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Ever wonder which companies rank as the richest in the world? With so many to choose, the ones on the list of the richest companies in the world just might surprise you. As we go through the list and you see how much each is worth, it will surprise you how far ahead the top company ranks compared to brand names you know and trust.

Here is our list of the top 20 richest companies in the world.

20. Procter & Gamble

With a net worth of $230 billion, Procter & Gamble is well up there as one of the richest companies in the world. They once started as a soap and candle company and have evolved into one of the largest consumer companies catering to 180 countries.

Procter & Gamble product consumer products including fabric care, home care, baby care, feminine care, grooming, personal health, haircare, skincare, and more. It’s likely that you own at least one product from their array of brands. Some of their top brands include Olay, Pantene, Head and Shoulders, Venus, Fairy, Febreeze, Tampax, and many more.

19. Coca-Cola

As of 2019, Coca-Cola has a net worth of $171.82 billion, and they’re continuously growing. During this moment in their career, they offer around 4,000 drink options across 500 different brands. Their portfolio includes Diet Coke, Fanta, Sprite, Smartwater, Honest Tea, and more.

Coca-Cola’s journey began in 1886 when Dr. John S. Pemberton creates a flavored syrup that was later mixed with carbonated water. His bookkeeper, Frank M. Robinson, trademarked the beverage Coca-Cola. When you look at the design of earlier bottles by Coca-Cola, they were limited in appearance and have now developed to feature a distinctive contoured shape we all know and love.

18. Facebook

As of August 2019, Facebook has a net worth of $514.56 billion, and the CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, is the fifth richest person in the world. Zuckerberg founded the social media platform while studying psychology at Harvard University. At this point in his career, he’d already developed several other social-networking sites for his peers.

In 2004, “The Facebook” launched and 1,200 Harvard students had signed up and created a profile within 24 hours. Two years later, the network expanded beyond universities and became free for anyone in the world to join with an e-mail address.

17. AT&T

It is no surprise that AT&T made the list of richest companies in the world. They have been expanding their reach and technology for decades. Headquartered in Dallas, AT&T is on the list because they are worth $146 billion, ranking as the largest telecommunications company in all the world.

16. The China Construction Bank

The People’s Republic of China has four big banks. Among them, the China Construction Bank ranks as the leader because they are currently worth $148 billion. Unlike other banks, China Construction Bank is completely owned by the state.

15. The Ford Motor Company

While there is no surprise that Ford Motor Company made the list of richest companies in the world, it is surprising that they are so low on the list. Worth a total of $149 billion, this globally recognized brand has been producing some of the most renowned automobiles in the industry for over a century. Ford was the largest auto manufacturer from 1931 all the way through 2007.

14. CVS Health

The reason you see a CVS Pharmacy on just about every corner is the same reason why they made it to the list of richest companies in the world. With reported worth of $153 billion, the company changed its globally recognized name to CVS Health after they removed all tobacco products from the stores.

13. United Health Group

Based out of Minnesota, United Health Group is a managed healthcare company worth $157 billion. Today, United Health Group offers health insurance to more than 70 million Americans.

12. GlenCore

The reason you have not heard of GlenCore is because it is a mining company under the format of a multinational. It is worth $170 billion. GlenCore made it to this list as it is the third largest family owned business in the world.

11. Samsung Electronics

samsung smartphone

Chances are if you don’t own an Apple phone, you own a Samsung. This South Korean company is worth $177 billion and has been trying for decades to knock Apple from the top spot.

10. Berkshire Hathaway

It wasn’t long before the name Warren Buffet would make the list. He has been instrumental in Berkshire Hathaway becoming one of the richest multinational conglomerates and companies in the world at a value of $210 billion.

9. BP

Despite being one of the biggest oil spills in history, BP has recovered just fine. In today’s world, this organization ranks as the second largest of the world’s super-major oil companies at $225 billion.

8. Apple Inc.

Apple Inc. is worth a staggering $233 billion. Today, the corporation is easily considered to be the world’s largest tech company based on revenue. They continue to distance themselves from Samsung in this market.

7. Toyota

It wasn’t too long ago that Ford dominated the automobile industry. As of recently, you’ll find Toyota has increased their lead over Ford by $100 billion. Considered to be the second largest car manufacturer at $236 billion, Toyota is headquartered in Japan.

6. Volkswagen Group

Coming in slightly above Toyota at $236 billion, Volkswagen today is considered to be the number one car manufacturer in the world. Their beloved bug has been given a makeover these days and continues to be one of the most easily recognized cars on the road.

5. Exxon Mobile

Exxon Mobile is the largest oil company that is a direct descendant of Rockefeller’s Standard Oil Company and worth $246 billion today. The company ranks high. So far, China appears to have taken hold of the top spots in this competitive oil industry.

4. China Petrochemical Corporation

Another oil company makes the top five, and this one is China Petrochemical. Also known as Sinopec Group, the company is worth $294 billion today. This is yet another company that belongs to the Chinese government. China Petrochemical is also known as a super-major oil company.

3. China National Petroleum Corporation

Yes, you read that right. Another Chinese oil company in the top five, and this one is worth $300 billion. China National Petroleum Corp. is another name owned by the Chinese government. It is also the top oil company in the world today. Although the names of the third and forth richest companies in the world sound similar, they are in fact two different companies.

2. State Grid Corporation of China

China is crushing the top five richest companies in the world, and State Grid Corp. of China is worth an incredible amount of $329 billion. Most of the companies that are currently owned by the government in China are considered a monopoly, and this utilities and electric company is not any different. When one billion customers are not able to choose their utility company, you can understand why they rank number two on the list without any competition.

1. Walmart

walmart brand sign

With China taking just about all the top five spots in the richest companies in the world list, you might be surprised to find a US-based company in the top spot. Not only is Walmart the richest company in the world, but they have also distanced themselves from the second spot by over $150 billion.

That’s right, today Walmart is worth a staggering $485 billion. On top of that, it shows no signs of giving up the top spot. This American retail giant is actually growing the gap between them and the biggest Chinese monopolies.

Final Word on The Richest Companies in The World

Maybe you’re surprised by the names you saw on the list of richest companies in the world or how far the number one company is ahead of the runner-up. If you think another company should have made it on our list, please comment below so we can share the information with our readers.

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