The Most Amazing Botanical Gardens in the World

Botanical gardens offer visitors the best of two worlds. On the one hand, they give them the opportunity of experiencing nature in a way that is normally impossible. On the other, they are something like a living catalog that has been arranged beautifully and logically.

a beautiful luxuriant botanical garden

Any way you look at them, the best botanical gardens in the world provide a place for both relaxation and education. This article will go over the most remarkable botanical gardens in the world. These are the places that offer the most relaxing natural landscapes, the most amazing species of plants and the most mind-blowing outdoor architecture.

Reasons To Visit Amazing Botanical Gardens Around The World

amazing botanical gardens

Before we share the most amazing botanical gardens the world has to offer, what are some of the main reasons to take some time out of your day to visit one? 

Be Part of a Soothing Environment

The number one reason to spend time in a botanical garden is for a soothing experience and to enhance your mental wellbeing. The majority of the time, we spend our days sitting at a desk with our eyes fixed to a screen. But it’s important to become a part of nature so you feel connected to a natural place on earth. 

Immersing yourself amongst nature helps you to capture some serenity and relaxation. After all, it’s hard to be stressed when you’re in the middle of a beautiful scenery with birds chirping in the background.

Discover New Plants

How many plants have you seen in your lifetime? There’s probably a plethora of selections you haven’t even heard of yet. Spending time in botanical gardens in exotic places in the world gives you the opportunity to enhance your education and experience new sights and smells.

If you already have a passion for nature and plants, there’s a perfect botanical garden for your desires. That could include bonsai trees, medicinal plants and many more. No matter your interests, there’s something for everyone to discover.

Protect The Environment

Finally, one of the biggest benefits of spending time in a botanical garden is having a positive effect on the environment. Many public gardens conserve endangered plants and provide a space for butterflies, birds, bats, and more species. 

Botanical gardens filter pollutants and improve air quality – especially in busy cities. Plant growth absorbs carbon dioxide and provides fresher air for our world. Many researchers study exotic plants in botanical gardens which can be effective for medicinal purposes. So although plants are great for the environment, they’re also significant for our health.

The Most Amazing Botanical Gardens In The World

1. Berlin-Dahlem Botanical Garden and Botanical Museum

the Berlin Darhlem botanical garden interior

Situated in the wonderful city of Berlin, this is one of the oldest botanical gardens in this list. It was designed as a landscaped garden by Adolf Engler. It is comprised of a geographical section of 12.9 hectares and an arboretum measuring 13.9 hectares.

It features fifteen greenhouses that are arranged in a beautiful geometrical style. One of its main features is that it also functions as a museum. In that capacity, it has been distinguished twice by the United Nations within the frame of the Decade of Education for Sustainable Development.

2. Singapore Botanic Gardens

a part of the Singapore botanic garden

This huge landscaped garden is one of the most beloved national gardens of Singapore. The 183-acre terrain perfectly showcases the geographic features of the region. It prides itself in having over 20.000 orchids. It also features exotic animals such as wild monkeys, terrapins and around 100 different types of birds.

3. Brooklyn Botanic Garden

a fountain in the middle of the Brooklyn botanic garden

Located in the mythical New York borough, this botanical garden extends across 52 acres of classical East Coast urban style architecture that’s heavily punctuated by beautiful specimens of plants. It features social, community outreach and educational programs that help expand its reach beyond its walls.

4. Jardim Botânico

an alley with very tall trees in a botanical garden

A legendary space in Brazil, Jardim Botânico has been around since 1808. Its 140 hectares of botanical space are home to over 6.500 different animal species. You will find this amazing botanical garden in Rio de Janeiro’s Zona Sul. Besides their local species, you can also admire a wide range of foreign flora.

5. Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose Indian Botanic Garden

a lake in an Indian botanic garden

This amazing piece of land used to be known as the Indian Botanic Garden and the Calcutta Botanical Garden. It’s famous for having huge amounts of Great Banyan trees. This type of tree holds the record of having the largest canopy in the world. The garden is also home to around 12.000 specimens of plants, including some very rare ones.

6. Montreal Botanical Garden

a small car covered in plants

This is, without a doubt, one of the most important botanical gardens in Canada. Not only that, it’s widely recognized as one of the largest botanical gardens in the world. One of its unique aspects is that it emphasizes and promotes diversity through a series of globally-themed sub-gardens.

7. Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden

a beautiful mountain area

Situated at the foot of the amazing Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa, the Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden was originally conceived as a means of preserving the country’s unique flora. Accordingly, it’s the only garden that currently cultivates only indigenous plants.

8. Denver Botanic Gardens

a small lake and trees in the Denver botanical garden

Being one of the biggest in the region, this garden’s 23 acres are home to the largest collection of North American plants that live in cold and temperate climates. It even includes an amphitheater and a conservatory for public showings.

9. Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Garden

a beautiful botanic garden in Thailand

This is an amazing 500-acre botanical garden located in the profoundly beautiful Chonburi Province of Thailand. It features an impressive collection of plants distributed in 50 different themed gardens.

10. Kew Royal Botanic Gardens

a greenhouse in a botanical garden

Last but not least, the Kew Royal Botanic Gardens is home to the biggest collection of plants in the entire world. It’s so large that it offers its visitors an internal train service to get around it. Amazingly elegant, the Royal Botanic Gardens is a true symbol of royalty. Something that sets it apart from other botanical gardens is that it’s been deemed a UNESCO World Heritage site. As if that was not enough, it also serves as a research and education institution.

Which of The Amazing Botanical Gardens Should You Visit?

Choosing the best botanical garden to visit will always depend on your lifestyle. Even though all the mentioned botanical gardens are wonderful in their own way, each of them has a certain something that makes it stand out from the others.

For example, people who enjoy exotic fauna and flora will get a real kick out of institutions such as the Singapore Botanic Garden or the Jardim Botânico of Brazil. On the other hand, people who seek a combination of carefully curated collections of plants and beautiful architecture will love urban staples like the Brooklyn Botanic Garden.

Some of these places even feature social spaces that help build a community spirit. A great example of this is the Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Garden, which is perhaps the most indicated one for family visits in this list. Others are geared more towards education and research.

The most outstanding one in this category is definitely the Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew, England. However, the Montreal Botanical Garden gives all the others a run for their money when it comes to cultural diversity. In the end, you should choose the botanical garden that attracts your type of personality the most.

Bottom Line

Even though they are all different, all of the botanical gardens that are mentioned in this article have the capability of transporting visitors to a better, calmer place. Without a doubt, they mean something special for every visitor.

However, everyone can agree that visiting a botanical garden is a spiritual experience that brings them closer to the earth itself. Whether your intention is learning, meditating, discovering or simply relaxing, one of these places will surely find a way to your heart. Do you think we should have included any other botanical gardens in this list? Let us know in the comments!

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Top 11 Most Exotic Places to Visit In 2019

The dictionary defines exotic as something strikingly unusual or strange. Located off the beaten path, these exotic locations are hard to reach, but the rewards make it worthwhile. Bring along your sense of adventure when visiting exotic places. In this article, you will discover some of the most exotic places to visit this year.

Most require extensive planning that may not go off without some hiccups. You can see red beaches, red waterfalls, and pink lakes as you travel to exotic places. We’ve included an array of activities and beautiful buildings and places to explore on your adventures so there’s something for everyone. If you are looking for a new adventure, consider these exotic places to visit.

Exotic Places to Visit This Year

1: Panjin, China

the exotic place of Panjin China red beaches

Time your Chinese vacation for late October or early November allowing you to see Red Beach near Panjin, China. See the 51 square mile beach turn red because of the growth of suaeda salsa that is a member of the Chenopodiaceae family.

Walk out on the wooden pier to see this phoneme occurring only briefly each year as the plant turns from its lush green summer color to its purple winter color before finally dying as winter’s brutal cold arrives. See some of the 250 species of birds migrating through this area that is the largest wetland and reed marsh in the world.

2: Blood Falls, Antarctica

iron rich water flowing on snow in the area of the Blood Falls Antarctica

Seeing the Blood Falls in Antartica requires one to travel to Taylor Glacier. This glacier is the coldest glacier known to man. Viewing the dark red waterfall in the middle of the glacier is one of the most exotic places to visit in the world.

The water flowing out of this waterfall required about 1.5 million years to reach the surface because it started its journey near the earth’s iron core. Observe the unique alien-like microbes living there as scientists believe that they may be the oldest lifeforms on earth. Supersaturated water filled with iron rusts when exposed to oxygen when the water reaches the surface,

3: Derinkuyu Underground City, Turkey

exotic places to visit

Imagine living 18 stories underneath the ground in a room large enough to house 20,000 people along with the livestock and food supplies needed to sustain life. At Derinkuyu Underground City, stroll through underground tunnels connecting to other underground cities that were probably constructed during the Byzantine era.

Walk out over 600 entrances, but you can only get back in when someone inside moves a heavy stone. Marvel at the ingenuity it took to create this elaborate system as each of several stories can be totally self-contained. Viewing the Greek inscriptions on the walls and the nearby fairy chimneys makes this one of the best exotic places to visit in the world.

4: Lake Natron, Tanzania

monolake exotic places to visit

Seeing the reflective nature of Lake Natron in Tanzania that is blood red is one of the best exotic places in the world to visit. Marvel at the calcified birds and bats littering its shores. Pay attention to the immense detail viewable on each corpse such as the bat’s tongues and the bird’s feathers.

Understand that scientists believe that wildlife becomes so confused by the mirror-like nature of this lake. They die once they touch it, however, because it is so filled with soda and salt that it instantly calcifies them. Avoid touching the 140-degree water heated by the nearby volcano. Notice the nests of lesser flamingoes who use this lake as their breeding ground.

5: Dry Andes in Chile

exotic places to visit

One of the most exotic places to visit on earth is the Dry Andes located along the border between Argentina and Chile. Hiking along this barren ground above 13,000 feet allows you to see pinnacles of ice jutting up from the bare ground. Some reach up to 16 feet tall.

Each one is like a thin blade and most point towards the sun. Sublimation forms the pinnacles as the sun turns snow directly into frozen water vapor without melting it first. Despite the fact that nature has been doing it for eons, scientists have just recently been able to duplicate the process in a lab.

6: Lake Hillier in Australia

a funny looking Pink Lake Hillier Australia

Lake Hillier near Esperance, Western Australia, is one of the most exotic places to visit in the world. When seen from the air, this lake is a bubblegum pink forming a stark contrast with the blue water in the Pacific Ocean located very nearby.

Scientists are unsure why this lake measuring 1969 feet by 820 feet is pink. Many believe that the Dunaliella salina microalgae mixes with the saline causing the pink color. If you can get permission as the lake is on private property, swimming in the water is perfectly safe.

7: Tsagaan Nuur Village, Mongolia

exotic places to visit

Expect one of the roughest journeys of your life to visit the Reindeer People near Tsagaan Nuur Village in the Hovsgol province of Mongolia. Start out with a 12-hour off-road journey and a three-hour horseback ride to reach these nomadic people who travel frequently herding reindeer.

Learn about their culture while experiencing the opportunity to ride reindeer as they move them from one location to another in search of the moss that the reindeer eat. Settle back around a campfire deep in the forest while eating traditional meals. Sleep under the stars so that you can wake up ready to learn more about the 30 or 40 families making their living herding reindeer.

8: Osh City, Kyrgyzstan

exotic places to visit

Start your tour of Kyrgyzstan by visiting Osh City before making your way with the donkeys, horses, and yak to the summer pasture. Follow the animals across beautiful pastures and sit beside a clear stream allowing you to contemplate the word.

Learn to make traditional carpets in the same way that artisans in the area have for thousands of years. Milk a yak and then use the milk to bake bread in traditional outside ovens. Sleep soundly in Kyrgyz yurts.

9: Nadi, Fiji

exotic places to visit

Nadi is another of or top-recommended exotic places to visit in the world. This region is bursting with colorful history and culture that is a true representation of Fiji life. If you love to immerse yourself in nature, Nadi will transcend you to a place that offers many trekking and jungle experiences.

If you’re dreaming of pristine white beaches with glistening blue waters, Fiji is where paradise was born. Coconut trees, fruity cocktails, tropical fish and beach hammocks surround you everywhere. It’s like you just stepped into the world’s best dream.

10: Namje, Nepal

exotic places to visit

Broaden your adventure in Namje, Nepal. There’s an abundance of adventurous activities to get involved in, such as bungee jumping, water rafting, extreme mountain biking, and more. Adventure is the heart of Namje, Nepal and tourists travel from all around the world to get a taste of it.

Nepal is also home to some of the most beautiful buildings in the world. The country is rich in history and has traditional houses, temples, and monasteries scattered all over. You’ll be amazed by the striking details and artistic charisma throughout all of their buildings.

11: Gozo, Malta

exotic places to visit

Although Gozo might be small enough to explore in just one day, that doesn’t discredit its array of activities and beautiful scenery. This island has cathedrals and churches on almost every corner. Many of these Christian buildings are beautifully constructed and have become a part of Gozo’s ancient history.

Gozo boasts several petite sandy beaches that are secluded and some of the local’s favorites. If you love an early swim in the morning, you’ll appreciate their waters are peaceful and clean, while their sand is soft to relax on and soak up the sun.

Let’s Recap

The world is full of exotic places to visit. You can see a red beach, a pink lake, and calcified animals. Alternatively, you can see a blood-red waterfall and pinnacles. You can also experience life like a nomad or ride a reindeer.

The choice of where to go on your exotic vacation is totally up to you, so choose one or more and start the planning process today. If you have gone on an exotic vacation, then make sure to tell us about it. The best exotic places to visit and unique adventures await you. ‎

Top 10 Best Islands in the Caribbean for a Golden Vacation

vacation at the beach

The islands in the Caribbean are full of clear waters, stunning landscapes, and plenty of activities for the adventurous. Although there are thousands of islands in the Caribbean, each has its own appeal over the others.

Ranking the islands in the Caribbean can be challenging. Nonetheless, the following list takes into account range of activities, accessibility, and cost of booking a stay. In this article, we’ll explore the top 10 best islands in the Caribbean for a golden vacation in no particular order.

Reasons To Visit The Caribbean

There is a multitude of islands in the Caribbean vacation we’ll suggest later, but let’s discuss why we chose this part of the world and what beauty it holds.


The first image that pops into your head is of shimmery sand with crystal-clear waters lapping. Carribean islands boast some of the most scenic beaches in the world that makes them a hotspot for vacations, honeymoons, and romantic getaways. One of our top recommendations is Grand-Terre with offers numerous water activities to keep the entire party entertained, all the while indulging in beautiful views and soaking up the sun.


You can’t mention Caribbean islands without celebrating their delectable food. Each restaurant seems to cater to all tastes while offering you ample opportunities to indulge in traditional Caribbean dishes. The Caribbean is notorious for its seafood which is beaming with spices and fusions to produce hot dishes. Though, if this isn’t ideal for sensitive mouths, there’s an array of rice, fish, chicken, coconut, sweet potatoes, and much more.


If you’re a jet setter looking to unwind and embrace a relaxed culture, look no further than the Caribbean islands. Locals bless the islands with a friendly personality that welcomes people from all walks of life. They’re infamous for a chilled charisma, making it the perfect environment to forget about your worries. From hotel staff to residents, everyone shares a beautiful spirit that will quickly rub off on you. But the island isn’t chilled all year-round. Embrace their cultural diversity by attending a festival to let your hair down and exude yourself with costumes and plenty of dancing. The party ambiance is a great way to feel welcomed with you hop on the island. Don’t forget to engage in some music festivals too for an authentic taste of life on the island.

The Top Caribbean Islands 

1. Anguilla

With an average hotel room cost of $399, you will find plenty of places to be alone in the sun on Anguilla. Miles upon miles of pure white sand beaches kiss the most pristine waters. This setting makes for the most amazing pictures you will ever take.

The island has a romantic beach called Rendezvous Bay. This is the perfect place to work on your tan and rejuvenate your body and soul. Visitors can also enjoy sailing in glass-bottom boats and swimming with local dolphins.

2. Guadeloupe

At a modest $150 a night hotel stay, Guadeloupe is one of those islands in the Caribbean that is a must-see. There is no shortage of activities on this island. In fact, there are over 320 choices of fun to choose from.

The island is actually comprised of two islands that are unique in their own way. For those looking for white sand beaches and plenty of water activities, Grand-Terre is where you want to be.

Those who want to climb the mountains and enjoy stunning views, Basse-Terre is in order. Be sure to stop by the Guadeloupe National Park during your stay.

3. The British Virgin Islands

The average hotel room is $270 per night in the Virgin Islands. A vacation includes a stunning collection of 60 breathtaking small islands to choose from. For the adventurous types, there are over 200 different activities awaiting. The sailing around the islands is something everyone must try at least once in their lifetime.

Others will love venturing to the underwater coves throughout Virgin Gorda, visiting the rum distilleries around Tortola. For a relaxing holiday, you can just kick back at one of the many swim-up bars throughout Jost Van Dyke.

4. Turks and Caicos

Although a night stay on Turks and Caicos averages $450, you are staying at world-class hotels. Despite the number of pristine beaches, they are usually uncrowded during the year. There are over 115 outdoor activities in Turks and Caicos, including Grace Bay, considered to be the top beach in the world.

Although considered to be a destination for more upscale visitors, there are plenty of deals around if you do your homework. This is why we ranked this Turks and Caicos as one of the best islands in the Caribbean.

5. St. Lucia

A night stay on St. Lucia will run around $315 a night. However, it’s worth every penny. If you are looking for islands in the Caribbean with old plantations, luxury hotels, and hidden beaches, St. Lucia has it all and more. Those who are looking to relax away the day will enjoy the many sulfur springs that give you the chance to experience that one-of-a-kind spa treatment.

Anse Mamin beaches give vacationers the chance to slip away into their own private paradise. There is plenty of distance between the next couple on the beaches which creates a coveted intimacy. With well over 360 activities on the island, St. Lucia certainly has something for everyone.

6. Barbados

island bungalows

Nightly stays on Barbados average $200, but the memories will last an eternity. It doesn’t matter if you are on the hunt for incredible sites of natural beauty, dazzling nightlife or quiet beach resorts. Barbados has it all. The capital of Barbados, Bridgetown, is where you will discover the world-famous Mount Gay Rum Distillery.

On the western side of Barbados, you will discover calm and clear waters that are perfect for snorkeling, swimming or boating. The east side of the island is for the more adventurous, including wild surf and challenging terrains. There are more than 370 activities to keep you busy in Barbados.

7. Aruba

Although a night on Aruba will run you $250, you could enjoy peace and quiet on some of the most incredible beaches in all of the Caribbean. Part of the reason this is one of those islands in the Caribbean tourists flock is the incredible package deals offered by local hotels. With over 350 activities to enjoy, guests can customize their trips to enjoy as many of the activities as they wish.

Be sure to stop and visit the town of Oranjestad during your vacation. It is packed with famous landmarks, shops, pastel facades, vistas, and hidden beaches.

8. U.S. Virgin Islands

A stay on the U.S. Virgin Islands will run you around $230 a night, depending on where you stay. Vacationers can stay on St. Croix, St. Thomas or St. John. Each has its own prime sailing spots, nightlife, historic buildings, and hidden coves for exploring.

With an amazing 779 activities through the islands, there is plenty for everyone to enjoy during your stay. Ferries also make hopping from each island a breeze.

9. The Cayman Islands

snorkeling man

A nightly stay on the Cayman Islands is $275 a night. Guests can choose from 440 different activities on the 3 main islands. Grand Cayman has the cosmopolitan feel, Cayman Brac has serene trails and incredible dining experiences, and Little Cayman completes with wall dives and quiet beaches.

Depending on your needs, you could have a little of everything during your trip to the Cayman Islands. That’s enough to make a vacation on the Cayman Islands worth your while.

10. The Bahamas

A night stay on the Bahamas would run you $320 a night. However, you should consider that you have over 700 islands to spend time visiting. From incredible beach resorts to amazing nightlife, vacationers will have plenty to keep them busy.

In Conclusion

This list of the top 10 islands in the Caribbean will get you started on your journey, but there is so much more to explore. With thousands of individual islands to choose, it is a paradise in waiting.

If you have visited other Caribbean islands that you feel should have made the list, let us know so our readers can add it to their bucket list.

Top 10 Most Beautiful Natural Lakes In The World

Nature is simply amazing and it never ceases to amaze us, including lakes. Lakes are some of the most beautiful and natural water formations on earth. While some of these formations are made by human hands, others are entirely shaped by nature. If you are passionate about bodies of water like ponds, seas, rivers, or lakes and you want to visit the most beautiful ones, then you will surely like the photos below. These are our top ten most beautiful and natural lakes in the world, listed in no specific order.

11. Annecy Lake in France

This lake is a truly astounding beauty to behold.

This lake is said to have been created naturally from glaciers melting high up in the picturesque Alps. People gather in and around this lake on a daily basis to take in its natural loveliness and and enjoy the impeccable water quality. Widely considered one of the world’s cleanest land-locked lakes, this gorgeous location is roughly 27.4 square kilometers in size and serves as a hotspot for all manner of leisurely lake-lovers’ activities. Boating, fishing, swimming and sailing are all valid options for visitors to enjoy in this lake’s crystal clear water.

10. The Plitvice Lakes in Croatia

Plitvice Lakes

The Plitvice Lakes are certainly among the top-rated tourist attractions in the country of Croatia. However, this is actually a formation of smaller lakes rather than one big lake. The formation is connected to a breath-taking waterfall that will surely draw your attention. The Plitvice Lakes are so beautiful that they have been voted as part of the UNESCO World Heritage. If you love lakes and you want to make a world tour of the most appreciated ones or you are a professional photographer and you want to make the best out of what nature has to offer, then you should definitely put the Plitvice Lakes on your list of places to visit.

9. The Yucatan Lake in Mexico

This is certainly a one-of-a-kind lake from many points of view. While it is true that there are numerous other beautiful cave lakes like Yucatan scattered all over the world, this one stands out from the rest due to its beauty. Did you know that this lake is a million years old and the cave that surrounds it is made entirely of limestone? There are countless legends and myths that surround this entire area, which gives it a mysterious feel that makes the Yucatan Lake such a popular destination these days.

8. The Baikal Lake in Russia

The Baikal Lake in Russia is known as one of the oldest and the biggest freshwater lakes in the entire world. Nothing compares to its beauty during the cold summer months when it freezes and then it slowly starts to thaw. This is a natural wonder that is ten times older than the Yucatan Lake, and it is certainly worth your time.

7. The Reed Flute Lake in China

China is known for both its natural and man-made tourist attractions, but when it comes to all-natural beauties, the Reed Flute Lake is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful ones. The name of the lake comes from the beautiful reed that surrounds this natural wonder.

6. The Peyto Lake in Canada

The Peyto Lake is popular all around the world not only for its beauty, but also for its unique colors that gradually change according to season. Just like the above-mentioned Plitvice Lakes in Croatia, the Peyto Lake is another popular destination, especially among professional photographers who want to shoot breath-taking, unique photos. If you are in Canada and you are anywhere near Alberta, make sure to visit the Peyto Lake! Because believe us when we say that you will not regret it!

5. The Pink Lake in Australia

Just like the name suggests, this particular lake is actually pink, due to a unique combination of chemicals found in the water and some bacteria, which apparently turns the water pink when they react. This is a salt lake located in the Western side of Australia, and its bizarre yet appealing color attracts tens of thousands of curious tourists from all around the world.

4. The Malawi Lake in Africa

This lake became a natural reservation not too long ago, and it is considered one of the largest, deepest, and most beautiful lakes in the entirety of Africa. As statistics reveal, the Malawi Lake is actually situated in ninth place in the top 10 largest lakes in the world. What makes this lake unique is not only its outstanding appearance, but also the fact that it is the home of many different species of fish, which explains why the lake is protected and cherished.

3. The Melissani Lake in Greece

Greece is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful countries in the entire world, given its outstanding tourist destinations, crystal clear waters, and the numerous sandy beaches. However, there is another aspect that makes Greece popular nowadays, and that is the Melissani Lake. In a nutshell, this is basically a cave lake that is located in Kefalonia, and it is entirely surrounded by caves and forests. It is like a lost paradise located right in the middle of the nature. Although many tourists are attracted to this lake, it is incredibly peaceful and beautiful when canoeing there.

2. The Tekapo Lake in New Zealand

Measuring no less than thirty two square miles, the Tekapo Lake is one of the biggest and most visited lakes in New Zealand. It is located approximately 2,300 feet above the sea level and is famous for its beauty and for the numerous resort hotels that surround it.

1. The Lake Tahoe in the United States

Located in the Sierra Nevada region of the United States, Lake Tahoe is one of the largest freshwater lakes in the world, along with the Lake Baikal from Russia. This is an outstanding alpine lake that is known as one of the most appreciated attraction spots in California/Nevada and as numerous historians suggest, it was formed during the ice ages. The purity of the water combined with the interesting location of the lake (this is an alpine lake that is surrounded by high mountains on all sides) certainly adds to its overall beauty. Besides the outstanding lake itself, there are numerous other recreational opportunities, resorts for skiing, as well as a wealth of other interesting tourist attractions that those who are passionate about winter sports can choose from.

Top 11 Islands in the Philippines

Are you planning a trip to the Philippines, but are unaware of where you want to go? The Philippines are known for their beautiful and exotics islands. The Philippines have nearly 7,107 islands, depending on the tides. Many islands have stunning scenery that is only found in this area of the world. Their natural beauty is certainly something that captures the hearts and eyes of many visitors. The following top 10 islands in the Philippines are a must visit for those who want a once-in-a-lifetime vacation and a beautiful trip.

11. Panglao Island


This island paradise is an exciting destination for many travelers seeking striking natural beauty and a genuine touch of adventure.

Considered by many to be a calmer version of the famous Boracay island, this tropical destination boasts of the same lovely environment, inviting weather and pristine water that the rest of the Philippines are known far and wide for. Snorkeling and snoozing by a beach-side bar are the norm on this island, but there are loads of fun activities to enjoy in addition to these.

A great reason to visit Panglao is the opportunity the island affords you to have the beach to yourself. Places like this see significantly less tourist activity than other well-known destinations, but the beauty there is just as undeniable.

10. Tubbataha Reefs

This is a remote island that is more than ninety nautical miles from the Palawan province. This area has the most amazing underwater scenery that’s found in the world. It has beautiful sandy lagoons, steep cliff walls, reef platforms, and an unbelievable amount of interesting marine life. It has more than five hundred species of fishes and many different types of corals. If you are searching for underwater adventure, this island is a great option.

9. Siargao Island

About eight hundred kilometers from Manila, this island is a great surfing haven. Siargao is four hundred square kilometers and it has gorgeous white sand beaches. The wind gusts produce waves that are perfect for surfers. In fact, many international surfing competitions are held here because of its perfect waves. Visitors can also enjoy stretches of wetlands and large mangrove forests. The area also has well preserved coral reefs that can be seen when snorkeling or scuba diving.

8. Pamalican Island


Pamalican Island is in an area found in the Palawan province and is a very secluded island. It is surrounded by seven kilometers of coral reefs and the luxurious Amanpulo Resort, which is located on this island. Visitors can enjoy activities such as scuba diving, windsurfing, snorkeling, or simply taking it easy on the white sandy beach. This island is the definition of relaxation, so if this is right up your alley, it is definitely worth checking out.

7. Hundred Islands


Found in the Pangasinan province, this destination is located in the Lingayen Gulf. During the low tide, there are nearly 124 islands throughout the Hundred Islands. These islands had once been coral reefs in the sea bed which were exposed over the centuries. Each island provides visitors with wonderful opportunities to explore the exotic plants and creatures in this area. While not ideal for resort searching, visiting these rare islands are a great day activity for you and your family!

6. Coron Island


Located in an area within the province of Palawan, this island is a popular destination for shipwreck diving. It has stunning steep cliffs, unusual marine animals, and gorgeous emerald-colored waters. Visitors can scuba dive or snorkel to discover and see some of the large Japanese ships that sank during World War II. This island is also renowned for its coral reefs and its hundreds of fish species.

5. Camiguin Island

This picturesque volcanic island is pear-shaped and is tiny island in northern section of Mindanao. It has seven volcanoes, several hot springs, white sandy beaches, stunning cascading waterfalls, and lush forests. Travelers can visit historical areas such as the Sunken Cemetery, Catarman Church Ruins, and the 1882 Santo Rosario Church.

4. Boracay Island

One of the Philippine’s best beaches is found on this seven kilometer long island. Located on Boracay Island are lovely beaches and spectacular clear waters for travelers to enjoy. There are all kinds of activities for visitors such as swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, kite boarding, cliff diving, windsurfing, and golfing. In the evenings, the island really comes to life with its many restaurants and night clubs. Whether you are single and treating yourself or traveling with your family, this island is full of beach fun and endless possibilities.

3. Bohol Island


This island is well-known for its magnificent Chocolate Hills. These are limestone hills that were formed by coral reefs during the last Ice Age. It’s home to many different kinds of species, plant life, and animals such as the Philippine tarsier. There are also more than one hundred caves to explore and discover. Other major attractions are the countless white sand beaches, hidden waterfalls, and crystal clear waters.

2. Batanes Islands


Located in the smallest province of the Philippines, this island has many breathtaking landscapes, including its bottomless canyons, gently sloping hills, as well as rugged shores. This timeless destination offers travelers island hopping opportunities, incredible waters for swimming, scenic villages, and varying kinds of fishing.

1. Apo Island

This protected, pastoral, and pristine island is renowned for its fabulous diving sites that are perfect for scuba diving and snorkeling. It is surrounded by striking coral formations and dazzling calm waters, which are a home for all kinds of marine life. Snorkelers and scuba divers have all kinds of opportunities to see over six hundred species of fish, along with four hundred varieties of corals. The scenery of this island is very rural and the beaches that line the perimeters of the island have pure, powdery sands. The local people live quiet, “slowed down” lives and are very friendly towards their tourist friends.

How To Plan A Trip To Europe? Our Ultimate European Exploration Guide

Vacation with 10 Simple Tips Successfully

Who doesn’t love traveling? Exploring the globe, tasting delicious foods you cannot get at home, and learning about a culture far different from your own is often the highlight of someone’s year.

Europe is a popular destination for people of all ages as it has a lot of unique landmarks, museums, and shops. But how do you even begin to start planning a trip there?

We love to go sightseeing and head out on new adventures, but planning it all out can be overwhelming. Especially to a place outside of your original country. Which is why getting some helpful advice can both soothe our worries, and make everything fall into place quicker and simpler.


You better grab your passport and prepare for tea time, because we’re getting you ready for a European trip of a lifetime with 10 simple tips.

Where To?

friends planning trip by searching locations using a mobile phone

Image by By Antonioguillem

Before you can plan anything, you’ve got to decide where you want to travel to. Which, of course, is one of the most difficult parts.

There are over 50 European countries, all with their own unique pieces of culture, scenery, and history to offer.

Some big names are on the map, like France, Germany, and England, but what about some other countries?

The great thing is that a lot of these countries are located very close to one another, requiring only a few hours travel time to get from one country to the next. Consider spending time in more than one place while you adventure. You’ll be glad you did.


France has a ton of gorgeous monuments, museums, and churches to explore. They have some exquisite cuisine, have some terrific shopping sites, and serve as the perfect romantic getaway.

a magnificent structure of French cathedral in France

French cathedral, Image by Tama66 on Pixabay

the most popular travel destination at London Bridge in England

London Tower Bridge, Image by PIRO4D on Pixabay

The United Kingdom

London, England is by far one of the most popular European travel destinations. With its world-famous museums, clock tower, and theatre scene, this is an exciting place for people of all ages and interests. Plus, they serve incredible fish and chips.


Italy is bursting at the seams with popular tourist attractions. With many famous cities, like Rome, Florence, Milan, and Venice, you can experience a taste of Italian culture in all sorts of different atmospheres. The food is divine, the sites are breathtaking, and the cost for lodging is often quite reasonable.

experience a taste of Italian culture at Cinque Terre villages Monterosso Italy

Cinque Terre villages, Monterosso, Italy, Image by Sylabo on Pixabay

unbelievable sculpted architecture of Barcelona Spain

Sculpted architecture of Barcelona, Image by unknown on Pixabay


Who doesn’t want to visit a beauty like Barcelona? Spain offers an incredible beachfront along with unbelievable architecture. The local food is delicious and absolutely worth checking out.


If you’re looking for some island action, you have to take a trip to Greece. This historical country not only offers some of the best island beaches around, but they also have a ton of archaeological and historical attractions, including the famous city of Athens.

one of the archaeological and historical attractions at Stone Arch Bridge, Nature Park Villa Aoos, Greece

Stone Arch Bridge, Nature Park Villa Aoos in Greece, Image by shogun on Pixabay

the best hiking trail at the Swiss Alps

Swiss Alps, Image by JimboChan on Pixabay


For those ready for a good climb, consider taking a long hike through the Swiss Alps. The views you will get from atop these mountains will take your breath away, making your regular life feel dull in comparison.


Grab a pint of beer and get ready for an exciting trip to Germany. This country has a ton of beautiful landmarks and historical sites that will keep you feeling humbled and amazed.

a beautiful landmark and historical site at Germany town in Germany

Small German town, Image by mschiffm on Pixabay

the magical and mythical great site at Blarney Castle, Ireland,

Blarney Castle, Ireland, Image by PerWaernborg on Pixabay


You must be pretty lucky if you’re heading off to Ireland! This seemingly magical and mythical country offers a ton of great sites and great drinks. Travel through the Guinness Storehouse, explore an ancient castle, and kiss the Blarney stone all in a single trip.


If you’re willing to head a bit more north, it is definitely worth checking out Sweden. This country has some incredible museums, palaces, and historical cities to explore. They also have a great number of forests and mountains that are fun to travel through.

an incredible museum at Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm, Sweden, Image by JarkkoManty on Pixabay

the Polish Underground Amusement Park at Wieliczka Salt Mine in Poland

Wieliczka Salt Mine Is an Incredible Polish Underground Amusement Park, Image By Kanuman


Poland has some of the most beautiful underground chapels to date. Their streets and cities are gorgeous, and you can even arrange to check out a royal castle if you’re feeling adventurous.


Although it may not be the first European country you think of when referring to Europe, but it is by far one of the best places to see breathtaking ocean views. This country is full of lively cities and unbelievable landscapes just waiting to be discovered.

a view of the series of 16 lakes joined by waterfalls that leads to a limestone canyon at croatia

Plitvice National Park, Croatia- known for a series of 16 lakes joined by waterfalls that lead to a limestone canyon. Image by tangentbeta on Pixabay

the famous Fisherman's Bastion at Budapest Hungary

Fisherman’s Bastion, Budapest, Hungary. -Image by Giraffew on Pixabay


Whether you’re hungry or not, Hungary is a great place to spend some time abroad. Visit the famous Budapest, or one of their other major cities, and experience a trendy, exciting time both day and night. Soak in the beauty, and spend some time here with your family, partner, or closest friends.

The Netherlands

If you’re looking for a romantic getaway for two, give the Netherlands a try. Popular cities like Amsterdam have lured tourists in for decades thanks to their romantic channels. They also host one of the best gay-pride festivals in Europe, proving that love truly is love, no matter who you’re with.

a romantic getaway at the romantic channels of Canal waterway in Amsterdam

Canal waterway in Amsterdam, Image by djedj on Pixabay

10 Lifesaving Tips to Make Your European Adventure a Success


We know planning a trip can be hard, but you should be able to have fun the whole way through, not be so stressed out you can’t even enjoy the trip when you get there.

By making a few simple adjustments to your planning strategy, you can make your European adventure a true success.

At the end of the day, remember that you are doing this to give yourself a break, see someplace exciting, and spend time with the people who matter most in your life. So have fun, don’t stress, and before you know it, you’ll be breathing in that beautiful European air.

A Day? A Week? A Month?

A lot of the determining factors for how long you can spend abroad has to do with your day to day life. How long can you get off work? How much can you afford? Where exactly do you want to go and what do you want to do there?

To thoroughly explore a country, or dip your toes into a couple countries close by, we suggest about a two week trip to Europe.

time is a determining factor of how long you can spend your vacations abroad

Image by WorldSpectrum on Pixabay

One week often leaves people feeling rushed and unable to see everything, while the additional week gives you time to become accustomed to European culture.

If you’re looking to travel all over Europe and explore as many countries as possible, and have the luxury of time and money on your hands, you’re going to want about three months. Any longer than that and you will have to get a Visa.

Serious Seasonal Situations

there are Crowds of people that travel during peak seasons

Image by B_Me on Pixabay

If you have to ability to travel whenever you want, you may want to consider picking out an optimal time that will allow you to experience everything you want to see, without dealing with the huge crowds.

Summertime, from June to August, will be the most popular tourist times. The countries will be warmer, there will be a number of festivals and activities going on, and it will be easier to explore. However, you may also run into a lot of people at this time, making it difficult to get into certain places.

The colder months are often far cheaper and less crowded, but there may not be as many activities going on for you to see. This does not mean that there won’t be things for you to do, but you may be limited to the types of things you can do.

Our best suggestion for you is to travel during what is referred to as “shoulder season”. This is the time between the offseason and the peak season. This ranges between April and mid June along with September and October. Here, you’ll get to experience many of the benefits of the peak season without the long lines or huge crowds.

Apps, Maps, and Filling in the Gaps

Can’t figure something out? Don’t worry, there’s an app for that!

Technology has allowed us to travel smarter, experience more, and navigate around foreign lands more easily than ever before.

use mobile apps and take down notes on how to plan a trip to europe

mobile apps, Image by FirmBee on Pixabay

You’re going to need a great set of apps at your disposal if you want to get the most out of your European experience.

Apps like Spotted by Locals, Smart Traveler, and Pretty Streets can help you see and experience the best parts of the city safely. Learn where the best places are, who to contact if something seems wrong, and find the perfect snapshot of the city with a tap of your finger.

Others, like GoEuro, Google Maps, and Uber will help you actually get around the areas you’re trying to see. They’ll not only tell you how to get there but be able to give you alternate roots and transportation methods if needed. Plus, Uber can come to pick you up in a ton of European cities.

Finally, if you’re traveling to a country that doesn’t speak your language, you need to download Google Translate. This app can not only translate the text you type in, both online and offline, but it can translate audio recordings and foreign signs or images. It is easy, free, and incredibly helpful.

Well, You’ve Got to Sleep Somewhere

After a long day of adventuring and traveling, you will need to stay somewhere. There are so many different options for lodging, making it hard to determine which is really the best.

The price of your stay will largely depend on when and where you want to stay. Larger cities will always cost more than something a bit out of the way.

help yourself with a cup of tea after a long day of adventuring and traveling

Image by lisa870 on Pixabay

Summer months are also quite popular, often making it more expensive.

You can choose from things like hostels, which are often the most affordable, Airbnbs, and hotels. Hotels are usually your safest bet as you know what you’ll be getting and will have people there to assist you, but an Airbnb can also offer a lot of flexibility and comfort.

Choose what looks the most comfortable for you. You’re going to want a relaxing environment where you can rest after a long day of adventuring, so select the place that seems to best align with your idea of comfort.

Do You Have Your Passport?

a passport is needed to legally travel to another country

Image by jackmac34 on Pixabay

Passport, please! To travel to Europe, you’ll need a passport to get through the airport and legally travel to a country other than your own.

For some, the idea of getting a passport can seem complicated, but in actuality, most of the work is done without you having to lift a finger.

But don’t worry, we’ll walk you through the whole process and get you on that flight in no time!

For those who are getting their very first passport, or who are filling out forms for children, you’re going to need to go in and fill out a DS-11 form in person. There are locations nationwide, making it easy to find a location near you.

a tourist handing over her passport in the airport

Excited young woman handing over passport in airport. Image By Yakobchuk Olena

Fill out the form and bring it up to the clerk. They will then ask for you to provide some supporting documents to prove you are who you say you are, that you are a United States citizen, and that you are related to the child you say you are related to.

The specific documents you need will depend on whether you’re getting a new passport or simply renewing an old one. Either way, great documents to prove your identity and citizenship are your driver’s license, birth certificate, social security card, and state-issued ID card.

a passport photo validates the information on your passport

posing for passport -Image By photology1971

Say cheese! It’s time to get your passport photo taken. You can get this done at a number of places, but make sure it fulfils the requirements in terms of size, style, and format.

Now comes the part that nobody like. It’s time to hand over some cash to pay for your fees. A standard passport book will cost you about $110, plus a $35 acceptance fee if it is your first time.

After turning all that into the clerk, or mailing in the appropriate information, the rest is off your back. Simply wait four to eight weeks and you’ll have your passport in hand!

Squish It In!

Overpacking is probably the most common traveling mistake many tourists make. It can feel impossible to decide what you’ll feel like wearing, what the weather will be like, and what will look good abroad. However, we can guarantee you do not need 16 shirts for a one week trip.

The video above can help you efficiently pack the items you have chosen to take with you, but we’re going to tell you just what to bring with you on your European adventure.

Firstly, you probably don’t need half the items you’re trying to bring. Lay out all the things you think you need and then cut that back by at least 20%. While having options is nice, having room to bring back souvenirs is even better.

Consider what type of trip you are going on. Are you planning to adventure outside, do some hiking, or check out the nearby wildlife? Be sure to have comfortable shoes and a backpack for supplies.

Travle light with comfortable footwear and handy baggages

Travel light with comfortable shoes. Image by katyveldhorst on Pixabay

If you’re looking to stay closer to town and visit museums, shops, and landmarks, still keep a comfortable pair of shoes with you, but you probably can put those binoculars away.

European weather is often quite chilly and unpredictable, especially if you are traveling outside of the brief summer months. Pack to keep yourself warm and comfortable, rather than lavish and cold.

Don’t forget your small add ons, like a USB travel adaptor, plug adaptors, and chargers. Keep your electronic devices happy so you can capture the entirety of your European escapade.

Bringing Dollars and Getting Pounds

Bank money exchange is needed for your daily expenses on your travel

Man receiving money from teller. Image By New Africa

In the end, it all comes down to dollars and cents. Except in this instance, you’re more likely looking at pounds and euros.

European countries have different home currencies that you must look into before traveling abroad. But there are a few important things to consider before you go handing over your dollars.

No matter where you go, there will be some currency exchange fee. The only thing you can do is to avoid paying more than you need to. Places like airports or train stations often charge far more than if you head into your local bank before you leave.

You can also access an ATM in the country you’ve traveled to and take out money that way. If you can find an in-network ATM, you should hardly pay a fee at all. If you can’t, try to take out larger sums of money simultaneously, rather than small spurts of money multiple times, to avoid ATM fees.


Plastic is also accepted at many shops and retailers in European countries. Depending on where you go, you may not have to have access to cash 24/7.

So let’s talk numbers for a minute. How much money will you need to take along with you?

Provided you have already paid for your rental car, flight, and lodging, you’re probably going to want about $100 per person per day you’re visiting.

This should be able to cover the cost of entrance fees, trains or ferries, food, and small souvenirs. If you know that there are some large ticket items you want to buy or an expensive restaurant you want to visit, consider upping that budget.

This is your vacation and your time to enjoy yourself. Give yourself a little extra to play with in case you come across something extra special.

Planes, Trains, and Rental Cars

When you want to travel, one of the hardest components to figure out is how you will get there. You want to make sure things are time efficient, but certain modes of transportation can be unbelievably expensive.

The first thing you’ll need is a flight to your European destination. Flights can cost a ton of money, especially when you go overseas.

plane soaring through the sky is the fastest way to get to your travel destination

Image via

Choosing to go during a less popular time can often save you quite a bit of cash. This includes both popular travel times and popular flight times. You can often get cheaper flights if you choose to fly out during the week rather than on the weekend. Wednesdays are often the cheapest days to fly out, saving you almost $100 in some cases.

You’ll also want to book it sooner rather than later. We recommend somewhere between three weeks and three months in advance. If you’re able to really plan ahead, sometimes you can snag an even better deal if you book six months ahead, depending on the airline.

car rental is a great way to transport you from place to place

car rental, Image by JensPeter on Pixabay

Getting a rental car is a great way to transport you and your family from place to place. It’s quick, always there when you need it, and will only cost a single fee rather than multiple fees every time you want to travel.

You’ll also want to book it sooner rather than later. We recommend somewhere between three weeks and three months in advance. If you’re able to really plan ahead, sometimes you can snag an even better deal if you book six months ahead, depending on the airline.

While your American driver’s license is all you need to drive in most of Western Europe, certain countries may require you to obtain an international permit before renting. This quick fix can easily be obtained at a AAA center for about $15-$20.

You’ll also need to consider the rules and regulations of the country you will be traveling in. In America, we drive on the right, but in Europe, they drive on the left. Their systems, mileage, and rules may require some studying before you make your decision.

But, if you can overcome all that, you can quickly get to any of your destinations any time of the day. Plus, who doesn’t love a good old-fashion road trip?

Oopsie! Can I Fix That?

So you made an oopsie. That’s okay! Don’t sweat it. Most times, minor planning and traveling mistakes can easily be resolved with a simple phone call or email.

Take your time, double check your information, and anything that is done improperly or poorly should easily stand out. Don’t panic, because a lot of the time, as long as you catch it before you leave, the issues can be resolved.

mistakes happen when traveling like spilling your milk accidentally

Image via

But the best plan is to avoid potential mistakes before they happen.

Here are a few tips to avoid making the most common planning mistakes:

  • Plan your currency exchange smartly; avoid exchanging at the airport
  • Forget the traveler’s check; they may be difficult to exchange nowadays
  • Don’t forget travel insurance
  • Call your bank to inform them you will be traveling
  • Save more money rather than less
  • Book your lodging sooner rather than later
  • Avoid relying on taxis as your sole mode of transportation
  • Pack less rather than more
  • Check with your cell phone company about international data
  • Give yourself plenty of time between flights
  • Avoid overbooking your itinerary

When to Do What

mark the dates on your calendar when booking a travel

Image via

So now you’ve got all the right tips, but how do you know when to do them? Making sure you provide enough time for all the details to fall into place is essential to your overall success while traveling.

The last thing you want to do is feel overwhelmed and unable to book all the things you want to see and do because you waited too long. It is almost always better to prepare as far in advance as possible, but here are a few rough guidelines to follow as a bare minimum.

Six Months Prior

First and foremost, you have to pick out where you’re going to go. We know choosing a destination can be hard, but if you don’t start to plan now, you won’t be able to go anywhere.

Decide which sites you really want to see and determine which cities will allow you to see the most. Also consider things like cost, business, and accessibility.

time flies too fast like a calendar flipping through the months

Image via

You’ll also want to look at where you’ll be staying. Whether you’re choosing to stay at a hostel, an Airbnb, or just a regular hotel, book your stay sooner rather than later. Especially if you are planning to go during a busy time.

If the place you’ve chosen speaks a language other than your own, you may want to start learning a few simple phrases. Things like “Thank you,” “Excuse me,” “Where is the…” and “I would like…” are helpful to know when traveling.

Three Months Prior

book a flight as early as possible to avoid complications

Image by JESHOOTS-com on Pixabay

If you need to renew your passport or get one to begin with, it’s sort of now or never. Depending on how busy they are, it can take up to two months for your passport to come in. Be sure to plan accordingly so you’re not scrambling around without a passport the week before you leave.

Time to book that flight! Check through a bunch of airlines and follow our tips to find the most affordable flight possible. This is also a good time to start creating your itinerary and figuring out how much you can do in the time you’ll be spending abroad.

Two Months Prior

If you haven’t already, now is the time to make sure your hotel reservations are made and any reservations for activities, events, or shows have been purchased. Planning ahead is the only sure way to make sure you can do all the things you want to do.

room reservations are now made easy via online services

Man booking a room on laptop. Image By georgejmclittle

You’ll also want to consider how you’re going to get around. Unless you have friends in the country you’re traveling to, chances are you won’t have access to a car without a rental company.

Trains and buses are great to get around but often require passes to use. Make sure you understand their systems before you get there.

One Month Prior

use your money wisely when traveling

Image via

It’s the final countdown, friends. Time to start putting those final pieces together.

If you’re planning to invest in travel insurance, now is the time to set that up. This isn’t required, but if you know you will be spending a lot of money, you may want to protect your trinkets with some insurance.

Speaking of money, it’s important to see how much money you’ve got saved up for this trip. Make sure you have enough in place to go to all the places you want, have money to eat and travel around, and have something to spend on souvenirs.

Right Before You Leave

In the final stretch of time before your big trip, ensure you have everything in place. Know exactly what you’ll pack, have all your documents in place, and have made arrangements for your home while you are away.

It’s often wise to double check everything before you go.

double check everything as you pack up your things

Image via

Even though you know you bought your plane ticket for a Thursday morning, double check that you remembered the right time so everything goes as planned and you can enjoy your trip.

Make a List and Check It Twice

Remaining organized is essential to good planning. Lists can help you keep track of everything you’ve done, everything you still need to do, and remind you of things you may otherwise forget.

As a bonus tip, we’ve started a European traveler’s checklist for you. Feel free to add and edit whatever you need, but be sure to check off all listed items before you leave.

The Ultimate European Traveler’s Checklist

  • Check your passport; do you have it and has it expired?
  • Confirm your flight information
  • Confirm your hotel reservations
  • Make reservations for attractions you want to see
  • Do you need or want travel insurance?
  • Call your bank; tell them you will be out of the country for x amount of days
  • Create backup documents
  • Confirm transportation information (trains, rental cars, etc.)
  • Buy a guidebook for the country you’re traveling to
  • Give yourself plenty of time between flights
  • Ask your phone company about their international texting, calling, and data
  • Download travel and translation apps
  • Double check you have all medical needs taken care of (shots, prescriptions, etc.)
  • Create your own travel first aid kit
  • Ask someone to watch over your house, take care of your pets, and grab your mail
  • Give a family member your itinerary and contact information
  • Review the carry-on restriction item list
  • Pack your suitcase, be sure everything is inside it, and check its weight

Run That By Me One More Time

Woo! You made it through all our tips. While we did our best to make everything quick and easy to comprehend, we know it can be easy to forget some little details here and there.

Check out this great YouTube video for a recap of many of the points we made here today, along with a few additional points you may want to consider before heading off to Europe.

Have a Safe Flight!

be safe on all of your travels

Image via

Bon voyage! After all that planning, packing, and preparing, you’re now finally ready to head out on your European adventure.

Be sure to double check you have all your important documents and information before you leave, but once you’re there, enjoy yourself.

Don’t stress if things don’t go perfectly to plan. Instead, cherish the moment. Take in the sights around you, venture to a cafe out of the way for lunch, and try to capture the beauty of the country you are in.

Utilize our tips to make your traveling experience easier, and then soak up everything your journey has to offer. Vacations do not last forever, but their memories can.

Top Things to Do in Budapest to Truly Get to Know the City

budapest landscape things to do in budapest

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In order to truly get to know Hungary’s capital city of Budapest, it is important first to realize it’s actually made up of three different cities. Obuda and Buda are on the west bank, and Pest is on the east bank of the Danube.

Another interesting fact is that the majority of the city of Budapest has been granted World Heritage Site status. As a result, many travelers consider the city a top destination in Europe because there is literally so much to see and enjoy.

There are a number of different things for visitors to do, from thermal spas, the opera house, to museums. Here are the top 9 things to do in Budapest to truly get to know the city.

Top 9 Things To Do In Budapest 

The Gellert Baths

When you are looking for things to do in Budapest that are out of the ordinary, grab your bathing suit and hit the Gellert Baths. Considered to be the grandest of all spas in Budapest, it includes a large open pool. This one transforms into a wave pool, effervescent swimming pool, plunge pools, and a Finnish sauna.

For an extra fee, spa treatments and massages are available. Originally constructed around 1912, the spa was recently renovated in 2008. Consequently, those baths were brought back to their former glory.

Margaret Island

For the active type looking for things to do in Budapest, a visit to Margaret Island is in order. Sitting in the middle of the Danube, Margaret Island is an outdoor paradise.In addition to a rubber-coated running path that encircles the entire island, visitors can rent golf carts, pedal cars, and other types of self-powered vehicles, to explore every inch of the island.

The most famous feature on the Margaret Island is the music fountain. This construction periodically dances to a variety of classic pieces throughout the day.

The Hungarian State Opera House

Originally opened in 1884, the Hungarian State Opera House has 1,200 seats. The establishment has been long considered to be the best place in the world to hear operatic performances.

The exterior of the building offers the view to statues of famous composers. Performances occur periodically throughout the year.If there are no shows during your visit, the Opera House still has guided tours during the day. However, you should organize a little bit this visit and book it in advance.

The Ecseri Flea Market

Just on the outskirts of Budapest, you will discover the Ecseri Flea Market. Here is where you can find plenty of bargains and souvenirs to bring home.

Even if you are not in the market to buy anything, the culture and heritage of Budapest will certainly be on display as you get up close and personal with all the characters that make this city unique.On sale at the flea market are everything from memorabilia to retro clothing, and everything in between. If you are not a local and haven’t mastered the art of haggling, you will be paying more

The Parliament Building

Of all the things to do in Budapest, a stop at the Parliament Building must be on your list. Designed in the Gothic Revival style, it is considered to be one of the largest buildings in the city. The building houses hundreds of parliamentary offices. You can have the best view from the opposite side of the Danube.Daily tours are available through parts of the Parliament Building. The good news is that it will run in a number of different languages. Identification is mandatory to enter the building. Moreover, expect that your possessions will be thoroughly searched before entry.

The Buda Castle Hill Funicular

The Buda Castle Hill Funicular was first opened in 1870. It is the second oldest hill railway in the world. A unique system of different weights and counterweights raises the carriages to the top of the hill and back. The funicular offers panoramic views of the Danube. It is the fastest way to the top of Castle Hill.

Since 1988, the speed of the climb to the top of Castle Hill has slowed down. This gives the passengers more time to enjoy the view. Open until 10 p.m., taking a ride at night will be a whole new experience while seeing Pest under the lights.

Liberty Statue

On top of Gellert Hill is the Liberty Statue. This is one of only a handful of Communist statues that remained after the transition to democracy.

Overlooking the city, the Liberty Statue was erected in 1947 as a way to commemorate all the Soviet soldiers that died liberating their country. The are no other views of the city below like that from the base of the Liberty Statue.

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The Citadel

Sitting on top of Gellert Hill is the Citadel, constructed after the Hungarian War of Independence. This is one of those unique things to do in Budapest. That’s because the Citadel was first constructed to house troops in this strategic position.However, today it is a restaurant, museum, and hotel. There were troops still stationed in the Citadel up until 1897.

The Aquincum Museum & Ruin Garden

One of the things to do in Budapest that will give travelers the chance to explore the ancient history of Hungary is to visit the Aquincum Museum. This spot served as an important military base during the rule of the Roman Empire.Visitors today still have the unique opportunity to walk among those ancient ruins, including the bathhouse and the gladiatorial amphitheater. Once inside the museum and ruin garden, guests will marvel at the different ancient 

Roman relics that are on display. The museum also houses a working replica of the famous water organ that was found buried in this area back in 1931.

In Conclusion

Although we have only covered 9 of the best things to do in Budapest, this is only a small sampling of the incredible sights to see in this region of the country. 

If you’ve visited an area of the city you feel should have made the list, share your comments so our readers can consider it when they are planning to visit the city.

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Top Cities To Visit In The U.S around the world people dream about going to big cities and experiencing the exciting city life. Young girls dream about moving to big cities where they can walk around the city in the best looking outfits, and they can strut in their favorite shoes. Men dream about working in skyscrapers, making good money, and having a nice car.

If you have dreams like these and you want to make them come true then you have to visit these 5 cities!

1. The Big Apple: NYC


Why you need to visit: This is where your dreams come true. Whether you want to be an actress, or a model, you have an opportunity to become those things in New York City. The city is beautiful and you will never run out of things to do. From going to Little Italy to Chinatown to Times Square. This is the home of the Empire State Building which you can actually go to the top of! New York City is known for it’s beautiful scenery and making dreams come true. This city is a globally influential center of art, culture, and fashion.

2. San Francisco  


Why you need to visit: San Francisco is located in Northern California and is surrounded by the pacific ocean, and the San Francisco Bay. It is known for it’s beautiful landscape, the iconic Golden Gate Bridge, beautiful Victorian homes, and cable cars. One of the coolest places to visit when you go to San Francisco is Alcatraz Island, located in the bay. Alcatraz Island is the site of the notorious former prison and is incredible. San Fran will take your breathe away and will amaze you with its beauty.

3. Washington DC


Why you need to visit: Home of the President of the United States and the Capitol of the United States. The city is known for its famous monuments and and buildings. It has the homes of the Federal governments 3 branches: White House, Supreme Court, and the Capitol. One place that you have to visit if you go to Washington is the Smithsonian Natural History Museum. It will blow your mind away and your kids will be loving all the exciting exhibits. It a trip that you will remember for the rest of your life.

4. Los Angeles, California


Why you need to visit: The city that is full of clubs, gambling, beaches, parties, and a bunch of fun. LA is full of luxurious hotels and scenic areas. A lot of famous people spend their time in LA performing shows or just going out and about. This is home to many famous people. This city is called “The city of angels” and the home of the Hollywood walk of fame. Hollywood is where dreams come true and if you’re searching for a place to make your dreams to come true then I highly highly recommend going to LA.

5. Seattle


Why you need to visit: Seattle is surrounded by water, mountains, and beautiful evergreen forests. Seattle is home to thriving industries such as Microsoft, and Amazon. This is where the futuristic space needle is located that will take your breath away. Seattle is beautiful and full of things to do. You can go to the Woodland Park Zoo and see all the beautiful animals or you can go clubbing if that’s more of what you’re into!

6. Orlando


Why you need to visit: Orlando is home to a wide breadth of beautiful sights, sounds and experiences. Amusement parks pepper the area and the sun is bound to be shining most of the time you are there. Popular activities outside of amusement park-hopping include visiting major aquariums and enjoying fresh seafood prepared by world class chefs in a multitude of international cuisine styles. Beyond the obvious destinations such as Disney’s assortment of parks, gems like Gatorland and exciting air-boat tours through the swamps. Petting zoos, water parks and zip-lining are great reasons to plan a trip to this sunny city too.

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