Top 10 Best Netflix Original Series In 2019

For most people, finding the best series to watch can be a tall order. However, Netflix has changed the TV game, producing some the best shows. Over the years, the best Netflix original series have been making the list of the most watched TV shows. The year of 2018 was not different as Netflix continued to dominate the film industry. The list of the 10 best Netflix original series In 2019 is based on the number of viewers. The most-watched show ranks at the top.

1. Stranger Things – Season 3

scene from stranger things tv series

Being one of best Netflix original series, many kids and adults watched this TV show. Stranger Things is about Will, a young boy who is captured by a formless creature that traps him in a poltergeists-like world. Winona Ryder, Will`s mother, believes her son is alive despite efforts to declare him dead.

His best friends also commence their investigation to get rid of the thing-like monster. They are assisted by Eleven, a young girl with superpowers. The series is among the most watched shows because it highlights a warming and strong connection between teenagers. The use of young kids as the main characters gives the show a unique touch.

2. 13 Reasons Why – Season 3

13 reasons why tv series scene with high school students

13 Reasons Why has one of the most intriguing story lines. Hannah, a teenage girl, kills herself leaving behind a suicide note in a 13-tape recording. Each chapter is directed to a specific person who made the innocent girl take her life. The series unfolds as the tapes are passed around the students.

13 Reasons Why is the most viewed show on Netflix. As a result, it ranks as the best Netflix original series In 2018. The unpredictable show keeps viewers alert as they seek to know what made Hannah take the fatal decision.

3. Marvel’s Jessica Jones – Season 3

scene from jessica jones netflix original tv series

Season 1 of Jessica Jones was one of the most viewed series on Netflix. The main character, Jessica Jones, is a private detective with superpowers. Although the detective has special powers, the series does not concentrate on her talent. In 2019, series 3 is back and bigger than ever.

The story line revolves around David Tennant (Kingrave) for the entire season. Themes of domestic abuse and rape resonate loudly. Jessica Jones is one of the best Netflix original series. It covers extensive grounds more than any superhero series.

4. Orange Is the New Black – Season 7

scene from orange is the new black with inmates talking in prison outdoor ward

The series provides a unique prison experience that is brightened by Jeni Kohan`s humor and social commentary. Kohan infuses poignancy to the overall story.

Although Orange Is the New Black links to many stereotypes, it challenges their existence. With a brilliantly written story line that is acted superbly, the show deserves to be among the best Netflix original series In 2019.

5. Marvel’s Daredevil – Season 3

marvel netflix tv series daredevil main character blindfolded

Daredevil tops the list of the 10 best Netflix original series In 2019, thanks to its comic tone and grittiness. With complex characters, the show understands the grey areas between villains and superheroes. It also draws a line between good and evil, especially where violence is involved.

The show is written superbly, choreographed excellently, and shot brilliantly. Daredevil`s acting is beyond the cinematic Universe of Marvel`s TV shows. Charlie Cox utilizes brutal fight scenes with his main character, Matt Murdock. Cox`s combination of perfect writing, acting, and directing makes Daredevil the best superhero series In 2019.

6. Iron Fist – Season 2

scene from iron fist with main character at a press conference

The TV series Iron Fist is about the life of a billionaire, Danny Rand, who is trying to fight crime. He had been declared dead after he was involved in an airplane crash. Rand comes back to New York after years since his disappearance. He hopes to reconnect with his family and have a share of his family`s business.

He soon realizes the city requires salvation from corruption and violence. Rand  uses his kung-fu skills and a superpower called Iron Fist to fight evil. While the show revolves around the superhero, it tries to remain original by presenting the ordinary life and deceptions that billionaires create to sustain their shiny image.

7. Luke Cage – Season 2

luke cage netflix tv series scene in a restaurant

The original Netflix series is the third entry of Marvel`s Defenders` shows. The series is a continuation of the character that was introduced in Jessica Jones. Luke Cage has unbreakable skin and superhero strength.

Against his best instincts, Cage is pulled into the fight against crime to save Harlem from corruption and violence. Luke Cage, a thematically complex character meets Mike Colter, the real draw. The show has a catchy story line that makes it one of the best Netflix original series.

8. House of Cards – Season 6

scene from house of cards tv series where two husbands underwood talk to each other

The highly rated political series is one of the first shows to present an original Netflix programming. With five seasons filmed so far, House of Cards has plenty of highs and lows.

The show walks us through the journey of becoming the U.S. President. The political series captures the schemes and plots politicians use behind citizens’ back to attain greater influence. This makes it one of the best Netflix original series.

9. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt – Season 4

After being imprisoned by a cult leader for 15 years, Kimmy learns that her world was not, in fact, destroyed by the apocalypse. Kimmy packed up decided to move to New York, to start fresh. From the producers of 30 Rock, brings you a lovable journey of a girl that wants to live a simple life and eat candy for dinner. The series tackles many controversial issues about living life in the city, trying to get a job and find friends. The series gained a lot of popularity since it first aired in 2015, with the latest season 4 released fall, 2019.

10. Fuller House – Season 4

The Tanner kids are back and under the same roof again in 2019, with the brand new season of Fuller House. The Fuller household, DJ, Stephenie, and Kimmy embark on an adventure into adulthood but learn how much they desperately need each other. It takes a Fuller household to raise a family and this new family, brings a comedic edge to a lovable storyline and excellent family adventure.


What to Consider

In most cases, the most viewed TV series is the best show to watch. However, this is not always the case as people have different tastes. You have the freedom to choose the best series according to your preferences. While it is good to look for your best show, it is always better to consider what most people are viewing in order to allow yourself to discover something new.

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