Top 10 Richest Countries in the World 2019

Countries are considered rich if their citizens earn enough money to support their daily needs. We have provided the top 10 richest nations in the world. These countries have the highest GDP per capita, measured and calculated in international dollars. Many things such as the output value, income value, and expenditure value are all taken into consideration when it comes to ranking. But while the wealthy countries below have a huge money value, their breathtaking pictures are just as rich!

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Luxembourg is among some of the most prosperous countries in Europe. It is recognized as a tax heaven and a destination for many billionaires due to the fact that they can free themselves of expensive taxes in their native country. Luxembourg’s two main sources of income include telecommunication their steel industry. Luxembourg’s GDP is marked at 97, 639.


1. Qatar

Q: What makes a country rich?

A: The countries resources, economic system, economic ideologies in society, economic growth, looks into exports and debt, and GDP. 

Q: What is GDP?

A: GDP is the total value of all final goods and services produced for the marketplace during a given period. It’s the amount of output the average worker can provide in an hour, the number of hours the average worker spends at the job. The fraction of the population that is working as well as the size of the population. 

Q: What are imports and exports?

A: An import in the receiving country is an export from the sending country. 

Q: Why do countries import and export goods?

A: Countries export and import goods for many reasons. It’s important for the development and growth of national economies because not all countries have the resources and even skills that are needed for certain goods and or service.

Q: Is a country with a higher population richer?

A: This is not always true there are many countries with a high population but is poor. There is evidence that when a country grows the population grows as well.


Final Thoughts

It is an important thing to remember that countries can be rich or poor for all types of reasons, and the wealth or poverty of a country is never dependent on the worth or even hard work of the people in the nation. Factors such as what types of natural resources have been discovered and traded is a factor. How long the country has been a nation is also a factor. The leadership of the country and how the government works is another important factor. The amount the people are allowed to own businesses, employ others, and use their natural gifts and resources all play a role in this.


If you have been blessed to be born into a nation that is already rich, be grateful! Get involved in getting the right people in office who will continue on with making the nation you are part of wealthier. If you are in this boat, look at the nations who are poorer for what they are. There is no use in shaming, looking down upon, or speaking down to nations who are not as wealthy. What can and should be done is giving of help and hope for those who are not as blessed as you/us. 


Thankfully, there are so many ways to help developing nations. We can get involved in it by basic and fun things, such as tourism. Tourism only helps a nations economy! Purchasing locally supports small and large businesses in the nation. Another way is by giving money to projects that have the purpose of helping these nations. Do your research, and then give to those making an impact! These are just a few ways you can help other nations and give back from what you’ve been given to leave an impact on the world. 

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