Top 9 Gardening Tools That Every Gardener Should Have

Without the right tools, everything is much harder in life. Gardening is no different. The right set of gardening tools can reduce the amount of time and energy we spend on a specific task while improving its overall results. Even though there’s a huge amount of useful gardening tools out there, only a few of them are essential.

With that in mind, the present article will go over the best gardening tools to buy in 2019. Consequently, it will include the products that offer the most efficiency, durability, functionality and overall quality.

Features To Look For in Gardening Tools

several gardening tools lined up on a table

Before we share the best gardening tools available on the market, there are some important features to consider so you can buy products you’ll enjoy using.

Ergonomically Designed

First, you want the gardening tools to be comfortable and convenient to use. This involves haven’t a shape that’s easy to hold and a soft grip that ensures that tool doesn’t slip out of your hand when it’s raining. 

Effective Results

It’s important that the gardening tools you spend money on give you the results you want. This involves the tools being made from high-quality materials that are appropriate for the job. For example, metal is ideal for preventing rust, while wooden handles aren’t ideal for quick drying.

The Absolute 9 Best Gardening Tools of 2019

1. Roughneck 5lb Mattock

a Roughneck Mattock gardening tool

Every gardener knows that, before doing anything else, it’s necessary to prepare the ground. This is done by unearthing roots and stones, softening the soil and digging holes or trenches. Of course, these are all things that can be done using a mattock. Roughneck’s 5lb Mattock is, without a doubt, one of the most efficient examples of a modern mattock.

Meant for a two-hand grip, it’s got the perfect size for delivering powerful strikes and pulling heavy loads off the ground. Its high-density fiberglass shaft provides a tight and ergonomic grip that greatly reduces the probability of accidents. Armed with both a horizontal and a vertical edge, its steel head is capable of inflicting great punishment without so much as a scratch.

2. Bulldog Border Fork With Soft Grip Handle

a green border fork

This solid, medium sized border fork is capable of handling most garden and allotment tasks in an effective and reliable manner. Forged from a single piece of steel, it guarantees there won’t be loosening of any kind. The result is a durable, resilient tool that is capable of taking great amounts of strain like it’s nothing.

Its ergonomic soft grip handle eliminates the possibility of hand injuries and abrasions. With a size of 9 x 5.5 inches, the fork is perfect for extended periods of work. But there is more: in combination with a good border spade, the Bulldog Border Fork is practically unstoppable.

3. Bully Tools 14-Gauge Round Point Shovel with Fiberglass Long Handle

a small Bully gardening shovel

In most cases, gardening implies digging a lot of holes. Without a doubt, doing so can be a tiring and straining task. However, the proper gardening tools can make all the difference in the world. Bully Tools’ 14-Gauge Round Point Shovel does just that, earning a place among the best gardening tools out there.

Its long handle was designed to increase leverage, reducing fatigue and strain at the same time. Strong and resistant to external elements, this shovel was built to last through years of hard work, earning it a place among the seven best gardening tools.

4. Opinel No.8 Pruning Knife

a small Opinel gardening knife

Not all gardening tools are meant to perform forceful tasks. For more precise tasks, every gardener needs to have a good knife. Whether it’s pruning, limbing or general plant cutting, Opinel’s No. 8 Pruning Knife does it all. Even though it folds, it’s capable of taking on harder tasks such as cutting twine, rope or bound bean canes.

Made in France, this beautifully crafted knife was made using the most durable materials available. Its lockable folding blade is curved and tempered to allow for sharper, more precise cuts. At the same time, it’s wooden handle permits a tight, non-slippery grip that will make any precision task easier, no matter how minimalist.

5. RHS Bypass Secateurs

a small Bypass secateur

Sturdy, sharp, powerful and easy to handle, this product has everything one could ask for a pair of secateurs. In order to reduce hand strain, the RHS Bypass Secateurs feature robust metal alloy handles that are covered in ergonomically molded plastic. The design of the handles allows comfortable use by people with any size of hands.

Using a purely metallic spring that’s nice and thick, it allows for high amounts of pressure to be applied to it without becoming damaged. Additionally, it has rubber cushion that prevents jarring after strenuous use. Of course, like all the gardening tools on this list, the Bypass Secateurs are capable of resisting extended periods of work.

6. Ames True Temper Kodiak Gardening Rake

a True Temper leaf rake

Even though it’s traditionally styled, this rake uses modern assembly technology in order to produce the best results. With a solid wood handle that’s got the perfect size for getting the job done, it is capable of helping you reduce the amount of time you spend raking every week.

Unlike many other rakes in the market, this product boasts a one-piece steelhead that prevents tines from ever pulling loose. Even though they are robust and efficient, the True Temper Kodiak’s tines are still sensible enough not to damage your lawn. In fact, its flexible coil spring offers a smoother raking action than most similar products.

7. Water Right 400 Series Polyurethane Slim & Light Garden Hose

a long water right hose

It used to be that a good garden hose was a heavy one. With advancements in technology, those times are gone. Today, a good garden hose can be incredibly light and easy to carry around. Case and point: Water Right’s 400 Series Polyurethane Slim & Light Garden Hose, a product that amazes customers because of its balance of lightness and power, flexibility and durability.

Made with NSF and FDA certified polyurethane resin, it’s easy to move around the yard while practically impervious to casual external damage. According to each customer’s taste, it comes with either brass or stainless steel fittings.

8. Olson Deepak Gardening Gloves

best gardening tools

Gloves are amongst the best gardening tools to improve your safety. These particular gloves by Olson Deepak are made for long-term regular use in all kinds of weather conditions. While getting messy in the garden, these gloves keep your nails and fingers clean. Plus, they’re designed with grain leather to prevent any prickly pants from injuring your hands.

Although these gloves have a large emphasis on durability and strength, these are still comfortable and flexible to wear for long periods of time. This is all thanks to the cowhide leather that is resistant to punctures. They’re ergonomically created so you can comfortably grip gardening tools without them impacting your safety.

9. Radius Garden Ergonomic Hand Trowel

best gardening tools

A hand trowel is one of the most essential gardening tools to make your life easier and get the results you’re looking for. Fortunately, this product is ergonomically designed to reduce any hand and wrist stress. As a result, it’s ideal for anyone with limited hand strength or other syndromes such as carpal tunnel, arthritis, and more.

You’ll love that this hand garden towel is lightweight though stronger than most competitor’s products. Designed with an aluminum blade, it won’t rust and is a stronger material than steel to last longer and help you to dig easier.

Putting It All Together

After going through these seven wonderful items, it can be concluded that there is no lack of quality gardening tools available. Even though they are all different, the tools on this list have one thing in common: they make a gardener’s work life much easier and more enjoyable.

Combining technology and inventiveness, they are able to greatly reduce the amount of time and energy you will have to spend in order to create and keep the garden of your dreams. What are your favorite gardening tools? Let us know in the comments!