Top 11 Best Pet Travel Accessories You Should Consider

Traveling with your pet can be really stressful if you don’t have the right gear to keep them under control. Luckily, various pet travel accessories can make the journey worthwhile. The tricky part is identifying the right fit for your furry friend.

Remember, what works for your tiny poodle may not necessary concur with your pet’s needs. In this article, we’re sharing the best pet travel accessories to keep them calm (and entertained) throughout all journeys.

buldog standing out of a car window on a road trip

Therefore locating the middle group for all pet lovers is crucial. Here to help you out are 11 must have pet travel accessories. These accessories are great for both everyday drive and long trips. The criteria of selection and ranking are based on urgency and safety measures required.

The Best Pet Travel Accessories

1. Restraint Harnesses

Vastar two-packs adjustable pet seatbelt harness

Pets should be treated with the same amount of care as humans while travelling. Since they cannot be buckled up in the back seat, they have seat belt harnesses. These harnesses fit perfectly around your pets’ torso and have an attachment that snaps into your car’s seat belt insert.

They come in different types ranging from those allowing mobility of the pet to those that constrain any movement. A good restraint harness prevents your pet from flying out of the car seat in case of abrupt brakes or a crash.

One such harness is the Vastar two-packs adjustable pet seatbelt harness. It come in a range of colors and it is quite pocket-friendly. Furthermore, the harnesses are easy to obtain making them a must have pet travel accessories.

2. Pet Carriers

top 10 best pet travel accessories

These are obvious pet travel accessories every pet owner should invest in. A good cat or dog carrier should be well ventilated with big air openings. The insides of the carrier should be soft and nicely padded with a dome-shaped mesh top. Remember, it is really important that your pet is comfortable when moving around with you.

If you are traveling by air, ensure you carry an airline approved pet carrier. A quick suggestion would be the Midwest Homes Pet Carrier. This is designed with durable plastic and comes equipped with easy-to-clean materials. Plus, the 19-inch size is ideal for an array of dogs and small cats.

3. First Aid Kit

top 10 best pet travel accessories

Injuries and sicknesses are inevitable things that no one wishes for their travel companion. However, most people lack first aid kits for pets. This makes it necessary to fix one before traveling. Your traveling pet first aid kit should contain things like calming aids for your cat or dog.

Calming aids are essential for pets that do not augur well with cars; being cooped up in moving ones cause them to pant, salivate or even vomit. Your first aid kit should also contain motion-sickness prevention in case your pet becomes woozy.

Other things you could add in the first aid kit are scissors, gauze pads, bandages, mid pet sedatives, and gloves. There are countless pet first aid kit options but we would recommend the Adventure Medical Kit as it’s filled with suppliers for your pet and you. 

4. Cargo Liners

Deluxe SUV Cargo Liner for Pets

Pets can really get messy and the whole idea of cleaning after them is a nightmare. You could try using old towels or rags. However, they will only serve for a short while. As your pet moves around, the rag tends not to stay in place.

Cargo liners will get you smiling as their gripping bottom are made precisely to fit your vehicle. They are nonabrasive and friendly to your pet. Best thing about them is you can easily remove and whisk them when the pets create a mess.

A good cargo liner is the Deluxe SUV Cargo Liner for Pets. These pet travel accessories are waterproof, machine washable, nonslip, and come with a lifetime warranty.

5. Portable Litter Boxes

A4PET Encolsed Portable Litter Box for Car Travel

Portable litter boxes are essential pet travel accessories most pet owners overlook. They are mostly used for cats and tiny pups, unlike big dogs, that can take a leak on pit stops. However, you need prior training before the big day.

The A4PET enclosed portable litter box is a great pick for pet lovers who are constantly on the road with their canine buddy. The litter box is washable and foldable for easy storage.

6. Toys and Play Sets

dog chewing playfully toy in meadow

Just like babies, pets need something to keep them engaged, entertained, and distracted from being restless and making noises. In this case you could get toys. They don’t need to be extraordinary.

A normal pillow or chew toy from home could be perfect because they are familiar with the scents. A good toy should not have parts that can easily be pulled off and swallowed or fluffy stuffing to inhale.

To keep your furry friend entertained, we recommend a selection of Squeaky Toys to provide hours of long-lasting fun. This particular toy selection prevents boredom, anxiety, and depression, while many of the toys are soft enough to use as a cushion for cuddling.

7. Travel Spill-Proof Water Dispensers

H204K9 pet water bottle and traveling bowl

Pets need to drink a lot of water while travelling to keep them hydrated. This could be a hectic process; having water spills all over the interior of the car. Luckily, you don’t have to worry about spillage with a travel spill-proof water dispenser. Its wide, over hanging lips keeps your dog or cat from splashing water over.

You might want to invest in the H204K9 pet water bottle and traveling bowl for your on-the-go needs. It is pet-friendly and affordable.

8. Pet Id Tags

cavalier king charles spaniel blenheim dog id tag

Every pet on the road should have a detailed tag with their name and the contact of the owner. In case of a lost pet, the tags could save the day as it is easy to get it back to its rightful owner.

When attaching the tag to the neck, you should ensure that the collar is secure and it is not a rutty one that could fall off anytime. Invest in a pet tag that does more than looking cute, but is a practical way to inform people of your pet’s address should they become lost. 

We recommend a Stainless Steel Dog Tag that you can permanently engrave your address and phone number on. Plus, this is a great design if you like to purchase new collars for your pet to keep them in style.

9. Travel Kit

pet airline travel kit

It’s easier for you to get anything your pet needs if you packed everything for the trip in one place. This kind of accessory saves you the trouble of fishing around for something when you need it urgently.

A good travel kit comes with two soft sided food packets and water bowls. It also includes a bag for dry food.

10. Wet Wipes

box of wet wipes

You will need baby wipes, as they are necessary for cleaning small pet accidents, paws, and even yourself after eating sessions on the road.

Some pets like to roll around in the mud, and from time to time, you should allow them to let loose and have fun. But, you’ll need durable wet wipes to clean them up afterward. 

We recommend Pogi’s Grooming Wipes that are specially designed for messy moments and keep your pet’s fur in great condition. These quilted wipes are also suitable for large dogs and are delicate on their coats.

11. Pet GPS Tracker

top 10 best pet travel accessories

If your pet loves to run off, get yourself a GPS tracker that enables you to find their location at any time. These devices provide every owner with peace of mind, but they’re also a fun way to monitor their daily activity and rest.

Some of the pet devices connect to your smartphone so you can keep track of their whereabouts and activity via the app. 

We recommend the Findster Duo+ Pet Tracker. This works in every country, making it great for frequent travelers. Plus, it can track up to a 3-mile range so you can remotely monitor your pet’s location at any time you need to.


There are countless pet travel accessories you can consider when on-the-go. However, not everything is necessary. By highlighting the top 11 travel accessories you should consider, we hope you might get an idea of what’s needed. Feel free to choose any if not all when planning your next gateway with your furry friend.

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