Top 11 Retirement Gift Ideas For Your Boss

Retirement gifts can either be really good or sort of awkward. It can be confusing on what to get someone, especially your boss because you want to give them the most perfect gift so they will remember you. Below are some great retirement gift ideas, but in the end, remember that your boss appreciates you, no matter the gift.


Gift certificate for a vacation. A certificate can work very well, especially if you know of an exact location or country that your boss has dreamed of traveling to. It is no surprise that traveling certificates are not cheap, but if you want to purchase one anyway, split the cost between your co-workers to lessen the price per person. No matter where or how much, your boss will surely appreciate your effort and thoughtfulness behind the gift.


A deed. You might be thinking “What”? But if you are looking for a humorous gift, a deed to a place, such as the United States of America, is just the thing. When visiting different areas, for a retiree, it helps him/her to explore and enjoy the places where he/she has never been, due to their tight schedules in the work place. This is a great gift idea for a past army member or serviceman.


Massage or Spa Certificate. What is more relaxing than some time with a masseuse and their miraculous wonders with massage? Your boss has put a lot of time into their line of work, and have probably gained some sore muscles and back aches along the way. Any man or woman would love a spa certificate for this reason. Having someone relax those sore muscles that represent all of your boss’s hard work over the years, is more than thoughtful.


Personalized golf ball. Golf is an enjoyable sport that can be played by a twelve year old boy or a ninety five year old man. If you know that your boss enjoys golf or has an interest in starting golf after they retire, getting their names or initials printed and personalized on a golf ball may be just the option for you. You could get a whole set for them or just one, maybe printed with gold writing. Although small, personalized gifts such as this add a thoughtful touch to your present.


A memorabilia poster on the life of the boss. This poster idea is used in order to highlight the things of the past that stood out in his life, such as his achievements, things that make him a well known icon, and his talents. The poster could include photographs of different occasions that he/she was performing at it, different written memories from other coworkers, or pages ripped out of a calendar or datebook with important events. This homemade gift is great as a team effort and is sure to give the boss a good laugh or a few good tears.


Something that they would never spend money on. Think about those things that your boss would truly want, but would never actually spend the money on it. Maybe this is a Polaroid camera to use for fun. Or maybe it is a new phone. It could even be something as simple as a new pair of glasses or an air freshener. But what makes it so special is the fact that you took the time to figure out what they want, but never want to actually spend the money on. So even though it may be simple, it is incredibly thoughtful. And they will surely love it.


A professional golf lesson. Personal lessons are just what a retiree needs if they are looking to be a sport individual in the golf world. If it is not golf that your boss is interested in, you could purchase a personal lesson for something else as well. Not only is it fun, but a great active activity for your boss to engage in.


A passport cover made from leather. If the boss plans on traveling to different places or countries a lot in his new retired life, a leather passport cover can be very useful. It will help keep their passport from wearing out easily, and gives the passport a classy and professional feeling. This is a great gift because of its durability. If you want to make it more personal, have their name marked on the front.


One of their favorite novels or books. Now that your boss is retired, there will be a lot more free time, and reading is definitely an enjoyable past time. If you know your boss has a favorite book series or novel, buy them the set or the book. If you know they like to read but aren’t sure of some of their favorites or genres, buy them one of your favorites and encourage them to read it.


A unique watch. Watches are not only fashionably acceptable these days, they are also practical and a symbol as well. Watches symbolize all the time and effort your boss has put in to their job, and now how that time can be spent relaxing and enjoying the rest of their life. Any watch is a great gift. But if you want one that is a bit more personalized, have their name or initials etched on the watch as well.


A leather wallet. Nothing beats a stylish and comfortable wallet when it comes to handling your cash.

A high quality leather wallet will last a lifetime if well-kept and preserved, plus it is always a nice look for a distinguished gentleman. Your boss may already have a decent wallet, but if you know he needs a new one, then this idea could be a clear winner.

The best wallets combine high-quality stitching with carefully tanned (and sometimes colored) skins for a wonderful feel in hand and a memorable appearance. In short, a nice wallet can truly be a work of art, making for a very heartfelt gift.

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