Top 8 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Him

Maybe you already have some ideas on what to get your man for Valentine’s Day. Most guys aren’t tricky to buy gifts for, because… well, they will most likely appreciate anything. But what if you really want to wow him with something amazing? After all, making this  holiday memorable is no easy feat.

Luckily, there are plenty of options available when it comes to fun gifts, whether you want something more on the sentimental side or plan to go with a gift that will be more practical. To help you out, we’ve put together a list of the top 8 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Him. Feel free to peruse for inspiration.

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Something related to his hobbies

Before buying a gift, make sure you know how your man likes to spend his free time. If he enjoys the great outdoors, maybe buy something that reminds him of nature or aids him in his expeditions. Like hiking gear, a pair of sturdy boots, or a new backpack. If he likes superhero movies, a bobble head of his favorite character will do the trick. If he’s a reader, get him a book he’s been eyeing for a while. You get the idea.

DIY gift

Something full of meaning that shows how much you care about him is always a good idea! You can use Valentine’s Day to recreate a memorable date or a private memory that you have shared together.

Or, consider putting together a scrapbook of the many trips and adventures you embarked on. Alternatively, a picture of the two of you in an elegant will certainly look good in his office. For bonus points, put your love into words and write him a card to go along with the gift or surprise or planning.

Something you can do together

Doing something with your special someone to create memories is a whole lot of fun! Get him tickets to see his favorite band live in concert or take him to watch a sporting event. Maybe he likes to be active, so you can go hiking or take him on some kind of adventure. Experiences are more memorable than material stuff, so he’ll surely appreciate the gesture.

Something creative

Use your creativity in a fun way and you’ll be able to come up with a gift that’s both unique and wonderful. Personalize a keychain or get a mug with a photo of the two of you and he’ll have something he can treasure and love forever.

Invest in something that he sees and uses all the time, so he’ll feel close to you even when you’re not around. If your budget is more generous, an engraved watch is a posh present that will never go out of style.

Something useful

Get him something practical that he has always wanted but never got around to purchase himself. Maybe a nice set of golf clubs, a new coffee machine, or a tie. In other words, something that can be put to good use and that will make his life easier.

Something naughty

It’s Valentine’s Day after all, so why not surprise your other half with a night he’ll never forget? Invest in some lingerie for yourself and consider having props handy to make the event as memorable as possible. An adult board game, body paint, a pack of cards with conversation starters – the possibilities are endless.

Something techy

A lot of men are technology enthusiasts , so you can never go wrong with a gift he’ll be able to play with. Examples include a vintage game console, a wireless charger, or a new pair of headphones. If you have more money to spend, go with a drone. The only downside is that he may end up completely ignoring you for the rest of the evening.

Something classy

If your man is a gentleman at heart, pamper him with a dapper present. Think cufflinks, a fancy tie clip, a pricey cigar, or an expensive bottle of whiskey. When in doubt, old-school gifts work like a charm.

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