Top 12 Best Paintball Chest Protector Options in 2019

As a paintball player, trainer, or enthusiast you are bound to crawl, slide, and run with each game. But such a long series of physical activities ups your risk of injury exponentially.

The most vulnerable parts of your body are your arms, legs, chest, and ankles.

So, you’ll need a combination of protective gear to cushion you against harm, but the most important piece of gear is the paintball chest protector.

paintball player hiding behind obstacle in nature to load gun with paint ballsChest paintball protector manufacturers have constantly improved their lines of products over the years, coming up with new and enticing features to enhance paintball players’ experience every year.

This article will be looking at 12 of the top-rated paintball chest protectors in 2019, their prices, and their features to help you choose the best paintball chest protector for your game.

#1 Maddog Padded Paintball Chest Protector

Maddog Padded Paintball Chest Protector

This protector is lightweight. It provides neck, front, and back protection and comes with finger-armored gloves. It is also well vented to prevent sweating and to ensure that circulation of air faces no restrictions.

This way, this paintball accessory will keep you as fresh as you need during playtime.


  • It features elastic shoulder straps that are adjustable to fit people of all sizes.


  • It does not provide full upper body protection. This gap leaves the player vulnerable to injury on the arms and sides.

#2 Zephyr Tactical Padded Paintball Airsoft Chest Protector

Zephyr Tactical Padded Paintball Airsoft Chest Protector

This chest protector guards your front and back. It comes with adjustable straps to ensure a one-size-fits-all design. It is flexible to assist the player to carry out different maneuvers on the field.

The material is lightweight making it easy to carry around the field while giving you maximum protection.


  • It provides maximum protection with very little fiber since it is made from high-quality material.


  • The material does not protect against extreme weather conditions.
  • It only protects the chest leaving your neck, arms, and collarbones exposed to injury.

#3 Empire Paintball BT Chest Protector

Empire Paintball BT Chest Protector

This paintball gear is one of the few that offer full protection for the upper body area. The product provides cooling through its perforated padding. It has stretch panels that ensure reduced sweating and pad placements below the arms.

Such a feature offers comfort for that ultimate swing when shooting. It also has a thermoformed, high-density padding to provide double protection for the player.


  • Full core protection against injury on the neck, collarbones, chest, back, and arms.


  • It is considered quite expensive. You can find it on Amazon.

#4 Aleko PBCPV53 Paintball Airsoft Chest Protector Tactical Vest Body Armor

Aleko PBCPV53 Paintball Airsoft Chest Protector Tactical Vest Body Armor

This paintball chest protector comes with a one-size-fits-all feature due to its adjustable shoulder straps and Velcro side straps. It is made of a heavy-duty material designed to attain a lightweight yet durable gear.

In the end, you can rest assured that this vest will protect your chest and back. It is enforced with a padded foam and high-quality material.


  • It can be used for protection in more than one sport like air-soft and rugby.
  • It has enticing quality-price ratio.


  • It still leaves the player vulnerable to injuries since it does not cover the entire upper body.

#5 Empire Paintball Grind Chest Protector

Empire Paintball Grind Chest Protector

This Empire protector is lightweight. It offers a comfortably padded protection that does not cause restrictions when moving. This is a crucial factor that makes it the best paintball chest protector for hardcore players.

The vest alone protects the chest, shoulders, and upper arms. It is available in different sizes to fit different players. Its price on Amazon ranges depending on the wearer size.


  • It features moisture-wicking technology to keep you cool.
  • The product sports shock cord loops to ensure that it holds efficiently.


  • It does not have one-size-fits-all, so one has to look for his/her size.

#6 DGXINJUN Body Safeguard Padded Compression Sports Short Sleeve Protective T-Shirt Shoulder Rib Chest Protector Suit

 DGXINJUN Body Safeguard Padded Compression Sports Short Sleeve Protective T-Shirt 

This paintball chest protector is made from a high-quality elastic material that protects against UV effects, and sweat. It also contains anti-collision polyethylene particles that secure the player’s shoulders, chest, and ribs.

The item also comes in different sizes to ensure that it is a perfect fit for different players.


  • This protector can be used in sports such as basketball, hockey, rugby, soccer, and paintball.
  • Its high-performance fabric keeps the player warm in cold weather and cool in hot weather.


  • It does not have a standard one-size-fits-all fit.

#7 Empire Paintball Neo-Skin Chest Protector

Empire Paintball Neo-Skin Chest Protector

This asset is one of the most exclusive paintball protectors in the market. It has a 360◦ protection range that guarantees full body protection. It features excellent venting and removable foam panels to allow versatility for different playing fields and conditions.

The material is breathable making the Empire neo-skin the best paintball chest protector for players who need unrestricted breathing and cool ventilating while playing.


  • It is adjustable to fit different conditions for example hard and soft ground and warm and cold conditions.


  • It is quite expensive and might not be attractive to a paintball enthusiast with a limited budget.

#8 Planet Eclipse HDE Tactical Jersey

Planet Eclipse HDE Tactical Jerseys

This protector is lightweight and is made of an anti-snag material. This way, you’ll be at your best game each time.

It also has a rear patch placement that makes it the best paintball chest protector for anyone looking to customize it with specific team details.


  • It can be used as team uniform thanks to its unique camouflage color.
  • It protects your entire upper area, i.e., the chest, ribs, arms, neck, collarbones, and arms.
  • Product’s price has significantly dropped since the last time we checked


  • It covers the entire upper area, which can make it seem bulky and suffocating.
  • It does not have a flexible fit. Therefore, players have to look for specific sizes.

#9 HK Army Crash Chest Protector

HK Army Crash Chest Protector

This armor-like item is perfect for those players who like aggressive offensives. Its creators designed the chest protector especially for high-impact performance.

The secret lies in its pad system that consists of two layers of material. As a result, the apparel can easily absorb shocks.

On the other hand, the chest protector leaves room for mobility as well. Its inner lining is fitted with a 3-way stretch that offers coverage. It also keeps players’ temperatures low during the hot season.


  • Provides comfort, breathability.
  • Dual-layered padding.
  • Flexible torso panels.


  • The reinforced padding doesn’t stretch low enough to protect the bottom as well.

#10 Men’s Padded Compression Shirt-Short Sleeve for Paintball & Many Other Sports

This paintball chest protector is an Amazon Best Seller and for several good reasons.

First it was built to last. This protective shirt comes with tons of padded protection in the areas the most prone to pain and swelling, like ribs, chest, back, and shoulders.

Second, it is made of durable materials (some users claim that it looks as new after multiple washes), the finishes are high-quality, and the overall design is extremely lightweight.

Third, it has a snug fit and is very comfortable to wear; from kids to adults, there’s a size for anyone, however, check out the size chart before placing your order to prevent unpleasant surprises.

And last but not least, this paintball chest protector is incredibly fairly priced for what it has to offer.


  • This paintball chest protector has a snug fit and is surprisingly lightweight.
  • We were impressed with the quality of the materials and stitching.
  • The shirt absorbs a lot of energy & can be used in many contact sports.
  • This protector is significantly cheaper than other protectors in its league.


  • Some sizes may not fit description (Check out the sizing chart before ordering online.)
  • The protector is not really breathable – it may get extremely hot in the summer.

#11 TUOY Men’s Padded Compression Shirt Protective T Shirt Rib Chest Protector

Just like the previous chest protector, this is a compression type one, so it has a snug fit while still being stretchy and offering protection to key areas like the shoulders, back and chest.

This model in particular is great for paintball, football, rugby, and other similar sports where injuries are likely to occur.

Some happy users claim that this chest protector has even more cushioning than its brand name counterparts at a fraction of the price.

Another great thing about this product is that it fits snugly while not being too tight and allows the body to move freely while not pinching the skin while on the move – a critical feature for a seasoned paintballer.


  • This chest protector is fashionable, stretchy, and has a snug fit.
  • It comes with quality materials and design.
  • The product offers great value for the money.


  • Honeycomb pads may fall apart if you machine-wash it
  • The protector runs very small (sizes are designed for Asia, so order at least one or two sizes up)
  • We weren’t impressed with this shirt’s cushioning

#12 TIPPMANN Paintball Chest Protector

This is a no-fuss and heavy-duty paintball chest protector that does exactly what it says: it protects your vital areas in the heat of the game.

It comes with adjustable Velcro straps and there’s one size that “fits most;” many players over 6 ft. have complained about it running to small vertically on their torso.

Since is not snugly fit, it comes with plenty of breathability especially on your sides. The vest is one of the most comfortable and durable chest protectors on our list. Too bad it doesn’t fit big guys to perfection.


  • Protector adds a cool SWAT team/ Punisher vibe to your outfit.
  • It is heavy duty and lightweight.
  • This protective vest adds plenty of cushioning to the chest and back areas.
  • The product is very inexpensive.


  • This model is best for kids and teens – the size runs a bit small for large adults.
  • Some skin is still exposed to hits.
  • Unfortunately, the shoulder straps are not adjustable.

Final Word

The above chest protectors are some of the best paintball chest protector options on the market today. Each of them will keep you protected without having to pay too much.

You can try some of the featured protectors to experience top-of-the-range protection. Scars are no longer in. Therefore, be sure to play safe by acquiring the best paintball chest protector in 2019.

Let me know what you think. Feel free to give your reviews on any of the chest protectors you have tried or leave a comment in the feedback section below.

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