Top 11 Islands in the Philippines

Are you planning a trip to the Philippines, but are unaware of where you want to go? The Philippines are known for their beautiful and exotics islands. The Philippines have nearly 7,107 islands, depending on the tides. Many islands have stunning scenery that is only found in this area of the world. Their natural beauty is certainly something that captures the hearts and eyes of many visitors. The following top 10 islands in the Philippines are a must visit for those who want a once-in-a-lifetime vacation and a beautiful trip.

11. Panglao Island


This island paradise is an exciting destination for many travelers seeking striking natural beauty and a genuine touch of adventure.

Considered by many to be a calmer version of the famous Boracay island, this tropical destination boasts of the same lovely environment, inviting weather and pristine water that the rest of the Philippines are known far and wide for. Snorkeling and snoozing by a beach-side bar are the norm on this island, but there are loads of fun activities to enjoy in addition to these.

A great reason to visit Panglao is the opportunity the island affords you to have the beach to yourself. Places like this see significantly less tourist activity than other well-known destinations, but the beauty there is just as undeniable.

10. Tubbataha Reefs

This is a remote island that is more than ninety nautical miles from the Palawan province. This area has the most amazing underwater scenery that’s found in the world. It has beautiful sandy lagoons, steep cliff walls, reef platforms, and an unbelievable amount of interesting marine life. It has more than five hundred species of fishes and many different types of corals. If you are searching for underwater adventure, this island is a great option.

9. Siargao Island

About eight hundred kilometers from Manila, this island is a great surfing haven. Siargao is four hundred square kilometers and it has gorgeous white sand beaches. The wind gusts produce waves that are perfect for surfers. In fact, many international surfing competitions are held here because of its perfect waves. Visitors can also enjoy stretches of wetlands and large mangrove forests. The area also has well preserved coral reefs that can be seen when snorkeling or scuba diving.

8. Pamalican Island


Pamalican Island is in an area found in the Palawan province and is a very secluded island. It is surrounded by seven kilometers of coral reefs and the luxurious Amanpulo Resort, which is located on this island. Visitors can enjoy activities such as scuba diving, windsurfing, snorkeling, or simply taking it easy on the white sandy beach. This island is the definition of relaxation, so if this is right up your alley, it is definitely worth checking out.

7. Hundred Islands


Found in the Pangasinan province, this destination is located in the Lingayen Gulf. During the low tide, there are nearly 124 islands throughout the Hundred Islands. These islands had once been coral reefs in the sea bed which were exposed over the centuries. Each island provides visitors with wonderful opportunities to explore the exotic plants and creatures in this area. While not ideal for resort searching, visiting these rare islands are a great day activity for you and your family!

6. Coron Island


Located in an area within the province of Palawan, this island is a popular destination for shipwreck diving. It has stunning steep cliffs, unusual marine animals, and gorgeous emerald-colored waters. Visitors can scuba dive or snorkel to discover and see some of the large Japanese ships that sank during World War II. This island is also renowned for its coral reefs and its hundreds of fish species.

5. Camiguin Island

This picturesque volcanic island is pear-shaped and is tiny island in northern section of Mindanao. It has seven volcanoes, several hot springs, white sandy beaches, stunning cascading waterfalls, and lush forests. Travelers can visit historical areas such as the Sunken Cemetery, Catarman Church Ruins, and the 1882 Santo Rosario Church.

4. Boracay Island

One of the Philippine’s best beaches is found on this seven kilometer long island. Located on Boracay Island are lovely beaches and spectacular clear waters for travelers to enjoy. There are all kinds of activities for visitors such as swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, kite boarding, cliff diving, windsurfing, and golfing. In the evenings, the island really comes to life with its many restaurants and night clubs. Whether you are single and treating yourself or traveling with your family, this island is full of beach fun and endless possibilities.

3. Bohol Island


This island is well-known for its magnificent Chocolate Hills. These are limestone hills that were formed by coral reefs during the last Ice Age. It’s home to many different kinds of species, plant life, and animals such as the Philippine tarsier. There are also more than one hundred caves to explore and discover. Other major attractions are the countless white sand beaches, hidden waterfalls, and crystal clear waters.

2. Batanes Islands


Located in the smallest province of the Philippines, this island has many breathtaking landscapes, including its bottomless canyons, gently sloping hills, as well as rugged shores. This timeless destination offers travelers island hopping opportunities, incredible waters for swimming, scenic villages, and varying kinds of fishing.

1. Apo Island

This protected, pastoral, and pristine island is renowned for its fabulous diving sites that are perfect for scuba diving and snorkeling. It is surrounded by striking coral formations and dazzling calm waters, which are a home for all kinds of marine life. Snorkelers and scuba divers have all kinds of opportunities to see over six hundred species of fish, along with four hundred varieties of corals. The scenery of this island is very rural and the beaches that line the perimeters of the island have pure, powdery sands. The local people live quiet, “slowed down” lives and are very friendly towards their tourist friends.

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