Top 11 Countries with the Most Beautiful Girls in the World

Beautiful women can be found all over the world and on all continents, but out of the hundreds of countries that are out there, there are ten of them that stand out from the rest. It is a known fact that beauty lies in the eye of the beholder, but there are several physical characteristics that can make a woman truly stunning. For some people it is the height, while for others it is the color of the eyes. Regardless of your favorite feature, here you will find some insight on the top 10 countries with the most beautiful girls in the world.

11. Japan

Japan is world-renowned for its unique blend of tradition and pop-culture. Japanese women embody this uniqueness with singular styles and gorgeous features.

“Kawaii” or cuteness culture encourages women in Japan to cultivate their youthful side with colorful outfits and lovely hairstyles. Outside of this cuteness culture, many women in Japan wear minimal, laid-back clothes that lend a classy and sophisticated air to their appearance. On special occasions, such as religious ceremonies or holidays, Japanese women may don traditional kimonos in beautiful colors and wear elaborate hairstyles to compliment these. Whether they are celebrating or simply enjoying their everyday lives, women in Japan tend to be quite beautiful.

10. Sweden

(Elsa Hosk, One of the most beautiful Sweden Actresses & Models)

Swedish women are popular worldwide for their tall features, blond hair, and amazing blue eyes. They certainly draw the attention of men and women alike. Swedish girls have won numerous Miss World titles and they are not only beautiful, but very well-mannered and well-educated as well. Overall, Sweden itself is an amazing country with beautiful people in it.

9. Brazil

(Sancler Frantz Konzen, Brazilian Model and Journalist)

You do not need to be a Victoria’s Secret fan to know that Brazilian supermodels are very popular and are sought-after in the fashion industry. With gorgeous, tanned skin and very well-defined body, Brazilian women have always been appreciated for both their appearance and for their unique sense of fashion. Sao Paulo is one of the most famous cities in the country because it is know for its beautiful women, and for a good reason because if you ever visit there, you will understand why!

8. South Korea

(Seohyun, Idol Singer, Dancer, and Actress )

Asian women are very beautiful, and South Korea is undoubtedly one of the highest rated countries on the continent when it comes to beauty and femininity. South Korea is famous for a variety of things, but especially famous for their fashion trends that are born there. If you want to see stunning South Korean women, watch a Kpop music video or one of their famous soap operas and you will see what we mean. What makes South Korean women so gorgeous is their flawless skin, combined with their sculpted faces and appealing eyes, and these are only some of the most appealing physical features of the women. In the end, it is understandable why this country is considered a leader in many fields, ranging from beauty and fashion to cinema.

7. Colombia

(Sandra Valencia, Model)

Colombian women are also very beautiful by nature. The country of Colombia (and Bogota, its capital) has many beautiful women, and you can watch many of them in the Miss World and Miss Universe contests that they participate in. You will be stunned by the irresistible beauty of Colombian women combined with their style and class. Both Colombia and its neighbor, Venezuela, are popular all around the world for the gorgeous, breath-taking women. Their tan skin and brown hair are only some of the characteristics that add to the essence of their beauty.

6. Venezuela

(Gaby Espino, Actress & Model)

Venezuela is the country that has the most women winning a lot of major pageants competitions, including Miss Universe, Miss World, Miss International, and Miss Earth. Because of all of their accomplishments, they continue to thrive when it comes to models and women in the fashion and beauty industry. Any Venezuelan woman is sure to enhance the Venezuelan beauty that is shared among the nation.

5. Lebanon

(Cyrine Abdelnour, Actress, Singer, and Model)

Lebanon has a beautiful history and culture, but the Lebanese women are equally as beautiful. There are many countries in the Arab world with beautiful women, but Lebanon certainly stands out. It is difficult to say what makes these women so beautiful, but most people would agree on the fact that their sun-kissed skin combined with beautiful blue or green eyes are the recipe for their irresistible beauty.

4. Denmark

(Anine Bing, Singer, Model, and Designer)

Northern Europe is a popular destination for people who love tall, blonde, and blue eyed women. Denmark is known for their amazing women. If you have visited Copenhagen or any other city in Denmark, then you surely know that it is true what they say about the gorgeous women there. In addition, Denmark is known for their women with slim bodies and small hips.

3. Ukraine

(Tina Karol, Singer)

There are many myths that surround Ukraine, but one of them is surely true and that is the fact that Ukrainian women are absolutely amazing. No matter where you go, whether the capital city of Ukraine which is Kiev, or to any other city in the country, you will find beautiful women wherever you look. The locals are very warm and welcoming and the country surely has a lot to offer to tourists, especially to those who want to visit the coast of the Black Sea or to find out more about the history of this beautiful country. While the people are welcoming, the woman are sure to romance you with their beautiful looks and picturesque figures.

2. Argentina

(Luisana Lopilato, Actress, Model, and Singer)

Argentina is a beautiful South American country that must be included in the top 10 countries with the most beautiful women in the entire world! This is a Spanish-speaking country, and if you love tall and long, dark haired and light haired women, then Argentina is a country that you should definitely check out.

1. Russia

(Maria Sharapova, Professional Tennis Player and Model)

Russia is undoubtedly the country with the most beautiful women in Europe and in the entire world, and there are many who are bound to agree on this one. Thousands of supermodels have made a name for themselves in the fashion industry, both locally and internationally in the business. The Russian’s light skin and beautiful eyes are only two reasons as to why their women are so gorgeous.

There are obviously no specific guidelines to distinguish beautiful women from less beautiful ones, but generally speaking, people agree that beautiful means pleasant to the eye. There are many other countries that have stunning women and that are worth visiting, not just for seeing the locals but for getting a deeper insight into their tradition and culture as well. But these were our top picks after searching for the most beautiful women in different countries.

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