Top 18 Most Beautiful Dog Breeds in the World

Dogs are amazing creatures and it is true that a “dog is a man’s best friend.” For centuries, humans have used dogs not only for companionship, but also for training, teaching, breeding, and support for people with disabilities.

Either breeding dogs for work or for aesthetic purposes has produced a huge variety of dog breeds, each with their own individual characteristics, traits, and personalities.

If you are considering a new dog or are interested in the breeding business, but don’t know which ones will be successful or are more popular, here are some options.

The 18 Most Beautiful Dog Breeds in the World

Below are listed the top 18 most beautiful dog breeds in the world in no specific order.

18. The Chesapeake Bay Retriever

Chesapeake Bay Retrievers are known to be bright, affectionate, and sensitive. They are famous for their waterproof coat, which is wavy and oily to the touch.

They’re solid-colored, being a chocolate brown, deadgrass, or sedge, and have yellow-amber eyes or light blue eyes that complement their coat.

Chesapeake Bay Retrievers are much more emotional than a typical gundog. Although they can be trained, they have a mind of their own. They’re protective of their humans but are also polite to strangers

They are known to be excellent watchdogs and athletes. A Chesapeake Bay Retriever will be a wonderful companion or hunting buddy.

17. The Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retrievers are known to be one of the most friendly dogs, both with other dogs and humans. They will bond with the entire family, including children. But don’t make the mistake of thinking that this beloved family dog has low energy, because Labs are very athletic and love to swim, fetch, and run.

Labrador Retrievers have a dense coat that can be yellow, black, or chocolate. Indeed, they’re some of the most beautiful dogs in the world.

16. The American Bulldog

The American bulldog is by far one of the most popular American breeding dogs and is also a popular household dog.  The aesthetic of this breed is its essence of strength and character; it looks at you with confidence and compliance.

There are two different types of American Bulldogs, including the standard type as well as the bully type.

15. The Chow Chow

Beautiful Brown Chow Chow

The Chow Chow may not be a very outgoing dog breed, but with its fluffy thick coat, curly tail, droopy eyes, and lovely squashed face, it will turn heads around wherever it goes. Chow Chows are mainly known for their signature blue tongues which they develop by the time they are six months old.

This overly cute and majestic dog breed is not the only breed with a black/blue tongue. Another Asian breed, the Shar Pei, has the same feature.

The Chow Chow originates in China but it isn’t clear how it got into Europe and then the Americas. In Chinese, this breed is called “puffy-lion dog” (Songshi-Quan), which is a pretty accurate description.

14. The Catahoula Leopard Dog

The Catahoula Leopard is a loyal and hard working dog. Originally bred in northern Louisiana, the Catahoula is a tough breed used to track and catch wild hogs, which explains its nickname, “The Hog Dog”.

At first glance this dog gives a striking impression due to the pattern and colorization of its fur.

But its appearance can vary quite considerably from individual to individual, making this dog a unique breed and why it is one of the prettiest.

13. Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever is a larger size dog, and is known for retrieving hunted and dead game unharmed, hence the name “Golden Retriever.” Golden Retrievers are very popular in dog shows because of being purebred, their smooth fur, and their golden color.

While retrievers can come from many different nations and vary in looks, they all have the same characteristic: they are loyal to their owner This is why retrievers are chosen for people with disabilities, because they are known to stick it through with their owner, no matter the outcome.

Combined with their adoring personality and their golden glow, the Golden Retriever is a solid choice when looking for the world’s most beautiful dogs.

12. The Tibetan Mastiff

The Tibetan Mastiff is a purebred guard dog originating in the Himalayan Mountains. Legend has it that this mountain dog is the result of multi-generational inbreeding with local wolves in Tibet, with the sole purpose of protecting traders and troops from potential aggressors while on long distances.

It is a protective, strong willed, and loyal dog that is less inclined to participate in games and fun family activities. As an adult it is rather a silent and introvert dog, with a strong bark, and an inborn love for the great outdoors.

Get this dog if you’re after a watchful but a beautiful and fluffy four-legged companion with a strong personality.

11. The Shih Tzu

most beautiful dog breeds

This pretty little ball of fur is the Shih Tzu, a favorite of past Chinese royalty. Another example of elegance and grace on the list, any Shih Tzu dog seems to float across the floor as it moves, an illusion produced by the long silky fur that trails on the ground behind them.

This breed is a favorite show dog, mainly because its fur is able to be styled in any way combed or brushed. They are also a fun house dog and small enough that they will not knock over small children.

Its name translates from Chinese mandarin to lion dog. Quite the irony, eh?

10. The Saint Bernard

most beautiful dog breeds

The Saint Bernard is an astounding breed. Despite its size, the Saint Bernard is an adorable and classic choice, and an incredibly useful and hard working dog.

It was originally bred for rescue relief in the Swiss Alps and Italy, of which it has become famous for, stereotypically depicted carrying a barrel of brandy around its neck (which has been found to never have happened).

A Saint Bernard is a great dog for cuddling, and it is very similar to hugging a big teddy bear.

9. The Long Coated Chihuahua

The long haired chihuahua is the pretty version of its less appetizing short-haired cousin. Except for the think coat, the two chihuahuas are identical: they’re loyal, smart, energetic, and clearly affected by the small dog syndrome.

Paradoxically, even though they are the smallest dog breed in the world, chihuahuas are renowned for their unresolved anger management issues. This is especially true if their owners failed to socialize them as pups. So, it is best to think twice before getting a chi, especially if it’s a rescue.

Aggressiveness and stubbornness aside, long coated chihuahuas make great one-person pets, can literally fit in a purse, and are extremely loyal and devoted to their human. However, they come at a steep price: from $500 to $1,500 for a purebred.

8. The Siberian Husky

Siberian Huskies were imported from Siberia to Alaska in the 1800’s and were bred specifically to pull sleds in snowy terrain.

This made this breed extremely useful to humans who had no other form of mobility in these climates and were proven to be absolutely imperative for the exploration of the North Pole.

Siberians are known for their bright blue eyes, or sometimes even multi-colored eyes. This breed has a gorgeous fur that can range anywhere from black to a copper red.

The dog has a double coat that protects it from harsh winter weather but does reflect the summer heat.

7. The Doberman Pinscher

A sturdy looking breed of dog, it is praised for its loyalty and its compassion toward its family. Not only is the Doberman Pinscher beautiful and can come in a variety of colors, including black, brown, fawn, blue, and red, but it can also be intimidating at the same time.

No wonder this breed is commonly used as a personal guard dog — it can kill with its looks!

6. The Poodle

The poodle is the very essence of fashion and has been a very popular pet for Europeans for the past seven centuries. These trendy dogs were originally bred in Germany and come in many forms: the standard, miniature, and toy types.

Historically, the poodle has always been a useful working dog, as well as a beautiful show dog due to the assortment of colors and styles that can be applied to its fur. The poodle is a true testament to the beauty that occurs in all dog breeds.

5. The Pomeranian

A toy dog that was first originated from the North Poland and East Germany regions of Europe, these dogs are adorable with their fluffy fur. Overall, this dog is a complete bundle of joy.

The tail of the Pomeranian is excessively plumed, giving this intelligent little pooch a high degree of character to its look.

Pomeranians are known for their beauty because of their fluffy fur and chirpy personality, and they simply make you want to hold them in your hands and look at you with their big, beady eyes.

4. The Samoyed

Samoyeds take their name after the Samoyedic people, a tribe native to the frigid regions of northern arctic Russia. This stunningly beautiful dog was bred to sledge heavy loads and as herding dogs.

Their fluffy, bright white double coat used to keep both them and their owners warm during the long, freezing Arctic nights. Samoyeds are independent but friendly dogs that make great companions for families and children.

They love people and dislike to be left alone, are relatively easy to keep (except for the grooming part), and they have a low tolerance for heat. The Samoyed is an optimistic and calm dog, that often puts on the so-called “Sammy smile,” instantly cheering everyone in its pack.

3. The Akita Inu

The Akita Inu is a strong, magnificent dog with a big heart and an unyielding fidelity to its owner.

This beautiful Japanese dog breed has caught the world’s imagination with the story of Hachi, a Japanese Akita dog who reportedly waited for its late master to return from work at the same train station every afternoon until its death, nine years later.

The Akita is a calm, loyal, self-reliant dog, who rarely barks. It has strong inborn guarding instincts, so it needs to be socialized as a pup to prevent it from becoming aggressive toward strangers later on.

Just like the Japanese people, it is hard to tell when this dog is mad, angry, or upset as the breed, in general, is very hard to read. So, an Akita may be furious about something and not show it until it suddenly snaps at another dog or person who did something to infuriate it.

2. The Keeshond

Sleepy Keeshond pup one of the most beautiful dogs in the world

The Keeshond [KAYZ-hawnd] is great for families with children. They’re playful, energetic, and affectionate, and a joy to look at. Even thought the Keeshond was initially bred as a watchdog, it has become a great apartment pet as long as you don’t leave him alone for one bit.

Its thick fluffy coat protects it against harsh winter temperatures but works against it in hot, humid climates. The Keeshond’s easy-going nature and nice personality have turned it into the Dutch’s favorite canine companion ever since the times when it used to offer companionship to Dutch sailors on their barges and boats.

The Keeshond used to be known as the Dutch Barge Dog, but the name doesn’t really do this dog any justice, as the Keeshond’s excessively friendly personality doesn’t make it one of the best watchdogs out there.

1. The Pug

most beautiful dog breeds

With its stubby wrinkled face, huge eyes, curly Danish swirl tail, and characteristically stubby frame, the Pug definitely needs to be on the list.

Pugs were first imported from China to Europe during the 16th century.
Not only are they beautiful, but they make excellent pets, thanks to their personality.

For instance, they are remarkably social and great around children for their endurance and relaxed attitude. The pug will forever be a favorite in the eyes of many.

To Wrap It Up

Our list of the most beautiful dogs on the world could go on forever, but the breeds here have caught our attention. What do you think? Is there another aesthetically pleasing dog bread that should have made it on the list? Leave your feedback below.

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Top 10 Best Small Dog Breeds for Kids

Top 10 Best Small Dog Breeds for Kids

A pet is, arguably, the best gift you could give to your kid since it fosters responsibility while making them value animals and show kindness towards them. Among the most preferred pets by both children and adults are dogs, probably because they are cuddly and loyal. Kids will often favor small dogs to big ones, especially because the former are likely to be more endearing and interesting. So, which small dog breeds for kids should you go with?

a small cute dog

It would be incorrect to assume that all small dogs and children will get along well. If a dog has not been correctly socialized, size doesn’t matter, and they may prove to be unsafe for your kids. Besides, there are small dog breeds for kids that are naturally inclined to be patient and, thus, safe for your children, as discussed below.

Either way, it’s best to adopt the dog as a puppy and invest time into training it or reach out to a trainer to give you a hand. On the same note, the child should understand that hurting the dog is a big no-no, no matter its size. Without further ado, let’s take a quick look at the best small dog breeds for children.

Here Are the Best Small Dog Breeds for Kids

#1. Pug

two cute pug dogs

Pugs are among the friendliest small dog breeds for kids you will ever stumble upon. Your children can chase the dog around the house safely without the fear of being bitten or even getting barked at. They often come in black or silver and have short coats, squished-up faces, and black snouts.

This dog does not grow taller than around 11 inches. Also, it doesn’t get heavier than 8 kilograms. It stays indoors mostly and, since a pug is often very playful, it enjoys receiving plenty of attention. Something your kid will definitely appreciate.

#2. Dachshund

three cute dachshund puppies

The main characteristics that render this type of dog ideal for children are its inquisitiveness and its lively, energetic disposition. These features will come in handy since children are usually running after dogs – dachshunds can more than take on that challenge thanks to their great stamina.

Dogs weigh between 11 and 32 pounds, are easy to please, and are usually extremely joyful. There are three kinds of dachshunds – wired-haired, long-haired, and short-haired. Depending on your child’s age, you might want to choose one that is medium-sized rather than toy size, lest they get hurt by your children while playing together.

#3. Yorkshire Terrier

a cute Yorkshire terrier dog sitting on the floor

This tiny canine is among the best small dog breeds for kids thanks to its big, adventurous personality. The engaging, pint-sized pup is an ideal pet for families that love traveling as he will keep your children entertained in the back seat while you are en route.

Yorkshire Terriers are tiny, pointy-eared, silky-haired dogs with yappy voices that measure around 9 inches and weigh between 4 and 7 pounds. They’re also hypoallergenic, which makes them a safe choice for any household. However, Yorkies can become snappish if they’re teased, which makes them better suited for families with older children.

#4. Miniature Schnauzer

two medium-sized schnauzer dogs

This is arguably the most popular dog among the three schnauzer breeds, which include the standard and giant sizes. Kids prefer this dog due to his intelligent and cheerful nature, which allow him to hang out comfortably in the house, as well as romp outdoors in the yard or park. The charming and incredibly friendly Miniature Schnauzer features a distinct beard, wiry coat, and bushy eyebrows.

#5. American Eskimo Dog

a cute foxy american eskimo dog

A striking dog with a white coat, black eyes, and sweet expression, the American Eskimo Dog is beloved by many thanks to its beauty and ability to entertain. The dog won’t shy away from joining in on family activities, from cuddling on the couch to running through the park.

This Spitz-like breed with thick ears comes in miniature and standard versions. The dog is especially sweet and docile, making him an ideal companion for all family members, including kids.

#6. Bichon Frise

a cute bichon frise dog

This white powder puff of a dog boasts a merry temperament that is evidenced in its dark-eyed inquisitive eyes, coupled with his plumed tail that is carried jauntily over the back. The dog is easy to live with as it exhibits a cheerful mood and enjoys playing games, snuggling into pillows, and perching on your sofa to peek out the window.

The Bichon Frise will delight your kids as it enjoys learning new tricks while being extremely sociable and dependent on human companionship.

#7. Shih Tzu

a tiny cute shih tzu dog

Kids love this small, proud and eye-catching breed. Shih Tzus have a sweet-natured temperament, aren’t yappy, and are generally less demanding than the majority of the other small dog breeds for kids.

The dog is solidly built and enjoys playing in the yard, making it an ideal playmate for toddlers. Besides, with its love for comfort and attention, you will often find it cuddling in your kid’s lap or hiding under comfy pillows.

#8. Tibetan Spaniel

a tibetan spaniel dog

The Tibetan Spaniel can be compared to a cat thanks to its independent nature, coupled with his quick agility and remarkable intelligence. This good-natured pet dog is easy to live with, playful at times, laid-back at others. You will often find the dog playing with your kids – Tibetan Spaniels are extremely family-oriented and don’t appreciate being left alone for long. This dog is the ultimate kids’ companion, managing to be sensitive to their feelings and moods.

Besides, children will be delighted by the dog’s agility. They are sure-footed climbers and you will often find them perched on the window looking out or on the high back of a chair. More interestingly, Tibetan Spaniels are clever problem solvers, used to relying on their dexterity in getting what they want. For instance, they will figure out how to pry open a cabinet door using their paws, making them an appealing small dog breeds for kids. Just make sure you keep accessible cabinets free of any dangerous items or substances.

#9. Chihuahua

a white chihuahua puppy

No kid can resist this comical, entertaining, and loyal little dog that is brimming with personality. Chihuahua dogs exhibit a bigger-than-life persona that can be very endearing to both children and adults. They will often amuse kids with their evident intelligence, agility, and enthusiasm. A Chihuahua can be trained to perform simple tasks easily as long as you use praise and food rewards as positive reinforcement.

While Chihuahuas are not recommended for homes with children under the age of eight, older kids find them delightful as they are feisty and often more than willing to stand up to larger dogs. A Chihuahua’s unique personality makes it a wonderful companion for families, while its small size makes it very easy to carry around.

#10. Havanese

Havanese dog

Like Yorkies, Havanese dogs are hypoallergenic, so you don’t need to worry about shedding or about your kids becoming allergic to their new companion. Small in size but sturdy in structure, these dogs are highly adaptable and have a curious disposition, making them a great addition to any family. However, they have strong social needs, so they don’t do well when they have to spend too much time alone.

As far as their appearance is concerned, Havanese dogs have a silky coat that can come in various colors. Most are 10 to 16 pounds and 8 to 12 inches. They are very loyal and love to be active. These dogs enjoy playing, long walks, and following their owners around. In other words, they will thrive as long as they are surrounded by loved ones.

Bottom Line

When choosing small dog breeds for kids, go for one that is sufficiently loyal and gentle. Small dogs are not always kid-friendly since some can be too nervous, too susceptible to injury, or too hyper to be truly compatible with toddlers. Ideal small dog breeds for kids, as listed above, are sufficiently patient and sturdy enough to handle the heavy handed hugs that children often dish out.

Kid-friendly dogs are always ready and waiting for action as they will often be engaged in retrieving games and endless jumping. It is imperative that your selected small dog has enough stamina to handle significant exercise and mental stimulation.

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Top 10 Most Beautiful Birds in the World

You are bound to be in awe of the unique features and astounding colors that these 10 rare birds exhibit. With their striking beauty and enchanting tweets, it is impossible not to be drawn to these fascinating winged creatures.

These birds of a feather make the most amazing flocks in the world. In this list, we have embarked on a venture to find the most beautiful birds on earth. Where beauty isn’t feather deep, this is what we are looking for. We have chosen the fairest fouls on their color, contrast, and displays of their pretty bloom. Some birds have many incredible attributes, like speed and dexterity, but few have a beautiful song that resonates through the forest for miles, adding a unique touch of class to the creatures.

Below are listed the top 10 most beautiful birds in the world. Nonetheless, there are so many more that deserve their own entry here. This list doesn’t follow any specific order as their beauty is hard to compare!

1. The Golden Pheasant

golden pheasant exotic bird from profile

The Chinese Pheasant is renowned for its golden color that adds to the spectacular charm of this bird species. These game birds are native to China’s west coast, but they are also bred in the UK. When the male wants to attract a mate, he spreads his cape to create an enchanting display. Their cape is of a deep orange shade that covers almost everything except their brilliant yellow eyes.

2. The Quetzal

small Quetzal on a tree branch from behind

Found in Central America, the Quetzal dwells in the tropical forests and mountains of this region. Their sharp contrast of colors, as well as personal charm, positioned them in top 10 most beautiful birds in the world.

They feed on lizards, insects, fruit, and several other small creatures in the wild. Unfortunately, this bird species is endangered in some countries, like Guatemala. It is a shame that this bird has fewer chances of survival than other beings.Their beautiful red body and puffy feathers on the top of their head give it the most pristine look.

3. The Painted Bunting

Painted Bunting on feeble plant as a colorful bird

The Painted Bunting pertains to the Cardinal family and resides in North America. Its dark blue head that leads to a green back makes it stick out from other cardinals, as well as other birds.

You can find these beautiful birds in woody terrain as well as areas with lots of brush. While they are not endangered, they are still threatened. Therefore, it is illegal today to keep this bird in a cage, which is understandable because this gorgeous bird should not be held back from its natural habitat.

4. The Bali Bird of Paradise


A vast majority of bird species in the Birds of Paradise family are located in New Guinea as well as its satellites. However, there are a few remaining species on the eastern coast of Australia and Moluccas. It is common to see these birds only on film since they usually dwell in dense and inaccessible rainforest habitats. Its long body and striking red colors make the Bali Bird of Paradise one of top 10 most beautiful birds in the world.

5. The Atlantic Puffin

This is a type of pelagic bird that typically feeds on fish and other marine creatures such as crustaceans and squid. The most striking feature of the Atlantic Puffin during its breeding season is the brilliantly-colored bill. With the bird’s curious appearance, piebald plumage and large colorful bill, some people call the puffin as the “clown of the ocean.” All in all, their peculiarity is what got them into the top 10 most beautiful birds in the world.

6. The Blue Bird of Paradise

The Blue Bird of Paradise is classified in the bird of paradise family. This gorgeous winged creature is listed as “vulnerable” on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. They continue to be threatened due to their loss of habitat and their already small population.

This striking bird currently lives in the area of Papa New Guinea. The male is recognized by their violet plumes, which they stretch out in a fan shape when trying to woo a female bird.

7. Peacocks

focus on peacock plumage from the fan-shaped tail

Peacocks (peafowls) originated in India and are known for their stunning colors on their tails, usually being green and blue. The tail feathers of these birds spread out like a fan, which makes up 60% of its body’s total length. Its ends also have that unique, colorful eye design markings of red, gold, and blue, among other colors. The train is typically used in courtship displays and mating rituals. The peacock must be the most popular member of the top 10 most beautiful birds in the world.

8. The Northern Cardinal

Northern Cardinal perched on wood fence

Most people are drawn to the Northern Cardinal’s fiery red feathers that simply captivates any spectators’ attention. Females, on the other hand, have a mediocre brown body. Nonetheless, it is common for the males to display warm red accents and a sharp crest. Since cardinals barely molt into a dull color during winter, they still appear breathtaking in the somber surroundings during cold months.

9. The Blue Jay

blue jay perched on tree branch

Blue Jays are primarily found in North America. They are called Blue Jays for they tend to be very loud, noisy, and have some aggressive tendencies. Their beauty lies in their varying blue colors and white belly.

There are four subspecies of the Blue Jay, including the Northern Blue Jay that resides in Northern U.S. and Canada, Coastal Blue Jay that lives along the coast from North Carolina to Texas, Interior Blue Jay that lives in the inland of America, and the Florida Blue Jay that lives primarily in Southern Florida.

10. The African Crowned Crane

focus on African Crowned Crane from profile

The African Crowned Crane is one of the most charming birds in the African Savannah, which is it the southern part of the Sahara desert. However, the bird prefers to nest in wetter habitats to keep themselves cool and comfortable. These birds may also be found flying around the lakes, and some flat lands near rivers.

It is also important to note that this bird does not migrate. Therefore, they usually stay where they are. With the outstanding and attractive features of this bird, including its fan-shaped poof on its head, it is no wonder why people are drawn to them.

Final Word

It is refreshing at times to take a moment to breathe in and appreciate the wonders of nature. The top 10 most beautiful birds in the world summon the simplicity of life in a spectacular display of strong colors. We’d love to hear your opinions on how you find these fine, delicate creatures!

Image source: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 78, 9, 10

The Ugliest Animals In The World – Interesting Facts

long nosed monkey ugliest animals in the world

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While not every animal is going to be as cute and cuddly as a puppy or kitten, there are some that just raise the bar on the ugly scale. The ugliest animals in the world certainly will leave an impression on you when you see them. Their peculiar features might have evolved for reasons of survival. Other animals simply landed on the side of the unfortunate.

9 of the Ugliest Animals in the World

Giant Chinese Salamander

black and white of a giant salamander ugliest animals in the world

What makes the giant Chinese salamander a serious contender on the list of the ugliest animals in the world is that it really looks like an unlucky mashup of four animals.

 It appears to resemble a fish while it also has salamander qualities. This type of salamander could be mistaken for an eel with feet, and even has snake-like qualities. No matter how you mix it, this is one animal you certainly do not want to get too close and personal with.

The giant Chinese salamander is the largest of all amphibians. It can even breathe through its skin. Despite these advantages, it will never win the crown in a beauty contest.

The Blobfish

front of a blobfish with gelly like pink flesh ugliest animals in the world

It is going to be hard to argue that the blobfish shouldn’t have won an online poll for ugliest animals in the world. No matter how you look at the blobfish, it seems to get uglier.

The blobfish is certainly not a delicacy. It winds up stuck in fisherman nets when sea trawling off the coats of Tasmania and Australia. Once you see the blobfish, you will never forget it.The blobfish appears to be a pile of gooey Silly Putty with two eyes and a frown. Don’t forget the slimy slick surface that only adds to its allure.

The California Condor

a california condor with beak opened at bitter creek ugliest animals in the world

Although there used to be only 8 of the California condors left, successful breeding programs have brought this bird back into a thriving existence. That being said, the breeding programs have certainly not done anything to help the fact this is one of the ugliest birds on Earth.The black feathers seem to hide most of the bird’s features, until you see the bald head and scary beak. The head of the California condor is bald. The bird has huge black eyes and a beak that looks like a giant sharpened toe nail for ripping apart dead carcasses on the side of the highway.

The Proboscis Monkey

long nosed monkey ugliest animals in the world

Make no mistake about it. There are certain monkeys and orangutans that are simply adorable. However, you forget about everything you know about cute monkeys when you get ready to gaze upon a proboscis monkey.

The most obvious feature is the huge nose they use to make annoying honking sounds that could only attract mates. The nose is so long and bulbous, in fact, that it covers their mouth completely.

The nose of the proboscis money resembles the flipper of a seal. However, it sits squarely in the middle of the face of one of the ugliest animals in the world.

The Hagfish

eptatretus stoutii heads under water also known as hagfishugliest animals in the world

There is a really good chance the hagfish will not be a part of your home aquarium in the near future. There is good reason why the hagfish makes the list of ugliest animals in the world.

This creature has a face you will never forget. Not only does it appear to look like the truck of an elephant with tiny tentacles squirming around the opening,but it also does some pretty disgusting things to keep safe from predators.

If the hagfish feels that it is under attack, it will produce gallons of disgusting snot in minutes. It will clog the mouth of any other creature unfortunate enough to think this is an easy meal.

The Snake Headed Turtle

Siebenrock's snake-necked turtle ugliest animals in the world

Turtles are not the cute, hobbled reptiles all the time. If you think that tiny little turtles are adorable, you certainly have not been properly introduced to the Roti Island snake-headed turtle.

If your skin crawls at the thought of getting close to a snake, imagine what a snake and turtle mix would produce. The image you’ll get is one of the ugliest animals in the world.

The snake head turtle has a shell like a typical turtle. The head resembles that of a snake, which leads to an unfortunate mashup of animals

The Naked Mole Rat

a naked mole rat ugliest animals in the world

The naked mole rat looks like what you would imagine a mouse should be seconds after birth. The wrinkles of the naked skin, the closed eyes are all endearing characteristics of the naked mole rat. These bare skin rats live in large communities.

Surprisingly, they have a single female who is the queen of the group. The naked mole rats are certainly not in the same category as Mickey Mouse or your cuddly guinea pigs. In fact, they made it to our list of the ugliest creatures on Earth.

The Monkfish

monkfish on ice in the fish market in norwayugliest animals in the world

There is a good reason that the monkfish dwells on the bottom of the sea. It simply is one of the ugliest animals in the world. Part horseshoe crab, part large mouth bass, and a mix of other sea creatures, the monkfish scans the bottom of the ocean in western Atlantic looking for scraps to eat.

Similar to the sucker-fish that keep your aquarium clean, the monkfish are the trash collectors of the deep. In the end, they do have use in the world, but it is not that of enchanting our sight.

The Aye Ayes

human hand holding bald aye aye animal ugliest animals in the world

magine, if you will, the cute face of a lemur. Next, add scraggly black hair, wild orange eyes, and the nose of a mole. The result will be the aye aye which is one of the ugliest animals in the world. Luckily for the rest of the world, the aye-ayes are only found living on Madagascar island.

Final Word

Although beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, this list of 9 of the ugliest animals in the world certainly leaves a lot to be desired. While we barely scratched the surface on the ugly scale, you may have discovered an animal that should be considered part of the list.

Please post your comments so our readers have a chance to see how your choice stacks up against our list

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