Top 9 Fun Things to Do with Friends Over Weekends

four friends jumping in the salt dessert

four friends jumping in the salt dessert

The weekend is fast approaching and you and your friends are getting tired of sitting around trying to come up with fun things to do. It seems like each weekend you have great ambitions. However, by the time Monday rolls around, it was just another boring couple of days together.

Consider these 9 fun things to do with friends over weekends that will get everyone motivated to spend time together!

1. Visit the Parks

Regardless where you reside in the country, you sure have some state parks around that have plenty of outdoor activities for friends to take advantage of. Many of these state parks have free days on the weekend. Therefore, you can pack up the cars and spend the day exploring.

Bring along the bikes and cover more distance as you explore all the beauty in your own surroundings. With miles of hiking trials, there will plenty of incredible spots to take those selfies your other friends will be jealous about.

If there are any available accommodations, stay the night. This way, you enjoy a night under the stars and spend more time with the people you care about.

2. Road Rally Scavenger Hunt

One of the fun things to do with friends over the weekend is to set up a road rally scavenger hunt. The way this works is to first decide in advance some locations around your city. Afterwards, have each person drive to these locations to pick up a menu, brochure or something that proves they were there.

The first person back to the house with all the pieces wins. The champion gets free dinner paid for by the rest. Pair up in teams each weekend. This way, the passenger can keep tabs on the others via the phone.

3. Backyard Bonfire or Campfire

If you ever went camping as a kid, you certainly had some memorable times in front of the campfire. Depending where you live, see if you can have a bonfire on the beach or in the park. Worst case scenario, make a campfire pit right in your own yard.

Roast marshmallows, cook hot dog on a stick, and tell scary stories under the stars. Invite over the neighbors and make some new friends wherever the event is hosted. Of all the fun things to do with friends, this one will create the most memories you’ll look back on fondly.

4. Midnight Bowling

boy at midnight bowling

Many local bowling alleys host midnight bowling events on the weekend. This is not your average bowling by any stretch of the imagination. The lights go out at midnight, the strobe lights come on, and the music is pumping.

Even if you are not a good bowler, who cares? No one is looking at you anyway with all the distractions going on. Most bowling alleys have pool rooms and arcades too. Therefore, there is plenty to do after the group has finished their games. If you’re looking for fun things to do with friends, be sure to get over to the bowling alley.

5. Community Art Class

Most communities have art classes of some form on the weekends that host group parties. Depending on the size of your groups, rent out the whole class or join up with strangers for a wild night of painting. The instructor will give the group a choice of different pictures, from beach scenes, portraits of animals, to completely abstract designs.

Of all the fun things to do with friends, this could spark a fire in someone who has that creative bug ready to finally break free. Each week the classes are different. This could become something the group does whenever they run out of other ideas.

6. Play Laser Tag

Find local arcades that have laser tag rooms available. Book your room in advance because on the weekends these tend to sell out quickly. Looking for fun things to do with friends that is thrilling and unique, laser tag has it all.

Split the group into two, get your gear on, and prepare to battle to the death. The rules are pretty self-explanatory,. Once the lights go out, it is all about having fun anyway.

Losing team has to pay for dinner after the game. Moreover, they will have bragging rights until the next weekend when you up the ante and take things outdoors in a paintball war.

7. Room Escape Games

Looking for something completely unique to do with friends this weekend? Try escaping from a room that is designed to make you work as a group or stay trapped forever. Well, maybe an hour, not forever.

These escape rooms are popping up in every city around the country, and the theme changes monthly. Basically you get trapped in a room as a group, the clock starts, and you have so much time to decipher the clues to escape the room.

There will be a time to beat. Therefore, each week the team can try to set the record for the best escape and have bragging rights and their name forever etched on the wall.

8. Check out the Comedy Club

4 young adult friends outdoor

After a stressful study or work week, each of your friends just wants to get away and have fun without being reminded Monday is right around the corner. It doesn’t matter the city. There will be a comedy event hosted in an auditorium, casino, night club or local theater this weekend.

Many times famous comedians are on tour and could be in your community this month. Grab your tickets, have a few drinks, and be prepared to laugh until your sides hurt.

If you can book your seats close enough to the stage, your group may be the subject of the comedians’ next punchline. This possibility is something your group will be talking about for weeks to come.

9. Play Board and Card Games

Hanging out and playing cards or a great bored game is a classic pastime worth exploring with your friends.

Although board game options used to be much more limited, with options like Monopoly and Jenga topping the list, these days there are tons of new games available to dive into. Playing games like the Harry Potter version of Clue and outright silly things like Pie Face can be great fun for hours on end.

Card games are even more timeless and the many variations of poker can be played with or without betting. You could even incorporate truth or dare as part of the game!

Final Word

These 9 fun things to do with friends are inexpensive and help get you off the couch to enjoy quality time with one another. As you work through the list, it will seem the workdays are getting shorter as the anticipation of the weekend fast approaches.

If you and your friends have found some fun things to do we haven’t discussed, please share your experiences here. This way, we can pass it on to our readers.

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