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Buying Guide For: Car Air Fresheners


A car air freshener is a good purchase for anyone to make. How a person takes care of their vehicle is a great way to determine other things in their life. Over time, cars tend to gather up a strong smell. Making sure that you have the ability to contain the smell is important to keeping the car clean.

Air fresheners are essential for an enjoyable ride, primarily if you work as a detailer. Impressing your customer will help you gain a few bonus points when you need to impress. Delivering an immaculate smelling car requires an element of personal preference, rating these air fresheners on value for money, longevity, potency, and range of fragrance. When you get used to a particular scent, you start not to notice it anymore. A more extensive range of fragrances helps you switch the smell of your car, allowing you to enjoy the scent of your Air Freshener for longer. 

Some air fresheners can die out quite quickly. Choosing a more expensive product will ensure the longevity of your product. Most air fresheners will contain oxidizing agents and various other types of chemicals, which remove organic sources, caused by bacteria. Providing technology to kill bacteria and remove odors. The technology will mask the smell, eliminating the bacteria as well and eliminating any odors that might otherwise make the drive unenjoyable.

An air freshener is one of the most popular car accessories, and it is important to make to ensure that your car is a great experience for other people riding in the car. Here are several tips for anyone who is wanting to purchase a car freshener for their vehicle.

How Many To Purchase

There are some cars that have several car air fresheners hanging up in them at one time. This is always an interesting sight to see. Many people who smoke want to make sure that the smell is out of the car. Over the long term, having several car air fresheners in the vehicle is a great way to accomplish this goal. If you are big on keeping your car smelling fresh and clean, it may be a good idea to go ahead and purchase a dozen or so car fresheners. There are many people who have made this purchase and wished they had done so sooner.

Which Scent

There are many different scents to choose from when it comes to purchase a car air freshener. The good news is that when the purchase is made in a store you can test each of the smells. However, if you are purchasing something online this is not something that is possible. Always make sure to consider this is the smell that your car will have for the foreseeable future. If you are not thrilled about this smell, move on to the next flavor to choose from. It is much better to take some time on the front end to make this decision right the first time.

Benefits of Use

There are many different benefits to having a car freshener in your vehicle. Anyone who is interested in keeping their car smelling neat and clean needs to make sure that they are using a car air freshener that they enjoy the smell of. If you are a person who smokes, this is an especially important decision for you to make. Using these products can be a great way to get that smoke smell out of the car. Overall, these are a great product to purchase as they add a lot of value without a high price tag.

Final Thoughts

One of the best things that you can do for your vehicle is to keep it clean and smelling fresh. There are many people are not sure of how to do this. However, if you purchase a car freshener this is a small investment that can make a huge difference in the overall smell and feel of your car. Over the long term, this small purchase can make a huge difference in how your car feels and performs as a whole. Always make sure to choose the proper flavor that you would like your car to smell like. Anyone who does not think about this on the front end will have trouble over the long term. A car air freshener is generally a very strong smell, so it is important to pick a smell that you enjoy.

There are different types of air fresheners currently on the market to make your car smell cool and inviting. We have reviewed the top 5 best car fresheners of  2016, through various customer reviews as well as top websites where you can purchase them, to make it easy for you to decide which one suits your needs. Here’s a list of these products and a link where you can purchase them:

1.) Ozium Glycol-Ized Professional Air Sanitizer / Freshener Original Scent, 3.5 oz. aerosol (OZM-1)

2. Ozium Glycol-Ized Professional Air Sanitizer / Freshener Original Scent, 3.5 oz. aerosol (OZM-1)Unlike other air fresheners that just mask the odors, Ozium has been proven to eliminate all sorts of odors in cars to clean and keep the air you breathe fresh, which is why this product would be rated as the best. It attaches itself to air molecules, which then keep the sweet aroma in your car for longer. If you want to keep the air in your car fresh, this is among the best air fresheners in the market to go for.

2. Chemical Guys AIR10116 New Car Smell Premium Air Freshener and Odor Eliminator – 16 oz.

3. Chemical Guys AIR10116 New Car Smell Premium Air Freshener and Odor Eliminator - 16 oz.This is specifically designed to mimic the smell of a new car. It is very concentrated and needs to be diluted with water before being used. This makes it last longer than other conventional car air fresheners currently being sold on the market. Moreover, it eliminates odors that have been existing in your car for long as well as reducing new odors.

3. Little-Trees Black Ice Little Tree Air Freshener- 24 Pack

4. Little-Trees Black Ice Little Tree Air Freshener- 24 Pack

Little-Trees Black Ice Little Tree Air Freshener- 24 Pack will make your cars have a new smell that  lasts for months. Also, the smell is not irritating even to someone who suffers from different allergies. This particular freshener is more of a cooling scent and though to some it may seem overbearing at first, it definitely dies down a little.

4.) Febreze Car Vent-Clip Air Fresheners

6. Febreze Car Vent-Clip Air Fresheners - 4 Pack (Linen & Sky) 0.06 FL.OZThis is one of the air fresheners that you never want to miss in your car. That means that it should always feature in your budget. First of all, the smell is quite friendly to your nose and causes no irritation at all. It eliminates bad odor in seconds and can be placed anywhere in the car even on the dashboard. Irrespective of where you place it, be sure that your car will smell good. It can last up to 4 weeks before you should switch it out. Check out the link below, to purchase your own!

5. Air Spencer (000400) CS-X3 Squash Scent Air Freshener

5. Air Spencer (000400) CS-X3 Squash Scent Air FreshenerFrom outside, looking at this air car freshener makes you want to use it in your car without being told to. This is because of the outer cassette style which is made with a high-quality plastic material and  a sleek finish. Another thing is that you can easily refill the cartridge easily which supplies that come with. The smell also lasts for quite a long time in your car so there’s no need to spray every time you enter into your car.

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