Top 10 Ideas For Exquisite Wedding Car Decorations

happy bride and groom in wedding car

A glamorous send-off is the perfect exclamation point for a wedding’s celebration, varying in size, certainly standing out to your friends and family. Whether they’ve rented a limo, a particular car or simply driving off in their own, a few simple decorations can make a big difference. From, vinyl decals, banners, and balloons, the options are endless. We have reviewed some of the most fun and decorative wedding car ornaments money can buy, perfect for any car you use.

Even when newlyweds drive off to their honeymoon in a horse and wagon, it has been a tradition to decorate their vehicles festively. It derives from an ancient custom of family and friends following a new couple, singing, beating on drums, and making all sorts of happy rituals. The ancients believed that the joyful noise would drive away evil spirits and would bring the bride and groom good luck.

Today, people usually tie cans on the back of the nuptial car. They also decorate their vehicles with ribbons, fringes, and a “Just Married” sign. If you are overseeing wedding car decorations soon, try some of these fun ideas!

happy bride and groom in wedding car

1. Say It With Vinyl

Vinyl signs opened a creative venue for home decorating. They come in a variety of scripted words, pictures, and designs. All you must do is line them up evenly, rub the lettering with a wooden tool, and you have an instant work of art.

There are plenty of vinyl signs available for wedding themes at every corner. Simply apply them to the wedding car windows, and they will peel off cleanly afterward. Find designs and sayings that would fit the couple, be it sentimental or funny, and add other decorations accordingly.

2. Staying in Tune with the Wedding Theme

Contemporary weddings often go beyond color combinations. Many couples choose a theme for their services, such as the seashore, a favorite fairy tale, book, movie or even a television show. Try wedding car decorations that match the wedding theme.

For example, put pictures of marine animals with sea shells in the window if the service had a beach theme. Use your imagination to give the new couple more memories of their special moment.

3. Forever Flowers

red wedding car with flowers in front of windshieldFlowers have always held a prominent place in wedding ceremonies. You cannot go wrong with floral wedding car decorations—especially after fancy ceremonies and venues. Make an elegant statement with silk floral bouquets around the car’s exterior, and a few on the inside.

If the bride has a favorite flower, try to create the bouquets with plenty of that type of flower. Find removable vinyl lettering with the couple’s name done in fancy script. Add a pretty ribbon, garland or any other decoration that conveys elegance.

4. Bold, Beautiful Bows

Make a dramatic fashion statement for your wedding car decorations by creating a large bow. Some materials that you might consider could be wide silk ribbon and tulle for fancy weddings. Consider maybe going with raffia and burlap for a rustic service.

To place the bow on top of the vehicle, wrap it through the back doors, and bring the material to the top to form a bow. You can proceed the same way if you want the bow to be on the vehicle’s trunk.

5. Lighting Decorations

Have you noticed some of the funky light displays that are now available for cars? They stream around the vehicle like Christmas lights, and are powered by battery or the car’s electrical system.

Some work like neon signs. Therefore, it is easy to design them to say “Just Married!” or any quote the couple would love. Many lighting kits will flash and play music. Nobody is going to ignore these newlyweds on the highway!

6. Go, Team!

Lots of new couples have a sports team they both love. Are your newlyweds sports fanatics? Cheer them up with wedding car decorations dedicated to their hobbies.

Buy streamers in the team’s official colors and attach them to their nuptial vehicle. Write various players’ names and jersey numbers on the windows with washable window markers. Find removable decals of the team’s mascot and other identifying decorations. The sign in the back window could say “Newlywed Fans Onboard” (with the name of the team).

7. Funny Wedding Car Decorations

man in clown costume driving a parade small car on street

Sometimes, a bride and groom will choose a lighthearted wedding theme, especially if humor is part of their style. You can do a lot of fun things with wedding car decorations. Nonetheless, make sure they are in good taste and non-offensive.

Spruce up their car with a rainbow of balloons, streamers, and some stuffed circus animals. Add a sign at the back that says “Welcome To Our Circus!” Don’t forget to put a clown picture somewhere in the mix! These should be funny decorations that the couple will love and always remember.

8. Honeymoon Theme

Do you know where the new couple is spending their honeymoon vacation? Create wedding car decorations that match their destination.

For example, a trip to Paris would call for elegantly-scripted signage, some French phrases, flowers, and cut-outs of the Eiffel Tower. Use an ocean theme for any tropical destination or even some cowboy/cowgirl gear for a trip out West. Throw in some maps and foreign phrase books in the dashboard for good measure.

9. The Unexpected Honeymoon Vehicle

couple of newly weds in nuptial scooter in bali beachWhat if your wedding car decorations are not for a car? Tailor the decorations for whatever the couple decides to use. Some Cinderella-style weddings have a horse and carriage ride, and the newlyweds leave in their car later. Some couples have nontraditional vehicles such as motorcycles, bicycles, buses, and even hearses (Gothic weddings). Streamers are always a good choice, and maybe some balloons. Match the signage to the type of vehicle (i.e., “Riding Off Into The Sunset” for a buggy ride).

10. Don’t Neglect the Inside of the Vehicle

While it is important to have wedding car decorations for the outside of the vehicle, you can also do some imaginative things on the inside. Regardless of the theme, consider leaving a thoughtful gift basket in the car with champagne, artisan cheese, crackers, gourmet chocolates, and other dainty treats. Decorate the interior with some of the couple’s favorite photographs.

You can also give each guest a self-sticking notepad and invite them to write loving or funny notes for the newlyweds. Plaster them all over the dash and around the side windows (do not block the driver’s vision). These are things the couple can cherish in their wedding scrapbook.

Final Word

Choosing the final decorations for your vehicle can feel quite daunting, so we hope this guide has helped you organize the perfect day. The memories you make with your friends and family will be endless. When you use the perfect decorations, the photographer will capture this, creating the fantastic quality day you deserve.

When you use creative wedding car decorations, it shows the newlyweds how much you care. It blends into the mosaic of their wonderful nuptial memories. Have you ever done some outstanding decorations for a wedding car so far? We would love to hear about some of your ideas!

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