Top 5 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Her

As it’s getting closer to Valentine’s Day you should be starting to think about what to do for your special lady. You might have to start thinking way ahead of time because nothing comes to mind. You want to do something for her or get her something that makes her feel the love.

Don’t worry because we have the inspiration that you need. Whether planning to go somewhere, or to buy her a gift, these top 5 Valentine’s Day gift ideas for her will help you to think of something special for your sweetheart.

Top 5 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Her

top 5 valentine's day gift ideas for her

Her Favorite Perfume

If she has a favorite perfume or scent, you could never go wrong with something you know she already likes! Especially if you know she might be running out, this might be a great surprise so she doesn’t have to run out to get it for herself.

A Love Letter

Do you want her to truly know how much she means to you? Put all of your feelings and emotions into a letter she will love reading. Writing a love letter, no matter how girly it seems, will make her feel cherished and special. No gift or surprise will be able to tell her how much you love her. So why not try with a handwritten letter?

Flowers and Chocolate

It might be a little cliché, but what girl doesn’t love getting flowers? Instead of just a pre-made bouquet, maybe you can make it more personal by adding her favorite flowers. Let’s be honest, almost every girl in the world loves chocolate, so a gift of her favorites would be great! If you find that chocolates aren’t her favorite, get her an assortment of cookies or her favorite sweet treats.

Take Her on a Date

Take her to her favorite little coffee shop where you can sit and talk to each other. You could also decide to go a little fancy by dressing up nice and going to the 5 star restaurant in town. There are many different options available to you when thinking about somewhere to take her. The movies, out to dinner, shopping, or to your favorite place, the sky is the limit when finding somewhere to go. Quality time spent together turns into lifelong memories that are made.

Gift Ideas When You’re on a Budget

Finally, we know you love your partner, but there will be times when you can’t spoil them with gifts simply because you don’t have the money to do so. However, here are some sentimental gift ideas for moments when times are tough. On average, these ideas will cost less than $10, but more than anything, they’re thoughtful and loving gestures.

Romantic Night In

Nothing says ‘I love you’ like romantic time together. Purchase some tea lights and present them in a room with the door shut for a surprise. You’ll only need around $5 for a bunch of candles and it’ll create a romantic ambiance in the room. Load her favorite film on the TV and a chilled, romantic playlist in the background. Don’t forget to welcome her into the room with a glass of her favorite alcoholic beverage, too, and a kiss!

Create a Love Hunt

Strapped for cash but still want to tell her she means the world to you? On a blank piece of paper, write a reason you love her. Repeat this on 20 pieces of paper, making each reason unique and specific to your relationship.

The objective is to hide the notes around your home with a small gift attached to each piece of paper. Add a clue on the back of each note so they have to search for the next one. Stuck for gift ideas? Keep them small and cute – especially since you’ll need 20 of them. Her favorite chocolates, a lip balm, etc.

Free Giveaway

Use a jar and decorate it write love hearts and a ribbon. Fill the jar with promises and gestures of her favorite things. These should be free gestures that present your love her for, such as: 30-minute back massage, free coffee refills all day, she decides what you watch on TV, you clean the house, run her a bath, etc. Don’t let her down on these promises. 

What Do You Think of These Top 5 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Her?

top 5 valentine's day gift ideas for her

Remember, you know her best and you know just what she would appreciate. So as these are just ideas, you can add your own personal touches to them.

Keep in mind, Valentine’s Day might be the day of love, but with your honey, every day should be a day of love.

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