preferences. Use these considerations to review available subwoofer options and pick out which subwoofer fits your car and personality best! 

Top 6 Best Car Subwoofers

1. The Dual BP1204 BandPass Car Subwoofer

If you are looking for a powerful, yet cost-effective subwoofer for your car, then you should certainly consider the Dual BP1204 subwoofer that is produced by Dual Electronics. This is a 12 inch, 1100 Watt subwoofer that comes with a dual chambered enclosure and a beautiful blue illumination system.

It is coupled with plexiglass windows for an unique and catchy effect. The acoustic chamber is computer tuned for more output efficiency and the product also comes with a one year limited warranty as well in case the product does not meet your expectations. This is a great and affordable subwoofer that should be added to your list of options!

2. The Boss Audio R1100M Car Subwoofer

Designed by Boss Audio, this is a monoblock power amplifier that comes with a remote subwoofer level control. The maximum power is of 1100 Watts or 2 ohms, while the RMS power is of 4 ohms and is no less than 250 watts.

This system provides solid value for being very cheap and affordable! If you are looking for something to install quickly and that is cost-efficient, this is an excellent choice!

3. The MTX Audio Terminator Series TNE212D


This car subwoofer by MTX is a great addition to a sport car, not to mention that it is fairly affordable for a subwoofer. It is made with vented enclosure and measures twelve inches. It was made with 5/8” MDF and is covered in black carpet.

It has 1200 W Max Power, 400W RMS, and each subwoofer can do up to 200 watts of RMS power, which adds up to 400 watts of RMS power for both speakers. This subwoofer is ranked #2 on Amazon and is an excellent affordable option.

4. Rockville 800-Watt Slim Car Subwoofer

 top 6 best car subwoofers

Rockville deserves to be featured on this list of the top 6 best car subwoofers for many reasons. The brand is so confident in their volume, power, and quality, that they offer a 100 percent refund if you’re not satisfied within the first 30 days. We love that the sub enclosure is ultra-slim at 2.7 inches thick to make the design easy and convenient to fit underneath your car seat.Don’t worry if you’ve never installed a car subwoofer before because Rockville makes the process simple. Operating the device is just as easy thanks to the high-level inputs that don’t require a remote wire to control. With a built-in smart circuit, this car subwoofer can recognize if there’s an audio signal present or not. It’s also eco-friendly as the subwoofer system automatically turns off when you switch off your music.

5. Sound Storm Amplified Car Subwoofer

top 6 best car subwoofers

This car subwoofer gives you so many options when listening to your favorite music. Utilize the Variable Bass Boost to adjust the bass settings for the exact sound you’re looking for. One of our favorite features is that built-in power supply that provides a powerful performance without requiring as much power from the driver as some car subwoofers require.You wouldn’t believe that a subwoofer measuring only 3 inches in height could produce powerful bass. Thanks to its slim design, this car subwoofer can easily fit under your seat to keep it out of sight and neatly placed. Finally, this unit comes with a three-year warranty should you have any safety or operational concerns. This provides you with excellent peace of mind so you can and faith in a reputable brand.

6. The Pioneer TS-W310D4

Pioneer is a very impressive audio company, and the Pioneer TS-W310D4 does not disappoint! This single subwoofer can reach up to 1400 watts and measures twelve inches. It has an impedance of 4ohms x 2 and offers a one year warranty in case its customers are not satisfied. Its sleek cone shape and excellent quality make it a great choice if you are looking for a single subwoofer!

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