Top 10 25th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for Parents

In most developed countries, the divorce rate can reach as high as 50%. Living in times when one out of two couples end up separating at some point in their lifetime, reaching the 25th wedding anniversary is something that is worth celebrating. Many couples choose to organize small party and invite a few close friends and family members to share this moment. For the guests, this kind of party can prove to be a challenge especially when looking for a gift for this event. Especially if the couple is your parents. Below is a list of the top ten 25th wedding anniversary gift ideas to get for your parents.

Why Silver Gift Sentiments?

Before we disclose the top 10 25th wedding anniversary gifts, 25 years of marriage has been considered one of the biggest milestones of our lives. After spending a quarter of a century of your love devoted to loving one person, this is worth celebrating.It’s become part of the worldwide culture to part with a silver gift to the happy couple, although there’s little information that explains the importance of this color. Researchers have discovered that the symbolism of silver for 25th wedding anniversaries dates back to the Holy Roman Empire days as husbands would gift their wives a silver wreath to commemorate their love, but there’s little else to specify this color.Over time, this metal has become more precious and difficult to obtain, making it closely linked to the precious nature of a couple’s love. Silver is highly durable so it’s last a long time to represent the every-lasting love of the married couple. With that being said, not every gift has to be completely silver-themed. So long as it’s personal and loving, your gift will be appreciated by everyone. For example, add personal touches to your gift with silver features, such as silver ink, wrapping paper, and more.

The History of Wedding Anniversary Gifts

So, why do we have to part with a gift for someone’s wedding anniversary? It’s all thanks to the Germanic regions during medieval times who started the crave of gift-giving. However, this only involved the husband gifting a silver wreath to his wife on their 25th wedding anniversary. American author Emily Post popularized giving wedding gifts for anniversaries of increments of five years after the first 15 years together. To this day, we follow this strategy and celebrate love with other people in the form of gifts. To unify your gift materials, these are typically split into colors and themes for each milestone.

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The Top 10 25th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

10. A Photo Album

It is important to pick a gift the couple would appreciate, and a photo album is one of the most sentimental, common, yet popular picks. If you want to make the album more organized, it should be filled with photos that are ordered chronologically. The parents will love seeing themselves and how they have changed over the 25 years that they have spent together.

9. Silver Jewelry

Jewelry is the kind of gift that works with almost any occasion. For this event, silver would represent their 25th anniversary. If you want to be creative and personal, pick two pieces to match. For example, maybe a silver watch for him and a necklace for her. If you want to go the extra mile, you can get them personalized with a special message, such as their wedding vows from twenty five years ago or their initials and wedding date.

8. Customized CDs

There is no doubt that your parents have a collection of their favorite songs. Maybe it is songs from the actual wedding day itself, or maybe it is a variety of songs from over the years that they have grown to fall in love with. It will be difficult to find out what these songs are exactly, but this gift is one of the most creative and one of the most rewarding. If you want to go along with the twenty fifth anniversary theme, add a silver case or accents to go along with it.

7. A Silver Photo Frame

It is more of a traditional anniversary gift but it still is popular and appreciated. In fact, many couples hope to get one on their twenty fifth celebration as a token of their devotion that will last for the years to come. It can be engraved with their names and the date. The more popular kinds are rectangular and are made with simple designs.

6. Diary-Style Book

There are some diary-style books with silver decorations, which would be a perfect gift for a twenty fifth anniversary, especially if their pages are not completely blank. It can be personalized by adding pictures and small stories that took place over the course of their marriage. Or you can leave it blank and let them fill it out with their own memories.

5. Weekend Getaway

Although a weekend getaway is more on the expensive side, it is definitely an option that your parents would enjoy the most. There are plenty of offers for city-breaks to various tourist locations. Some parents might appreciate this kind of gift more than anything as just a couple of days of relaxation. For fun, send them to their honeymoon destination! Who would say no to a few days of absolute peace and relaxation?

4. Custom Statuettes

Very few people remember that custom statuettes are a great anniversary present. They are just like any other picture frame or piece of jewelry that can have a custom message imprinted on them. They are still made today and there are quite a few options to choose from when it comes to picking one.

3. 25 Year Old Wine

It might be expensive but this symbolic gift is truly priceless for a couple that celebrates 25 years of marriage with a 25 year old bottle of wine. This luxurious drink is more than a symbol and it is hard not to accept an old bottle of wine. It might be difficult to find and a bit expensive, but it is worth the effort and is very symbolic in the end.

2. Champagne Glasses

An anniversary without champagne is not a true celebration. If there will be a party and a reason to raise a glass up in the air, getting a set of high quality champagne glasses will prove to be not only a useful gift but also a stylish and luxurious token of celebration. Hopefully they will use the same glasses for their 50th anniversary.

1. Organize a Party

They will surely have their own plans to celebrate their anniversary, but throwing a surprise party never gets old. A nice surprise and great gift at the same time would be to organize a surprise party. If they like gatherings and simple time spent with friends and family, getting them all together for this event is the best gift possible.

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