Top 15 Best Celebrity Gossip Websites In 2019

With all the bad stuff that is going on in the world right now, a quick look at the world news can leave you feeling all sorts of depressed. Sometimes, we’d rather take our mind off of these things. What better way to do that than to check out your favorite celebrity gossip websites and find out what the stars have been up to?

You know, stuff that actually matters. With the plethora of gossip websites about celebrities that is out there, we have done our research to find you the top celebrity gossip websites. Caution: some of these sites contain content that you might not want your boss to bust you viewing; proceed with discretion.

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Top 10 Celebrity Gossip Websites

Without further ado, here are our top 10 celebrity gossip websites, listed in no particular order.


With an abbreviation that stands for Oh No They Didn’t, best believe you are about to get the juiciest morsels of celeb gossip just by taking a peek at this site. ONTD is a community of members who submit gossip from all entertainment platforms such as music, gaming, scandals, and celebrities.

Typically, ONTD will have the latest gossip piece before you see it anywhere else. With its legion of dedicated contributors, it is not a mystery that ONTD is the among the best celebrity gossip websites to find breaking celeb news. The website will prove to be a priceless bookmark for any self-confessed celeb gossip junkie.

2. TMZ

Also known as the Thirty Mile Zone, TMZ has been one of the most popular celebrity gossip websites. The site takes the art of celeb stalking to a whole new level. This is because, at the top of each article, they will place the name of the celebrity making it easy for you to skim around for your favorite celebs.

Additionally, the site has different categories of gossip just so that you do not lack one that rocks your boat. What makes TMZ special is the fact that they are timely in their news; delivering it as it happens.

They have been the first to break the news on multiple occasions, at times even before media houses. For instance, they were the first to break the news about the death of Michael Jackson.

3. Perez Hilton

Perez Hilton started as a blog by a man who was fascinated by the world of celebrities. Soon, Perez started dishing out tidbits about celebs that no one else knew and quickly became a big name in the tabloid scene.

Right now, this site is the place to go when you want the good stuff; which he updates regularly. Hilton himself is on a first name basis relationship with the celebrities that he writes about, making him a star in his own right. Also, the controversial nature of his posts is half the fun.

4. Gawker

Gawker was among the growing urban celebrity gossip websites that offered a ‘mature’ take on celebrity news until its demise in 2016. This website employed a unique blend of satire, snobbery, and snark to deliver the news in a brutal but humorous manner. Gawker gave you the ‘big apple’s’ take on celeb culture in a way that nobody else would.

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5. Hollywood Life

Under the scope of Bonnie Fuller who has been interacting with and writing about the entertainment scene for over 35 years, you can be sure that Hollywood Life will contain some must-reads. In fact, the approach they take to reporting is simple but effective; if it is fun to look at or hear, it is worth writing about.

Additionally, Hollywood Life will regularly host talk show appearances, which make it the one stop shop for news about anything happening in tinsel town.

6. Daily Mail Online

U.K.’s second-largest daily newspaper has no shortage of celebrity gossip. A lot of stars in Hollywood hail from or spend a lot of time in Britain. It is only fair that celebrity gossip websites tell us what they are up to and Daily Mail Online has this down to a science.

Unashamed, they cover everything there is to cover about our celebs in England. This makes it one of the most entertaining celebrity gossip websites.

7. Dlisted

Michael K, the resident author, and owner of Dlisted will keep you on the edge of your seat with his off-color delivery of celeb news. Michael leaves no stone un-turned in his quest of finding celebrity dirt for you to gorge yourself on. What makes Dlisted one of the most sought-after celebrity gossip websites is Michael’s succinct and snarky writing style.

8. E! Online

Everybody knows what the E! Logo stands for. No one covers the entertainment industry’s news and gossip as well as  E! does. While their television network keeps you updated on what’s going on the red carpet, their website lets you in on celebrities’ dirty little secrets. This is definitely one of the most popular celebrity gossip websites.

9. Celebuzz

When it comes to celebrity gossip websites, none of them dissect our celebrities’ worst moments, as well as Celebuzz, does. This website is just brutal in the way they approach celeb news and won’t bat an eye when it comes to uploading celebs’ revealing photos for you to feast your eyes upon. Every article is snarky and thoroughly entertaining.

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10. Just Jared Jr.

When you get caught up following what Leo DiCaprio has been up to, you might forget about Justin Bieber. Just Jared Jr. is there for this specific purpose; to feed you gossip on the young stars.

11. People

If People’s magazine is your thing, you will definitely love People’s website. They have tons of celeb gossip plus behind the scenes exclusives.

12. Go Fug Yourself

They are a celebrity gossip magazine purely dedicated to making celebs pay for horrible fashion disasters. It is obviously a great site if you are into fashion. Additionally, the quips that they make at celebs that have the misfortune of coming under their radar will leave you laughing for days.

13. Yahoo! Entertainment

Yahoo! Entertainment is one of the celebrity gossip websites that you can trust. They don’t create “fake news,” like many gossip sites do, they are reputable and only report on the facts.

14. Us Weekly

If you’re a fan of the Us Weekly magazine, then their gossip site could be for you. With Us Weekly, you can get the latest celebrity news, style tips, celebrity photos, exclusive videos, and more.

Many people consider Us Weekly to have more tabloid-style “fake news,” so take what you read on the site with a grain of salt. Regardless, it’s fun to read.

15. Zimbio

Zimbio is sure to feed your pop culture obsession. Although it’s on this list of celebrity gossip websites, it’s more than just celebrity gossip. They encourage readers to “look beyond the breaking news headlines.”

Zimbio gives takes on movies, TV shows, celebrities, and internet trends. They do this through articles, TV and streaming guides, deep dives, articles, quizzes, features, and more.

The Zimbio team considers themselves “pop culture experts,” so they can be well-trusted.

Making the Most of Celebrity Gossip Websites

Never have a dull day when you can visit these celebrity gossip websites. They will provide all the latest rumors, gossips, fashion trends, and more. And all this directly from the life of celebrities.

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