Top 5 Best Basketball Bags & Backpacks

Basketball is one of the most popular games played today. Not only is the sport fun and it brings friends closer together, it also keeps you healthy and encourages your competitive spirit. However, it also requires quite the assortment of accessories for basketball enthusiasts to have a superior experience, from a quality ball to the right equipment. And one accessory players tend to overlook is the basketball bag.

Often an afterthought, a bag that looks the part will not only complete your stylish look, but ensure that your ball is secure and easy to carry around. Read on as we review some of the top basketball bags currently available, as well as provide a quick buyer’s guide to help you figure out what specifications you should keep an eye out for.

Buying Guide for Basketball Bags

Whether you are a serious basketball player or just like to play in park courts with your friends, investing in a good basketball bag might not be the most essential item on your list of priorities. While it may seem perfectly fine to just jam your gear into a regular backpack, having a dedicated bag for your basketball stuff will make your life significantly easier. You’ll have a convenient means of storing everything from your ball to your shoes, helping you stay organized and boosting efficiency. Plus, a quality bag will last you a long time. Below are some things to consider when shopping for the ideal basketball bag for you.

Do you have your own ball?
This is an easy question to answer and it can help you narrow down your options. If you bring your own ball to practice with, it’s a good idea to opt for a sports bag with a dedicated ball compartment. Many basketball bags with this feature have a special mesh pocket for your ball, which is a bonus if you have a lucky ball you like to play with.

Does your gear usually smell bad?
Sweaty clothing and shoes don’t give off particularly appealing smells. If you want to avoid washing your basketball bag on a regular basis to get rid of bad odor, then it may be worth it to go with a bag that has an outer mesh compartment for sweaty clothes. This lets them air out and it stops the bag from trapping bad smells.

Do you typically shower at the gym?
Some people like to shower at home after working out. If you prefer to practice and shower at the same location, you’ll need to make sure your bag is big enough to accommodate body wash, shampoo, a razor, a towel, and anything else you may need. Additionally, it’s smart to look for a bag with a separate (non-mesh) compartment for these items. In case your body wash or shampoo spills, you’ll be glad that compartment is there to contain the spill and ensure it doesn’t get to your clothing or electronics.

How many water bottles do you need?
Some basketball bags have no outer water bottle holders at all, while others have one or more. This is usually a good feature to have, as it allows you to very quickly take out a water or Gatorade bottle and hydrate without having to open the bag and then close it back up. Additionally, these holders keep your water bottles upright, eliminating the annoying risk of spilling your water.

Do you bring electronics with you?
Many of us throw our phones, iPods, and other electronics casually into gym bags. But if you want to be extra careful to protect these things (as well as have them readily accessible), you may want to select a bag with a separate electronics compartment.

Do you need to carry shoes in your bag as well?
If you want to carry shoes in your bag, you will need to make sure the bag is big enough to accommodate them. Some bags have a ring on the outside that you can tie your shoes to. Unfortunately, these rings will not usually work with Velcro shoes. On the same note, some models have an outer mesh compartment specifically for shoes, which might work better.

Basically, picking the right basketball bag for you comes down to considering and weighing the factors that you think are most important. If you take some time to assess your options, you’ll end up with a bag that will not only fit to your specifications, but also last you for years to come. To give you a head start, here are some of the best basketball bags currently on the market.

1. Nike Brasilia 6 Duffel Bag


This Nike Brasilia bag is great for not just basketball, but any other sports as well, or even just as a regular gym bag. It is a medium sized bag, with enough space to hold both a basketball and shoes if required. The bag has a wide U shape opening with a ventilated pocket for storing wet clothing, shoes, or just a water bottle. This is a basic but practical bag, it comes in a variety of colors, and is sold for a reasonable price. You can’t go wrong with picking one up.

2. Nike LeBron Backpack

Nike LeBron Backpack

This comfortable and spacious backpack was designed with a player who is always on the go in mind. Thanks to its top-loading design, you’ll have easy access to the main compartment, while the adjustable shoulder straps ensure comfortable carrying. As for the inside, there’s a zippered, padded compartment that lets you store your laptop, as well as an insulated pocket which maintains temperature to help keep food fresh. Plus, the featured wet/dry compartment stores dirty clothes away from the rest of your gear with zero hassle. If you like to go from work straight to the gym or the other way around, the backpack has you covered.

3. K Cliffs Baseball Backpack

4. K Cliffs Baseball Backpack

The K Cliffs Baseball Backpack is designed to hold more than just baseballs! It can store a variety of sport balls, including basketball, football, and soccer balls in its zippered pouch ball storage pocket. The main part of the bag can be opened via a zipper and is very spacious. Moreover, this bag has three front zipper pockets for you to store other sport accessories.

To provide utmost comfort, the bag is equipped with padded shoulder straps. In the front of the bag, you’ll find a movable cell phone and pen holder. The bag also features mesh pockets for water bottle storage on each side. If you ever need it for baseball, there are Velcro straps on the side to store your bat.

4. BAGLAND Sport Backpack

BAGLAND Sport Backpack

This practical backpack is water resistant and boasts extra padding for comfort, providing maximum back support. But the inside of the bag is what really helps it stand out from the crowd. It features multi-pouches designed to fit everything from a laptop to your mobile phone and iPad, as well as earphones, wallet, books, water bottles, and so on. Besides the main bag, there’s a dedicated laptop compartment, plus two exterior zipper pouches, one elastic reticular pouch in the adjustable breathable strap, and one big mesh pouch perfect to store your basketball. If you like to stay organized and reach your stuff with maximum ease, this might just be the perfect bag for you.

5. Fashion Helpers Sport Backpack

1. Fashion Helper Sport Backpack

The Sport Backpack by Fashion Helpers is made of 600 denier polyester with rip-stop nylon. Sturdy and stylish, this bag is ideal if you like to carry your own personal basketball around. It boasts a large front mesh pocket which is convenient for storing extra equipment and gear. The bag also has side mesh pockets, which can store smaller gear or water bottles. It comes with a headphone exit port and a cell phone holder attached on the shoulder strap. Additional features include a comfortable strap, durable zipper, and clips.

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