Top 10 Interesting Facts about Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler was one of the most notorious and powerful dictators throughout the 20th century. Hitler’s ideologies still remain to this day in the Neo-Nazi, KKK and various others ultra right-wing fascists groups. Hitler was born in Austria, serving for the German army in World War 1. Where he was left, broken and emotionally scarred after being hit with mustard gas. When bought back to Germany for treatment it was claimed that he lost his mind by doctors, creating a twisted ideology of a ‘pure Germany,’ believing the only way to achieve this was by becoming chancellor.

Hitler believed that ultimate power would be succeeded, by capitalizing on economic woes, popular discontent and political infighting, so he set out on his mission in 1933, to collapse the German economy, claiming to re-build a stronger, purer empire. In 1939 Germany invaded Poland, leading to the outbreak of World War 2 and the occupation over much of Europe. 

Hitlers obsession with anti-Semitism lead to unspeakable truths. He singlehandedly engineered an evil plot to attempt to eradicate the Jewish people from the face of the earth and spent a lot of years spreading his message of hate and death. He ruled Germany for thirteen years and was the founder and leader of the Nazi party. Ironically, it is believed that Hitler’s grandmother was Jewish. He succeeded in killing over 17 million people, an estimated 6 million of which were Jewish.


Hitler had a serious sweet tooth and was known to consume upwards of two pounds of chocolate every day. He was even known to add sugar to red wine before drinking it and would add as many as five teaspoons of sugar to his tea.


In his youth, Hitler had dreams of becoming an artist. He tried to pursue an education in art and applied to the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, but was rejected twice in 1907 and again in 1908 because they stated that he was “unfit for painting”. He chose to remain in Vienna and continued painting, selling those paintings to art dealers (most of whom were Jewish, ironically) to supplement his income. The local atmosphere in Vienna at the time was anti-Semitism and it was common to hear people blaming Jewish people for anything and everything.


Hitler was arrested on November 11, 1923 following some events which occurred at the Beer Hall Putsch which lead to a treason trial. He was sentenced to five years at Landsberg Prison but ended up receiving special treatment from staff at the prison. They allowed him visitations from wealthy benefactors and members of his political party, as well as mail deliveries. He received a pardon from the Bavarian Supreme Court and was subsequently released from prison on December 20, 1924.


Since he suffered with insomnia, Hitler would work most of the night and go to be between 4 and 5 a.m., arising out of bed around 11 a.m. He was said to be afraid of the dark, and would always have company to play music for him or watch movies together with him and talk to him until sunrise. He would always have a maid check his bed before he went to sleep.


Hitler was deadly afraid of blades in the hands of other people. He would never allow a barber to shave him with a blade, instead choosing to take care of this himself. He would scream during haircuts and was paranoid that a barber would kill him during the process.


The concept of the blow-up doll was created by Hitler to prevent his troops from contracting syphilis from encounters with prostitutes. This invention was a top secret mission during the war. The dollars were small enough to fit into a soldier’s backpack and transported with them to provide them with comfort. The factories that created these dolls were destroyed during the bombing of Dresden during World War II.


A medic in the German army stated that he saved Hitler’s life in 1916 at the battle of Somme. He said that Hitler had received an injury to his abdomen and lost a testicle on the battlefield. He earned the nickname “screamer” after that battle because he screamed and cried after he received that injury.


It was a well-known fact that Hitler had an aversion to meat, which purportedly arose from him witnessing an autopsy. He was a vegetarian for the majority of his adult life and had his cooks told strict orders to never add any type of meat products to his meals. He also had plans in the works to cut back on the consumption of meat by the German public through post-war policies which he wanted to introduce.


Hitler did not drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes, and he most certainly did not like anyone smoking in his presence. If a person had an appointment with him, they were advised to not smoke for several hours before the scheduled appointment and to ensure that they clothing or uniform did not smell of tobacco. Hitler hated the vile stench of tobacco so much he tried to ban smoking. He smoked for 20 years himself before finding out it was unhealthy and then undertook serious efforts to remove it from society.


Hitler created the autobahns which is a network of highways that are still in use today. He also undertook a project where he came up with the idea for a car for the people – a “Volks Wagen” . Although his idea launched the Volkswagen company, the actual design was created by Josef Ganz, a Jewish Engineer (oh, the irony).

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