5 Best Prom Jewelry Ideas to Make Your Prom Night Sparkle

Prom jewelry provides so many options, it’s hard to stick with one style for the perfect complement to your dress, hair, and theme. How do you choose what accessories will make your dream night really shine? This style guide will help you choose which trend you want to embody so you can pinpoint the perfect prom jewelry ideas for your prom night. Once you’ve chosen your style inspiration, we’ll also cover some basic tricks for making sure you’ve got the right jewelry for your hair and dress dreams.

1. Classic

girl posing with closed eyes, makeup, elegant dress, pearl necklace, perk earrings

You can never go wrong with classic pearls. A matching set bracelet, pendant necklace, and simple teardrop earrings will give your look a refined, polished finish. This is best suited with elegant gowns with little bead-work to them.

For an extra nostalgic twist, pair with a chic black or pleated red dress and a bold red lipstick. These Hepburn vibes will make you feel elegant and classy as you dance the night away. This iconic prom jewelry idea will give you great pictures to look back on, too!

2. Bohemian

bohemian girl in white dress by the lake with temporary golden tattoos, boho jewelry, jewel on head

For a more modern twist on your prom jewelry ideas, a boho look can be a winner for your special night. Multicolored beading or simple gold bars incorporated into statement necklaces and dangly earrings are a great way to give your inner-boho a chic upgrade.

Kick it up a notch by pairing a choker with a long necklace to add dimension to your statement prom jewelry ideas. Include a stack of bangle bracelets with complementary colors to complete the look. Bohemian style is great with long loose curls or half-up. It is the perfect opportunity to look into hair jewelry or intertwining floral vinery. Pairing best with laced earth tone or more casual natural fiber dresses, this hippie favorite is as unique as you are.

3. Minimalist

lady in black dress with minimalist diamond necklace

If overstated jewelry isn’t your thing, give the minimalist route a try! Small stud earrings, thin chained necklaces with a single pearl or small diamond are a great way to get that sparkle and keep it subtle.

Skipping the bracelet (or the necklace depending on your dress type) is a great way to showcase your dress and your delicate jewelry choices. The minimalist style also gives your hairstyle more room to shine.

4. Statement/Costume Jewelry

table with statement jewelry with large necklace, diamond earrings, hair combs

Statement jewelry or costume jewelry is a great attention grabber for the more glam styles. This works particularly well with themed proms, such as Hollywood or 50’s themed proms. With statement jewelry, the more, the better. Multiple rings and chunky pieces bring the look together.

The key is to have complementing colors, if not matching sets. Another fun element of statement jewelry is the gemstones and funky colors you can add. These styles really pop up with solid or color blocked dresses, and a deep smoky eye makeup. These add a lot of fun and drama to your night!

5. Dazzling

diamond ring on diamond necklace

Similar to the classic style, the dazzle is a set of primarily silver and diamonds. However, the difference is that there is a lot more sparkle that comes with your prom accessories. This look will bring attention and brightness to your eyes and face. The advantage of the dazzle is that it works well with just about any prom gown and upgrades the whole look. Plus, you’ll get basics that you can wear again and again!

How to Match Accessories with Your Dress and Where to Find Bling with Fair Prices

No matter which prom jewelry ideas you lean towards, there are important things to consider when choosing your pieces. You want necklaces and earrings that don’t clash with your hair or dress, so consider the following tips for pairing your dress and bling.

  • Match a strapless dress with – chokers or small pendant necklace with chandelier earrings.
  • Match a V-neck dress with – pendant necklace or Y-shaped chain with stud or dangly earrings.
  • Match a halter or high neck with – skip the necklace and go with bracelets and earrings that fit your style choice.
  • Match a sweetheart neckline with – pendant or choker necklace, any earrings will pair with this dress.
  • Match a one-shoulder dress with – skip the necklace and focus on dangly earring and bangles.

Does your hairstyle match your jewelry? These fool-proof tricks will help you make the right choice.

  • Hair down or half-down- go for stud or long simple earrings and highlight your necklace and bracelet choices. This will add length and keep elaborate earring from clashing with your curls.
  • Chiffon or updo- Free reign! These hairstyles work well with any jewelry choices you choose. It’s also a great opportunity to go big on those sparkly earrings. Hair styles and prom jewelry ideas go hand in hand, so plan them together!

Are you looking for bling on a budget? Here are a few easy and fun tips to save without sacrificing style for your prom jewelry ideas.

  • If you are allergic or sensitive to certain types of metal, coat the back in clear nail polish so it won’t cause a reaction on your skin. This way you’ll get wider selection for your pieces, even the budget-friendly options!
  • Thrift stores are a great way to get amazing accessories at a steal! It’s also a great way to get inspiration if you’re having trouble choosing. Similarly, an aunt or grandma’s jewelry stash might have some hidden gems to step up your look and relive the past with family vintage classics.
  • A lot of online sites also have better deals, so once you find a style you like, jump on Amazon and do a price check. Make sure you give yourself enough time for shipping. Measure the length necklaces or bracelets you want before ordering certain styles. This is an easy step to save a few bucks and get exactly what you want for your big night.

Final Word

With the basics covered, you have room to get really creative with other accessories. Hair jewelry, tiaras, and chained cuff bracelets can add a lot of glam and personality to your prom night. If you are choosing bracelets, choose a style that’s easy to rearrange around a corsage for those couples pictures. With these prom jewelry ideas to complete your dress and shoe style, you are ready for your glamour shot!

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