Top 6 Best Car Rear View Cameras Reviews

A high quality and high definition car rear view camera is great from many different points of view (no pun intended).

We have provided the top 6 best car rear view cameras available today, along with a buyer’s guide to help you narrow down the decision when it comes to purchasing one.

The Benefits of Owning a Car Rear View Camera

Before we share the top 6 best car rear view cameras, what’s the importance of owning one? How can it improve/benefit your driving experience? Here are some of the most beneficial factors to invest in one. 

Improves Road Safety

Reversing can be a difficult maneuver for most drivers and can result in accidents if you’re not properly aware or have part of your rear vision blocked. 

Fortunately, a rear view camera allows you to confidently see what’s behind your vehicle so you don’t come into contact with anyone or anything. Many high-end products are also equipped with sensor technology that notifies you if you’re in close proximity to something. 

Ergonomic Design

Reversing requires you to crane your neck and twist your body to see blind spots. These movements can be uncomfortable (and ineffective!). All of the top 6 best car rear view cameras we’ll discuss later allow you to continue facing forward so you don’t hurt your neck to see what’s behind you.

By keeping your vision forward, you can also keep an eye on any oncoming traffic or pedestrians in front of your vehicle at the same time. 

Reduces Collisions and Offers Car Footage

These highly intelligent devices are designed to limit the number of collisions drivers face and keep pedestrians safe too. It can be a constant challenge to judge something you’re restricted to seeing. 

Without a rear view camera, you’re at a higher risk of collisions which could result in an increase in your car insurance. Plus, if you purchase a high-quality device, you have video evidence of potential incidents. Many cameras come with excellent zoom so you can identify a license plate too.

Buying Guide for Rear View Cameras

When purchasing a rear view camera, some important questions need to be answered. The camera itself is the easy part. But you need to decide between factory dealer installed or aftermarket. The existing equipment in your vehicle will help you make the correct decision.

What Stereo or In-Dash Unit Do You Have?

If your vehicle has a factory navigation unit or screen on the in-dash stereo, it may have the connection necessary for a dealer installed or aftermarket camera. Dealer installation with existing components is the easiest way to install a rear view camera. It’s also usually the least expensive method.

Choosing from several vehicle-specific adapters can make your factory screen compatible with numerous rear view camera models. Something to keep in mind when using your factory unit is that if it is several years old, you may benefit from an upgrade to a new aftermarket unit with a screen.

This will improve the sound and features of your whole stereo and guarantee the seamless connection of an aftermarket camera. You’ll also benefit from a warranty on the new in-dash stereo if you purchase it from an authorized brand dealer, either online or in person.

Purchasing an entire unit is also the best way to go if you have a standard radio without a screen, but your dash does have an opening large enough to fit this size unit.

What If Your Vehicle Won’t Allow The Larger Size In-Dash Unit?

Many options exist to get the image from a rear view camera in your vehicle. Some aftermarket rear view cameras come with small displays that install beneath the rear-view mirror. When you are in reverse gear, you get a view of what’s behind you in this small display. While it is a very small image, it can be the most sensible option for vehicles that don’t have the dash space for a larger monitor.

Another option is a monitor that mounts to the dash or windshield, much like a GPS unit. These can make the interior cluttered and give thieves a target, but it is a larger display than the rear view mirror option and can be the right choice for someone who has vision limitations.

Why Should You Avoid Cheap, Quick Fixes?

Several inexpensive, one package options exist that are most commonly found in discount stores, auto boutiques, and auto parts stores. These, in most cases, are too good to be true.

Cameras mounted on a license plate frame are inexpensive, but require almost the same amount of effort and cost as a separate camera. They are difficult to position and adjust. They also tend not to hold up nearly as long as other types of rear view cameras. These cameras are quite often blocked by snow and ice. If you tow a trailer, they are often obstructed easily, defeating the purpose of having the camera.

Many people like the idea of the wireless camera options. While convenient, they can be plagued with glitches. Cheap wireless cameras commonly have a delay and are subject to many types of interference, which can also defeat the purpose of having the camera.

With a backup camera, as with any automotive part, you tend to get what you pay for. As with any other part, your options depend on what your vehicle is able to accommodate. The easy way isn’t always the best way, so you’ll want to research your options, make a purchase and consider having a professional complete the installation. 

Top 6 Best Car Rear View Cameras

1. The Generic 16:9 TFT LCD Car Rearview Monitor

The TFT LCD Car Review Camera is an advanced car rear view camera. It comes with a generous screen resolution, as well as a monitor mirror with a touch button. It is perfect for two way video output and can be used for car surveillance. The product itself comes with a seven inch 16:9 TFT LCD monitor.

This review camera comes with a remote control, as well as special touch keys that will allow you to move the camera from left to right when prompted. For its affordable price, this Generic made camera is an excellent option.

2. Etekcity Car Rear Vehicle Waterproof Backup View Camera

The Etekcity waterproof camera is a backup view camera that comes with a high-definition feature, as well as a comprehensive viewing angle of 170 degrees. This camera comes with a color CMOS feature and it is suitable not only for regular cars, but also for other vehicles including MPV, truck, and lorry. 

This camera is very easy to set up, which makes it perfect for any person who does not have prior knowledge of cars or installing equipment. This compact and small camera that can easily be hidden, provides great quality for such a cheap price tag!

3. Koolertron Rear View License Plate Backup CMOS Camera

This convenient Koolertron Rear View License Plate Camera is a high pixel, waterproof camera. The camera itself is waterproof, along with the holder. The pixels are set at 628*582 and the camera supports a color CMOS image sensor and is manufactured with NTSC/PAL Video coverage.

It can easily be installed on any type of vehicle and can also be hooked up to any type of monitor. With its positive reviews and affordable price tag, this Koolertron product is an awesome choice for anyone wanting a basic license plate camera.

4. The ESKY EC179-08 Waterproof Car Rear View Backup Camera

This is a 100% waterproof car rear view backup camera that comes with a 170 degree viewing angle, as well as a high definition CMOS system. This product has a very solid design with a stainless, stylish, and properly polished surface that gives it a distinct view.

The camera is designed to deliver high-quality images even under the worst weather conditions, using its high definition color CCD installment. The camera is very easy to install and can easily operate on the outside of your car. It can work in dark places, an aspect that not too many rear view cameras support.

This camera includes a twelve month replacement warranty, which makes the slightly more expensive price, a little more worth it!

5. The HDE License Plate Rear View Camera

HDE provides a high definition, 170 degree rear view license plate camera that is universal, waterproof, and comes with a comprehensive and advanced night vision feature. The camera is compatible with both PAL and NTSC systems, and comes with a wide viewing angle, perfect for reversing, parking, and depth perception. 

The package contains one camera, one power cable, and one video extension cable. This is a basic, camera that is perfect for parallel parking and night vision, and is sold for a more than reasonable price.

6. OEM Car Rear View Reverse Backup Parking Camera

This OEM waterproof camera provides high quality and is newer product from OEM. Some of its additional features include high definition images, 170 degree wide viewing angle, high grade of waterproofing, a special anti fog glass, and the CMOS imaging sensor.

This product supports both the PAL and the NTSC video system. For its incredibly cheap price tag, this camera is an excellent choice for any basic buyer.

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