Top 11 Most Exotic Places to Visit In 2019

the perfect exotic vacation place near the sea with a wooden boat

The dictionary defines exotic as something strikingly unusual or strange. Located off the beaten path, these exotic locations are hard to reach, but the rewards make it worthwhile. Bring along your sense of adventure when visiting exotic places. In this article, you will discover some of the most exotic places to visit this year.

Most require extensive planning that may not go off without some hiccups. You can see red beaches, red waterfalls, and pink lakes as you travel to exotic places. We’ve included an array of activities and beautiful buildings and places to explore on your adventures so there’s something for everyone. If you are looking for a new adventure, consider these exotic places to visit.

Exotic Places to Visit This Year

1: Panjin, China

the exotic place of Panjin China red beaches

Time your Chinese vacation for late October or early November allowing you to see Red Beach near Panjin, China. See the 51 square mile beach turn red because of the growth of suaeda salsa that is a member of the Chenopodiaceae family.

Walk out on the wooden pier to see this phoneme occurring only briefly each year as the plant turns from its lush green summer color to its purple winter color before finally dying as winter’s brutal cold arrives. See some of the 250 species of birds migrating through this area that is the largest wetland and reed marsh in the world.

2: Blood Falls, Antarctica

iron rich water flowing on snow in the area of the Blood Falls Antarctica

Seeing the Blood Falls in Antartica requires one to travel to Taylor Glacier. This glacier is the coldest glacier known to man. Viewing the dark red waterfall in the middle of the glacier is one of the most exotic places to visit in the world.

The water flowing out of this waterfall required about 1.5 million years to reach the surface because it started its journey near the earth’s iron core. Observe the unique alien-like microbes living there as scientists believe that they may be the oldest lifeforms on earth. Supersaturated water filled with iron rusts when exposed to oxygen when the water reaches the surface,

3: Derinkuyu Underground City, Turkey

exotic places to visit

Imagine living 18 stories underneath the ground in a room large enough to house 20,000 people along with the livestock and food supplies needed to sustain life. At Derinkuyu Underground City, stroll through underground tunnels connecting to other underground cities that were probably constructed during the Byzantine era.

Walk out over 600 entrances, but you can only get back in when someone inside moves a heavy stone. Marvel at the ingenuity it took to create this elaborate system as each of several stories can be totally self-contained. Viewing the Greek inscriptions on the walls and the nearby fairy chimneys makes this one of the best exotic places to visit in the world.

4: Lake Natron, Tanzania

monolake exotic places to visit

Seeing the reflective nature of Lake Natron in Tanzania that is blood red is one of the best exotic places in the world to visit. Marvel at the calcified birds and bats littering its shores. Pay attention to the immense detail viewable on each corpse such as the bat’s tongues and the bird’s feathers.

Understand that scientists believe that wildlife becomes so confused by the mirror-like nature of this lake. They die once they touch it, however, because it is so filled with soda and salt that it instantly calcifies them. Avoid touching the 140-degree water heated by the nearby volcano. Notice the nests of lesser flamingoes who use this lake as their breeding ground.

5: Dry Andes in Chile

exotic places to visit

One of the most exotic places to visit on earth is the Dry Andes located along the border between Argentina and Chile. Hiking along this barren ground above 13,000 feet allows you to see pinnacles of ice jutting up from the bare ground. Some reach up to 16 feet tall.

Each one is like a thin blade and most point towards the sun. Sublimation forms the pinnacles as the sun turns snow directly into frozen water vapor without melting it first. Despite the fact that nature has been doing it for eons, scientists have just recently been able to duplicate the process in a lab.

6: Lake Hillier in Australia

a funny looking Pink Lake Hillier Australia

Lake Hillier near Esperance, Western Australia, is one of the most exotic places to visit in the world. When seen from the air, this lake is a bubblegum pink forming a stark contrast with the blue water in the Pacific Ocean located very nearby.

Scientists are unsure why this lake measuring 1969 feet by 820 feet is pink. Many believe that the Dunaliella salina microalgae mixes with the saline causing the pink color. If you can get permission as the lake is on private property, swimming in the water is perfectly safe.

7: Tsagaan Nuur Village, Mongolia

exotic places to visit

Expect one of the roughest journeys of your life to visit the Reindeer People near Tsagaan Nuur Village in the Hovsgol province of Mongolia. Start out with a 12-hour off-road journey and a three-hour horseback ride to reach these nomadic people who travel frequently herding reindeer.

Learn about their culture while experiencing the opportunity to ride reindeer as they move them from one location to another in search of the moss that the reindeer eat. Settle back around a campfire deep in the forest while eating traditional meals. Sleep under the stars so that you can wake up ready to learn more about the 30 or 40 families making their living herding reindeer.

8: Osh City, Kyrgyzstan

exotic places to visit

Start your tour of Kyrgyzstan by visiting Osh City before making your way with the donkeys, horses, and yak to the summer pasture. Follow the animals across beautiful pastures and sit beside a clear stream allowing you to contemplate the word.

Learn to make traditional carpets in the same way that artisans in the area have for thousands of years. Milk a yak and then use the milk to bake bread in traditional outside ovens. Sleep soundly in Kyrgyz yurts.

9: Nadi, Fiji

exotic places to visit

Nadi is another of or top-recommended exotic places to visit in the world. This region is bursting with colorful history and culture that is a true representation of Fiji life. If you love to immerse yourself in nature, Nadi will transcend you to a place that offers many trekking and jungle experiences.

If you’re dreaming of pristine white beaches with glistening blue waters, Fiji is where paradise was born. Coconut trees, fruity cocktails, tropical fish and beach hammocks surround you everywhere. It’s like you just stepped into the world’s best dream.

10: Namje, Nepal

exotic places to visit

Broaden your adventure in Namje, Nepal. There’s an abundance of adventurous activities to get involved in, such as bungee jumping, water rafting, extreme mountain biking, and more. Adventure is the heart of Namje, Nepal and tourists travel from all around the world to get a taste of it.

Nepal is also home to some of the most beautiful buildings in the world. The country is rich in history and has traditional houses, temples, and monasteries scattered all over. You’ll be amazed by the striking details and artistic charisma throughout all of their buildings.

11: Gozo, Malta

exotic places to visit

Although Gozo might be small enough to explore in just one day, that doesn’t discredit its array of activities and beautiful scenery. This island has cathedrals and churches on almost every corner. Many of these Christian buildings are beautifully constructed and have become a part of Gozo’s ancient history.

Gozo boasts several petite sandy beaches that are secluded and some of the local’s favorites. If you love an early swim in the morning, you’ll appreciate their waters are peaceful and clean, while their sand is soft to relax on and soak up the sun.

Let’s Recap

The world is full of exotic places to visit. You can see a red beach, a pink lake, and calcified animals. Alternatively, you can see a blood-red waterfall and pinnacles. You can also experience life like a nomad or ride a reindeer.

The choice of where to go on your exotic vacation is totally up to you, so choose one or more and start the planning process today. If you have gone on an exotic vacation, then make sure to tell us about it. The best exotic places to visit and unique adventures await you. ‎

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