New York Times Best Sellers; 10 Books of 2019 that Will Ravish You

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As we get ready to bid adieu to 2019, book reviewers across the nation are composing their lists for the most compelling books of the year. One of the most prominent book lists is the New York Times Best Sellers List. The American newspaper publishes a weekly ranking for new fiction and non-fiction literature. Many bibliophiles turn to it for reviews and recommendations.

Avid readers usually keep a list of their personal favorites. If you are still looking for some awesome titles to read over the holidays, you are in luck. Here are ten top monthly picks of New York Times Best Sellers in 2019.


Louise PennyMinotaur: A Better Man

The 15th book in the Chief Inspector Gamache saga. The hunt is still on for the poor missing girl, who is still in peril by the risk of rising floodwaters across the province.

Her Three Pine series is a rare one that becomes more mysterious as it goes along. The series follows Inspector Gamache, on a mission to block the import of opioids, flooding New England and Quebec. Gamache painstakingly prepares traps for the drug dealers, leaving the detective shattered and a cache of deadly substances left on the streets.

  •  New this week

 2. Delia OwensPutnam: Where The Crawdads Sing

This coming of age novel celebrates the wonders of nature. Owen’s compelling debut showcases Kya Clark, a young woman growing up on her own in the wild marshes outside Barley Cove, a coastal town with a peaceful community in North Carolina. The narrative flashes back in time, explaining why the mother abandoned her, leaving her to fend for herself in the wild. 

The story takes a twisted turn when local lothario Chase Andres is found dead. Kya, now 23 and known as ‘Marsh Girl,’ is suspected for the murder. The local police department gathers evidence resulting in a lengthy trial, Kya fate hanging in the balance.

  • 51 Weeks on the list.

3. David LagercrantzKnopf – The Girl Who Lived Twice

The latest installment of the Steig Larsson’s Millennium series landed earlier this week. The story follows Salander, an intricate super-hacker who learns about her family’s history of genetic predisposition, to both high intelligence and psychopathy. Abused as a child, by both her father and sadist child psychiatrist, Salander devotes her life to take revenge against the most powerful and cruel men in the world. The compelling sequel to the Dragon Tattoo.

  • New this week

 4. Danielle SteelDelacorte – The Dark Side

This painfully exciting drama displays a powerful story of mother Zoe Morgan, who’s painful childhood memories surface when she has a child of her own. Her younger sister’s illness tainted her childhood and watching her parents divorce in her final days. The tale becomes a race against time, driven by these painful memories, Zoe sets out to achieve her goals, studying hard, and pursuing a career in the nonprofit world. She is determined to be the perfect mother. Unfortunately, old scars pull Zoe to the edge. Leaving psychological suspense, no reader will forget. 

  • New this week

 5. Ilona AndrewsAvon – Sapphie Flames

When the news of the murder of her friend’s mother and sister spread through the community, a mysterious magic user appears jeopardizing her safety a reputation. The novel presents a world ruled by mages and dynastic families. Catalina Baylor is a private investigator, prime mage and the Head of House Baylor. Eventually, she agrees to help her friends Runa and Ragnar in the quest to uncover who killed their mother and sister. The book takes a lot of turns, soon warding off ruthless assassins, reanimated corpses, and murderous mages. Even worse, her Prime mage crush, an Italian playboy Alessandro Sagredo continually warns her to drop the case. Catalina reluctantly agrees to work with him on the case to find the mage responsible for the production of a twisted new killing machine, all while keeping her family safe.

  • New this week


1. Tara Westover – Educated

Born to survivalists, Tara was kept out of school. First steps into a classroom at the age of 17, educating her enough to leave home for university. Tara’s upbringing was compiled of stockpiling her parents home with various canned produce, preparing for the end of the world.

 She spent her time salvaging through her father’s junkyard in winter and stewing herbs for her mother in summer. Tara never saw a doctor or nurse, wounds, sickness, concussions, and even burns were all treated at home with herbalism. They lead such an isolated life that there was no one to intervene when Tara’s older brother became violent.

She taught herself mathematics and grammar, helping her gain an education that led her to Brigham Young University, where she studied history. She learned critical historical events like the Holocaust and the civil rights movement. 

Educated is a story of a struggle for reinvention with insights to grief and self-invention. The coming of age story hits the emotions of the reader, with a powerful perspective on an individuals life.

  •  80 weeks on the list

 2. Michelle Obama – Becoming

A day in the life of former first lady describes her path from South Side of Chicago to the White House. Through living a life of meaning and accomplishment, Michelle Obama gained popularity, crowning her one of the most iconic women of our era. Michelle has established herself as a powerful advocate for women around the world, becoming the first African American First Lady of the United States of America. Michelle Obama invites readers into her world, balancing work, family, and her husband’s political ascent, chronicling the experiences that have shaped her.

  •  42 weeks on the list

3. Jeanine Pirro – Radicals, Resistance and Revenge

The Fox News host posits those she labels anti-Trump conspirators have committed possible crimes and a plot to destroy liberty.

The Fox News host labels anti-Trump conspirators plots to commit a crime and destroy liberty. Bizarre conspiracies with Russia made fake news spread, in aim to keep Trump from what he was elected to do; restore a constitutional republic. For many years, Trump’s presidency has been affected by the Deep State fellow travelers. The story follows Special Robert Mueller’s pursuit to catch Comrey, Brennan, Clapper and the rest of the gang of conspirators, who planned to overturn the 2016 election. Picking up where she left off, the Judge exposes new information of subversive plots and underhanded methods against the American Liberty. The Judge sounds the alarm in aid of America to keep a national identity and effectively silence possible crimes created in the cybersphere.

  • New this week

4 .Trevor NoahSpiegel & Grau – Born A Crime

A beautiful memoir about growing up biracial in the South African apartheid: written by the host of The Daily Show, the presenter proposes adept satirical humor, out of a reality which poses a dark satire. The book provides further explanation of South Africa’s history, proving that Noah’s a necessary voice for the current times. There are many chapters which center on his relationship with his fearless mother, who risked prison time to have a child with Noah’s white father. In conclusion, Noah was “born a crime,” and the first five years of his life were spent inside, in the risk of the government taking him away.

  •  59 weeks on the list

5. David McCullough – The Pioneers

The Pulitzer Prize-winning historian David McCullough, describes an essential gap in informational history, rediscovering the chapter of the settling of the Northwest Territory. The story progresses through five leading pioneers who overcame hardships to build a community based on ideals to define the country. Their families lived in the primal wilderness, creating small civilizations through towns, coping with realities such as fires, floods, bears and wolves. All the while, negotiating a treaty with the sometimes hostile native people, no obstacle will deter or defeat them.

  • 17 weeks on the list

Final Word

When the holidays are over, give yourself time to relax with some of these New York Times Best Sellers. While you are picking some of your favorites, why not buy a few titles for the book lovers on your holiday gift list? Reading can take you anywhere at any point in time, without leaving the comfort of your armchair. This power makes books a magical gift to loved ones.

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