Retirement Gifts For Men: Which Among These Top 10 Should You Buy?

Meta Description: It can be difficult to come up with great retirement gifts for men. Some retirees are pickier than others and can be quite hard to please. Whether your retiring friend was an artist, an engineer, a computer geek or a car enthusiast, there is something you can give him that he will absolutely love and appreciate.

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Top 10 Retirement Gifts for Men

For some men, the concept of retirement is a mirage in the desert. Off in the distance, the promise of freedom drifts ever further away. Even still, in a world of increasing debt and lowering wages, there are many men who reach the point of no return-to-work.

Endless free time often becomes a reality of everyday life for a retiree. Sometimes, this is a curse. If there is nothing to do, no challenge to overcome and no novelty, life can quickly become dissatisfying. However, with the right stuff, hours and hours of fun and creativity can be spontaneously created.

For some guys, retirement may seem like a self-sufficient gift, but presents from friends and family still mean a great deal. Hobbies and trinkets can bring something to do and something to talk about — two of any man’s favorite activities. For the best gifts, showing some thoughtfulness and giving him something he will enjoy regularly for years to come is the best way to go.

Retirement Mug

Perhaps the most common of gifts for all the “No. 1 Dads” out there, a nice retirement mug is a fun spin on a recent tradition. Hot chocolate mugs may be a popular option, but a custom beer mug has more of a “manly” feel to it that can make a retiring man feel special without losing machismo. Perhaps he’ll feel like a dwarf who bravely struggled against the giant fire-breathing dragon of capitalism before he slams down a pint!

Whether it is a mug for hot chocolate or a mug for beer, a man’s mug should be a mix of classy and rugged that will make it something worth using rather than something to be kept on a shelf, on top of the fridge or in the garage for occasional display. Take the gift to the next level by topping it off with an imprinted joke or pun, and any man will be sure to love it.

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Pool Cue and Chalk

Pool is well recognized as a game that men of all ages love. However, the added benefit of time to waste that comes with retirement makes pool a more tenable option than it was when work was in the way. A retired man is more likely to take the time to get good enough at pool to enjoy it routinely. The physical and mental involvement required can give hours of pleasure and thousands of games to gloat about. There is something in the sound of the clashing balls, the weight of the cue stick in hand, and the magical vanishing of balls into pockets that makes a good game of pool an amazing experience. Feeling accomplished and capable comes easily with a good table, a good set of balls, and a perfectly balanced and straight cue.

There is a lot that goes into choosing a pool cue, so it may be wise to consult with the recipient prior to making a purchase. Different people prefer different girths, balance points, tip sizes and lengths for their cues. On top of this, there are tons of cool options for the material the cue is made of, ranging from different types of woods to carbon fiber and aluminum. Design options such as woodburning, paint, decals, and leather grips give added allure and customizability. Adding a high-quality chalk set to top things off will send him off ready to conquer the local pool hall.

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Grill Supplies

With plenty of free time ahead, a retiring man will love some fancy new gadgets for his grill — and not just the grill on the sweet ride in his garage (though that would be nice, too). With options like silicone basting brushes and metal spatulas, coal and gas heating supplies, herbs and spices, choice cuts of meat, and even a brand-new grill, there is almost certainly something you can get that will make his relaxation sessions a little more satisfying.

Sometimes, he already has all the cool gadgets he needs, and he has a guy at the butcher shop who gives him the best cuts for a discounted price. In that case, the perfect gift could be a cookbook from a famous chef he admires. The added interest in creating and discovering new flavors from the grill may be just the thing a retiree needs to keep the backyard from becoming boring.

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Car Parts

Not every man is into cars, but whether you are lending a helping hand with some much-needed car parts or providing him with the pipes he needs to weld his own dream bumper, retirement is a perfect time for many guys to get their gears greased up a little.

From project cars to cars that need a few projects done on them, there is something you can give to help. Not many gifts go as appreciated as a sweet piece for a man’s car. Even if you don’t think he’s into it, you can give him a part and tell him a good shop that can install it at a decent price with little or no hassle. If you can save him a little gas mileage or put a little welly into his engine, car parts are a great option as a gift. Just make sure the part you give is something he can use. Not only that, but you should also make sure that the part you are giving is of greater value and quality than what already exists in his car.

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Woodshop Tools

Everyone needs a good old-fashioned hobby. When the pool hall seems too hard to get to or the guys who play there aren’t there, the woodshed is a perfectly convenient place to find a project or two. Full of opportunities for creativity, physical involvement, mental exertion and skill, woodworking passes the time and leaves men feeling fulfilled.

From whittling to cabinetry and all the way up to constructing a beautiful dining set, woodworking offers many perfect retirement gifts for men. Always perfect for a personal project, time will have no problem flying by with something fun and engaging that can be done on a whim. Even a simple belt sander is versatile enough for most of the projects that come up.

If you have a hard time knowing what he might want, see what tools he already has. If you still can’t think of anything, consider buying some wood that he can work with. There are all kinds of options, from soft to hard, light to dark colored, fine-grained to coarse, and lightly marbled to heavily contrasting shades. Knowing what he prefers can go a long way, so ask him or see if there are any projects he has finished that can give you a clue about his tastes.

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Golf Shoes

Whether they need to be replaced or they’re his first pair, many retiring men will appreciate a brand-new set of golf shoes. Many guys in retirement have already been playing golf for years. It’s a popular pastime for more and more men, and even if you thought it was a game for old fogies, an old, retiring fogie might just enjoy a chance to try his shot in a new set of kicks.

Golf clubs may be too expensive a gift for you to afford, and golf balls may seem too cheap and thoughtless. Right in the middle of thoughtful and cheap lies the golf shoe. Just like any shoe, you will need to know the right size, fit and type of sole. If you want it to be a surprise, make sure you ask someone who knows what he wears well enough to give you a good recommendation. Otherwise, the best thing to do might be to take him out and have him try on a few pairs.

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A Fancy Watch

A fancy watch is a fashion staple. More and more men are in the mood for a majestic piece of hardware for their wrist or vest pocket. Black leather, purple canvas, gold, silver, pink paracord, classy, tactical or simple, a watch can say a lot about a man. While it’s true that wristwatches are the most popular style, pocket watches are an extra classy choice for the choosier retiree.

The splash of color, the glint of steel, and the sheen of the glass face make a statement — and there are, of course, options for the man who is subtler in his tastes. Perhaps a simple leather strap with a clean and simple face is better. Name brand or not, either way, timepieces are a beautiful addition to a retiring man’s wardrobe.

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A New Knife

Knives are a perfect multipurpose tool all by themselves. Many men have made the life decision of not going anywhere without their trusty pocket knife. Others also carry larger and more formidable blades, and some may even carry throwing knives. Whatever his style, a knife can be a blessing.

Opening packages, cutting onions, whittling, trimming nails, skinning dead animals after a hunt, and myriad other things can be done with a quality blade in hand. Aside from that, there is a pleasure in feeling manly when comparing his shiny new toy to the rusty, tiny, and dulling blades all his pals are carrying. This is especially true if what he’s holding is a throwing knife!

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A Guitar

Having assumed that carpal tunnel syndrome and arthritis haven’t set in, a beautiful guitar is a perfect gift for a retiring man. The curve of the body contrasted with the clean lines of the taut, steel strings strikes a perfect balance of beauty and orderliness. Even if he just uses it as a decoration in his man cave, he’ll be glad to have one around.

There is something manly about guitars after centuries of famous male guitarists and musical heroes. From folk legends to rock gods, dudes have dominated the guitar scene for a long time. Even high school dudes use guitars as a way of attempting to display their manly ability to play. While ’80s hair bands may or may not help that image, most men just feel really cool holding an electric Epiphone or an authentic Martin acoustic. For those men who are already musically inclined, the gift just keeps on giving. Add a chord chart or a collection of sheet music from his favorite artists to send this gift over the top.

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A Fancy Lighter

Perhaps the least common gift on this list, a fancy lighter may be one of the coolest and simplest options to give even the most hard-to-please retiree. Most people think of stick-shaped lighters and small canister lighters when they think of lighters, but from the design of the canister to the mechanism that lights it, there are plenty of cool alternatives to the typical lighter out there.

Since childhood, lighters have fascinated most people. Fire is mysterious and awe-inspiring, and the ability to control it can give a great sense of power to anyone who wields it. Even though ordinary lighters can lose their appeal as men grow older, it’s possible to reignite the spark (no pun intended) with a few novel adjustments. The pyro inside all guys comes out when confronted with lighters that look like guns, ones that work like mini torches, and even lighters that glow in colors you wouldn’t expect. Imagine a green fire coming out when you expected the standard whitish-yellow! Even a refillable lighter with a simple metal canister is something to show off, and that makes fancy lighters a great gift for retiring men.

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Final Word

Not every retiree likes the same things, and it can be especially hard to come up retirement gifts for men. Lots of guys are enigmatic about what they want and give the impression that they would rather be self-sufficient. Ultimately, what he will appreciate from you will depend on his personality and interests, and that is the most important thing to keep in mind when selecting from this list or coming up with other ideas. As long as a gift is in line with what a man values in life — whether that’s scoring points or creating something new — he will love it and cherish it.

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