Top 7 Most Seductive Perfumes for Women

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The perfect perfume is something that every woman needs and is something that most women want. But the trial and error method that most women endure to find this “perfect perfume” can be a long and grueling one, and most of the time is ineffective.

Take these few steps below to help you figure out which perfume will suit you best:

1. Figure out your personality! In the case of this article, we are providing some of the top seductive perfumes. But figuring out what type you are and what personality fits you will guide you to the right one, seductive or not seductive. Are you a sporty type, just looking for something to cover up any extra body odor that your deodorant misses? Are you chill, just searching for something that you can wear everyday and goes with every look? Are you picky, needing a specific perfume for every outfit possible? How about elegant, needing to have the best of the best at no cost! Decide for yourself which you believe matches you best.

2. What is this about the Fragrance Families? Surprise! There is a family just for fragrances.

There are four main categories when it comes to the fragrance family: Fresh, Woody, Oriental, and Floral. There are plenty of subcategories for each one, like fruity, soft floral, dry woods, and soft oriental. Floral is a great option for during the day or on a daily basis, and possibly an oriental fragrance is a better suit for a romantic setting. Figuring out which one of these scents fits you will be a significant factor when it comes to choosing the right one.

 Finding a perfume that you can use daily is hard enough, let alone finding the right perfume to please the one you love most. Below, we have provided you with a buying guide on how to find the right perfume for you, whether purchasing in the store or ordering it offline. We have also listed the top seductive perfume products and are confident that you will find your perfect one on the list provided, with the help of our reviews that we gathered from customer reviews as well as top selling sites. Take a look:

1.) Coco Mademoiselle Eau De Parfum Spray


This fragrance is incredibly sexy, fresh and oriental which embodies youth and more specifically a young Coco Chanel. It has perfectly combined lightness and freshness in a bottle to give a woman a sensual yet highly sophisticated appeal. The fragrance has combined notes of orange, white musks, vanilla, jasmine, rose, vetiver and patchouli which have made the fragrance captivating but not overwhelming. Its packaging clearly says it all with its elegant yet incredibly simple design.

2.) Christian Dior J’Adore


This is a fragrance is embodies femininity and sensuality which has attributed to its massive popularity in the market, prompting Dior to make it in various concentrations. This fragrance is modern yet sweet at the same time with slight sharp floral accents. It combines both fruity and floral accents with hints of jasmine, musk and amaranth. Its top notes are fruitier with the middle being more floral will the base notes combine notes such as blackberry and musk. Want your own? Check out the link below:

3.) Victoria Secret’s Bombshell


This is a fragrance that is attention grabbing and bold. It was designed to bring out the bold yet feminine sensually of a woman thus the name bombshell. The perfectly marries its fruity, floral and aromatic note into one explosive scent. It contains fruity tops notes of purple passion, strawberries and oranges among other, with its middle notes featuring vanilla orchid and Shangri-La peony and woody base tones.



This perfume perfectly captures mystery and has tones and accents that make it intensely sensual, with its packaging embracing this too. This fragrance is captivating with its rich floral mixture and wood accents with hints of licorice and almond. The perfume was made with jasmine, specifically Sambac jasmine as its central ingredient mixed in with almonds and sateen. Its top note comprise of gardenia flowers while its base notes contain hints of wood, licorice and Tonka.

5.) Laura Mercier- Vanille Gourmande


This a delicate fragrance that perfectly combines floral notes with a comforting but seductive that are married together in just the right amounts. It provides sheer sophistication that perfectly captures the essence of vanilla by combining vanilla liqueur, vanilla orchid, vanilla musk, bourbon vanilla, heliotrope, daylily, sandalwood and amber. It marries all these scents to provide you with your desired comforting yet seductive scent of vanilla that is rich yet robust. To check out your own, look to the link below:

6.) Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf for women


This is an explosion of floral scents that always seem to bright up everything with its sweet and fresh notes. Its top notes evoke freshness featuring green tea and bergamot which also add a hint of sweetness. The heart of the fragrance floral and opulent comprising of scents from Centifolia rose, Sambac jasmine and Cattleya orchid. The base of the fragrance features patchouli and musk that give it an oriental scent.

7.) Gucci by Gucci for women

This is the main fragrance for women by Gucci which is to say a lot considering what a big brand name it actually is. It is a well-liked fragrance especially because of its long lasting ability. This perfume is mainly exotic and girly with a heavy reliance on floral scents which is why it was announced as a floral chypre. Its high notes comprise of a fruity mix of exotic guava, chamomile and pear followed by lily of the valley and neroli making up its heart. The base notes of the fragrance water featuring musk and patchouli forming a powerful but feminine fragrance. Interested in having your own Gucci? Check it out here:

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