Top 10 Most Popular Female Singers In 2019

Women artists, whether pop, jazz, rock, or country, have some of the strongest power in the music industry today. They have younger eyes looking up to them for encouragement and advice. They have fans that depend on them to comfort them with whatever style music they produce. These women below do not have an easy job, and they have plenty of equally talented male singers to compete with. They work hard and deal with stress around them 24/7. But their hard work pays off, and that is why we rated these women as the Top 10 Most Popular Female Singers of 2019 in no specific order.

10. Shakira

Consistently hitting the charts, Shakira is one of the most popular Latina artists. The Columbian native won her first grammy in 2000 for her MTV Unplugged release, which followed two of her first successful albums Pies Descalzos and Donde Estan Los Ladrones?.  While she does have english versions of some of her songs available and a handful of english albums, she is primarily a Latin artist.

She has been all over, throughout the years. In 2014, she closed out the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil and released a killer song to boot. She is also one of the highest selling Latin artists of all time. While she hasn’t released an album since 2017, El Dorado, which went multi-platinum.

Most recently, she won another Grammy for Best Latin Pop Album, also for El Dorado. 

9. Celine Dion

The French-Canadian singer everyone knows and loves dominated the charts in the 90s with classics like “The Power of Love ” and “Because You Love Me.” By only 18 years old, Dion recorded nine French albums and won many Felix and Juno awards. After her victory in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1988, she ventured out in search of American fame.

Her first real breakthrough in the States was in 1992 with the theme to Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, which also hit number nine on the Billboard Hot 100. She also won a Grammy and an Academy Award for that song. After that it was all uphill, with her second English album, Celine Dion, hitting gold and selling more than 12 million copies.

From Olympic performances to plenty of stellar albums, Dion is an icon across the world.

8. Lady Gaga


Lady Gaga is undoubtedly one of the most popular female singers. She has produced many popular hit songs, as well as gone on many concert tours around the world. In 2008, she has gained a lot of fame from her album The Fame.

Her song “Born This Way” was released in 2011 and grabbed the attention of her many fans. Lady Gaga sang the National Anthem at the SuperBowl In 2018, and was given high compliments from many on her performance.

7. Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez is an American singer who is known world wide for her music and Latin-American dance style. She is also a fashion designer, dancer, and producer as well. Years of experience in the music field has led to her great success.

One of the most popular and highly respected female singers today, even for being in her 50s, she continues to record. Her latest album entitled Mayor es el que está contigo.

6. Ariana Grande


Extremely popular throughout the U.S. and the world, Ariana Grande has been knocking it out of the park for years. She’s been involved in showbusiness since she was 15 on Broadway and later on the show Victorious. All of which helped to launch her music career with her first album, My Everything, hitting the top of the charts.

Since then, she’s released four albums, with her most recent being Thank U, Next. Grande has been nominated for six Grammys, won three American Music Awards, including Artist of the Year for 2016, and two MTV Video Music Awards. Beyond music, she’s been back in the acting world with Scream Queens and a cameo appearance in Zoolander 2.

5. P!nk


P!nk has always been an edgy artist and it absolutely works for her. P!nk hit it big with a strong debut album Can’t Take Me Home in 2000. She took it a step further by performing as the co-vocalist on “Lady Marmalade” from the 2001 Moulin Rogue! soundtrack.

Her music and edgy image make her someone you can’t soon forget and she has used that to her advantage by becoming a voice for the voiceless. Many of her songs are dedicated to feminine equality and she is a strong supporter of animal’s rights.

In 2003, P!nk put out her fourth album, I’m Not Dead, which hostest some of her most honest songs to date. The number one hit single “Stupid Girls” took aim at society’s definition of sexy and the women who abide by it. In 2012, her sixth studio album, The Truth About Love, flew to the Billboard 200 with many Top 10 singles.

4. Katy Perry


Katy Perry is a well known and talented women, who surprisingly started out as a gospel singer. You probably wouldn’t have know that she used to be a gospel singer, due to her seductive dance moves, lyrics, and outfits. Her first hit song was “I Kissed A Girl”, which then led to her huge breakthrough in the pop music industry.

Along with her voice, Katy Perry is also a great songwriter and actress. Her sweet and beautiful voice has led her to gain the tremendous popularity among many onlookers.

3. Rihanna


Rihanna is a very talented female singer with world recognition. Aside from her singing, she is also an actress and fashion designer. Her career started in 2003 and then she released two albums in 2005 entitled Music of the Sun and A Girl Like Me.

But it was her third album that grabbed the attention of her fans, titled Good Girl Gone Bad. Today she is known as one of the best selling artists of all time and has been featured with several other artists, including Shakira and Drake.

2. Beyonce


Beyonce is an amazing singer as well as an incredible dancer. As a small girl, she competed in many singing contests. She then started out as the lead singer for the band Destiny Child, an R&B band.

Since then, she has left the group and sings as a solo artist. One of her first songs she sang as an individual artist was “Dangerously in Love”, that was released in 2003. Beyonce is best known for her seductive dance moves and attractive looks.

1. Taylor Swift


Taylor Swift is a young and thriving artist. There is no doubt that she continues to gain popularity, due to her chart topping songs. Now in her mid twenties, she first started her music career at the age of 14.

She produced her first album in 2006 and became one of the top female country singers at the time. But her country style quickly changed to pop with her album titled Red, including hits like “22” and “We Are Never Getting Back Together”.

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