Top 12 Retirement Gift Ideas For Men

Retirement Gift Ideas
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While some dread retirement, others rejoice when the moment comes and are eager to make a lifestyle change. After all, one is finally allowed to take a break from active work and enjoy the benefits of a more carefree, relaxing existence. Now is the perfect time to indulge in hobbies, catch up on reading, spend more time with loved ones, or travel the world.

If somebody in your office or family is retiring, he might not be expecting a retirement gift. Still, purchasing something to mark this momentous occasion is a thoughtful way of thanking him for his hard work and celebrating this important milestone. Stuck on what to get? Here’s list of the top 12 retirement gift ideas for men.

1. Work Mementos

These are the best gifts for anyone who is leaving the workforce. Work mementos can be small trophies, meant as a thank you for their excellent service. They can include pictures of various important work life moments. For instance, you can make a photo collage or gift a particularly significant picture in an elegant frame. If you are looking for a more thoughtful gift and want something a little more sentimental, this is a great (and affordable) option.

2. Whisky Tumblers

Many men like their whiskey, am I right? If that’s the case, a pair of whiskey tumblers is a practical gift. You can personalize them by engraving the name of the person or include a short message. If whiskey is not his thing, maybe a personalized beer mug will do the trick.

3. Dinner Vouchers

Although less glamorous, dinner vouchers still make for a great present. After all, a man’s got to eat. You can gift the new retiree several dinner vouchers, maybe one for each month of the following year. While you could just make the voucher for a one-time special dinner, including more will give the retiree a few date nights to look forward to. Most places offer membership cards as well, so might want to look into something similar.

4. Travel

After someone retires, they have more time on their hands and, if the budget allows, that usually translates to lots and lots of traveling. To give the retiree a head start, consider gifting him some travel vouchers for holiday tickets. Alternatively, if he has already made his travel arrangements, fun travel accessories will definitely come in handy. This may include luggage bags, trolleys, and tags. You can also fill a bag with treats for the airplane ride, buy a fancy travel pillow, or get him a globe to plan his next travel itinerary in style.

5. Gift Baskets

Gift baskets are a practical option, as they can be given as individual gifts or as group gifts to help split the costs. The basket could contain anything like his favorite drink, maybe a small item that he likes, a few vouchers, a memento, his favorite book, or anything else that you think the retiree will appreciate. You can go with a standard basket or work with some colleagues to personalize it to better fit his personality. The options are truly endless.

6. Books

Does the retiree always complain that he doesn’t have enough time for reading? Well, he certainly will be able to catch up now. Books will prove to be faithful companions when all the holidaying and partying is over. You can gift them a collection of some of the world’s best classics, or go with a couple of novels from his favorite genre. You could also purchase a more expensive gift, such as a nice bookcase, a Kindle device, or a magazine subscription.

7. Watch

A watch is a forever keepsake, symbolizing all the time and hard work that he has put forth in the past. You can go for a more thoughtful, but more expensive watch with his name or initials engraved on it. Or, even just a style that fits his personality can work – at the end of the day it’s the gesture that counts. While some may think watches are not practical anymore and are going out of style, rest assured. Older gentlemen will always appreciate a nice watch use it on a daily basis.

8. Golf Kits

Golf is a relaxing leisure sport and a beloved pastime for many retirees. Hence, a golf kit is a great option, whether he is considering taking up the hobby or he has been an expert for years. You can give him a memento like golf sets, which he can use to decorate his game room, or go with a golf bag or nice clubs. If he isn’t into golf but enjoys other sports, purchase something tailored to his interests – baseball cards, a new soccer ball, a basketball jersey, and so on.

9. Gardening Hamper

Is the retiree planning to finally get around to doing some landscaping? In a case like this, a gardening hamper can be a thoughtful present. These hampers come with items such as tools, seeds, manuals, etc. Obviously, only gift this if you think he is seriously considering gardening as a hobby. Otherwise, he might feel like you just want to put him to work again!

10. Massage Items

What man, or person for that matter, doesn’t enjoy massages? If you’re willing to spend more cash, you can buy him a massage chair – they are available at many chain department stores. Or, you can give a gift certificate to a massage place or spa. Accessories like portable massage devices meant to relieve aches and pains should also be welcome.

11. Food Items

No more work means more time to devote to cooking, so giving the retiree some practical food-related gifts can be a fun way to encourage his passion for mastering new recipes. A grill set, a fancy cutting board, a set of professional knives, or a recipe book will all fit the bill perfectly. Or, if the retiree is not particularly skilled in the kitchen just yet, something more practical like a sandwich maker or blender will surely be appreciated.

12. A Subscription Box

Subscription boxes have become increasingly popular in recent years, and for good reason – they’re affordable and come with new surprises every month. Consider getting the retiree a subscription box tailored to his passions. There are plenty of options available, from bookish boxes to boxes featuring grooming products, wine, tea, writing utensils, coffee, even baked goods. Simply do a little research and purchase a subscription for 3 months or more, depending on budget. If you think about it, it’s the gift that keeps on giving.

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