Top 10 Retirement Gift Ideas For Women

Every woman wants to leave a legacy behind, no matter the company, workplace, or atmosphere. While gift giving can be hard, it really does not have to be! It boils down to one thing, and that is giving her something great to cherish the memories that she has of you. If somebody in your office or workplace is retiring and you are struggling to come up with ideas for gifts to give her, here are a few ideas that will be of help to you.

Our Top 10 Gifts for Women

1. Flowers and chocolates

Chances are you already know if your coworker is allergic to flowers, or hates chocolate. But, most people love a delicious treat and flowers. Therefore, when they retire, gift them a lily or orchid bouquet along with some assorted chocolates. Make sure everything looks and feels premium and beautiful, and she will cherish your thoughtfulness. You can also add a box of tea lights to complete the set. 

2. Gift baskets

If you are confused whether to get her numerous small gifts or one big gift, you can combine both the ideas and make something unique. Gift baskets are always a great idea for women. Include soft toys, tea lights, flowers, chocolates, books, perfumes, or anything else that she might like. Create a collection with special items that are aimed at her and that look like it is handpicked just for her. You can also give fruit, chocolate, and wine gift baskets if you are going for something more generic and simple.

3. Engraved glasses and flutes

Give her this gift if she is fond of champagne or other soft drinks. The champagne flutes or crystal glasses should be engraved with her name on it, or at least a very special and sweet message for her. Make the packaging as special as the box itself. More importantly, she will be able to remember you each time the glasses and flutes are out. So if you want to her to remember and cherish your friendship, this is perfect and fairly simple. If you don’t want her to remember you, why are you reading this at all?

4. Spa Vouchers

This is obviously one of the most wonderful gifts a woman could ever have. Spa vouchers serve as a reminder that she is leaving all the stressful work hours behind and is ready for the new life that she is about to enter. Spa vouchers can be used for one time or may even be used over a period of time if you have gifted more than one. Any spa gift will make any woman a happy lady.

5. Watch

While watches are not only becoming more and more popular as an exquisite accessory, they are also a timeless (no pun intended) keepsake. Symbolic for their timekeeping, a watch can represent all the hard years this special lady has worked and all the time and effort she has contributed. While there are many different styles available, choose which you think will be more practical and useful for her, or which fits her personality better.

6. Keepsakes and Mementos

They have to be there or nothing will work. A few keepsakes make the retirement so much worthwhile. Scan through the office archives if you can some happy times pictures of her with her colleagues and gift them to her. She would really feel special. Get creative and make a collage or photo album of all the photos! Or purchase a picture frame that can be autographed easily and let her loved ones and coworkers sign it.

7. Retirement Gags

Make them feel good about their retirement. Give them retirement certificates, license plates, or joke books that focus on retirement. Maybe purchase a small, funny toy that has some retirement message printed on it. If they ever feel down, they can look at it and laugh. These gags are very popular and they make the last day at work and the whole retirement concept so much more enjoyable. While she is getting these gifts and reacts, you are creating another special moment to cherish.

8. Clock

A personalized clock can make the retirement life so much better. She can actually see that she has this time to enjoy and can finally have fun. She can happily do whatever she missed during her active work life. You can pick a fancy wooden clock with a personalized message or maybe pick a funny one as a gag gift.

9. Travel Vouchers and related gifts

The chances are that she will be doing some traveling after she has retired. You could buy her some vacation tickets, like for a weekend getaway. Whatever you give, just make it special. Most women appreciate the effort more than the destination, and they will love the fact that you were willing to give her something that is not only expensive, but thoughtful and relaxing.

10. Novelty trophies

Novelty trophies work as a lifelong gift, allowing her to look at it and feel proud of her achievements. Ensure that the trophy is something that reflects her personality. You also have the option of getting it engraved with a message of appreciation, where you could put her name or a short and sweet message from the rest of the workplace. Metal choices are popular and you can sometimes choose crystal for these types of trophies.

The Bottom Line

No matter which gift you choose to give, make sure that it reflects her personality. This woman has dedicated herself to your company long enough to retire from there, so show her what she means by choosing something that shows you really know who she is. Is she an avid golfer, or does she have horses? Does she have a deep sense of humor, or is she more likely to enjoy something staid?

The truth is, no matter what you choose, as long as it’s high quality and suits her personality well, you’ve made a great choice.

That said, your wisdom may be appreciated by another seeker, which gift did you go with? Do you have any great stories about retirement gifts? Let us know down in the comments, we’d love to hear from you!

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