Best Bass Headphones To Buy: Which Headphone Should You Buy?

best bass headphones

With the increasing popularity of hip-hop, electronic house, and other bass-heavy music, bass headphones are now among the most sought-after commodity in the market.

However, there is so much that goes into the creating of a good set of bass headphones and not all manufacturers can pull it off.

So that you don’t end up with a headphone that sounds like the inside of a tin can, here are some of the best bass headphones you can buy right now:

Best Bass Headphones to Buy

1. [amazon link=”B003CJTR8M”]

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Phillips Rich Bass Neckband

Let’s start with something a little bit affordable for an ordinary basshead!

While it’s small in size, this bass headphone has surprisingly great performance. These cheap on-ear headphones offer heavy bass that you would only expect from high-end brands and models.

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Sony MDR-1R

Of course, Sony just had to be on the list of the best bass headphones!

The Sony MDR-1R has adjustable earcups for a comfortable fit. With a rich, detailed, and highly-textured bass, it offers a reliable, audiophile-centric sound.

3. [amazon link=”B001F00F0E”]

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Ultrasone PRO 900 Over-Ear Headphones

These are reference headphones for avid music listeners who do not compromise on their sound quality. With its top-of-the-line S-Logic Plus technology, these headphones promise heavy bass, bright highs, clear lows, and unlimited precision in sound production.

4. [amazon link=”B01LWWY3E2″]

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Beating many heavyweight contenders in the wireless headphone space, the Solo 3.0 offers a lively and powerful listening experience that you’ll just love. It also comes with a very stylish and trendy design.

5. [amazon link=”B00NWROP5Y”]

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Denon AH-MM400 Over-Ear HeadphonesMAn

These are reference headphones capable picking minute details in sound. They have a high frequency range for a very commanding bass. They also have a unique design, starting from their aluminum hinges to their walnut-like ear cups.

6. [amazon link=”B007G8UMP2″]

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These are the first high-end headphones from Fostex and they feature a bio-dynamic 50mm diaphragm and a 1.5 tesla magnetic circuit for the ultimate bass experience. They are, without a doubt, a premium product worth every penny.

7. [amazon link=”B00Y0Q9LFU”]

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Bowers and Wilkins P5 Bluetooth Headphones

These wireless headphones have a unique curved design that leans more towards a retro look than the contemporary look that’s quite common today.

8. [amazon link=”B00M1NEUKK”]

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Bose Quiet Comfort 25

The Bose Quiet Comfort 25 is designed for travelers who are looking for excellent noise-cancelling earpieces. Being one of the best noise canceling headphones out there, it produces tight bass and clear treble notes.  

9. [amazon link=”B00UW0FZWQ”]

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OPPO PM-3 Closed-Back Headphones

OPPO might not be a renowned brand in the headphones world, but it truly did a phenomenal job on the OPPO PM-3. They are quite expensive, but there’s a good reason for this. They have very powerful magnetic drivers for perfect lows, excellent mids, and extremely clear vocals.

10. [amazon link=”B00IKYI6FO”]

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There so many things that make these set of headphones special. But one of the most outstanding features is there huge 70mm drivers that produce enormous soundstage and refined bass. However, to get the most of these Sony headphones, you’ll want to invest in a reliable headphone amplifier.

11. [amazon link=”B00M3NZYKI”]

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Sennheiser HD201 Over-Ear Headphones

These lightweight and bass-rich headphones are hard to beat. For a very affordable price tag, you are guaranteed great bass response to satisfy all your basshead needs.

12. [amazon link=”B00PK2LJ4E”]

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Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro Plus

These headphones stand out because of their Sound Slider. This feature allows you to customize the audio profile to your preferred choice. With four profiles at your disposal, you can make the sound more analytical by pumping up the bass.

13. [amazon link=”B00HVLUR86″]

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Audio Technica ATH M50X

The ATH M50X may lack an aesthetic appeal, but outperforms on sound quality. With a balanced, accurate, and well-textured bass, this set of headphones is specifically designed for serious audiophiles.

14. [amazon link=”B0092T84HQ”]

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Yamaha Pro 500

With 16 a few hundred dollars, you can get your hands on this beast. It offers a very powerful bass with no kind of distortion whatsoever. It also has a sleek design and comes with a detachable cable. Definitely, value for money.

15. [amazon link=”B00SJ4IQ2S”]

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Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 Over-Ear Headphones

The Momentum 2.0 has an over-ear, closed-back design for excellent sound isolation and extra comfort. This is a high-end headphone set that produces commanding bass that won’t leave you disappointed.

16. [amazon link=”B0013OWPV4″]

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These headphones are designed for high-grade audiophiles. With a wide frequency range, they work like subwoofers and produce hard, heart-pounding bass to satisfy your inner basshead.

17. [amazon link=”B00T6COAY0″]

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Maxel AMP-B Amplified Bass Headphones

These headphones come with padded on-ear earcups for extra comfort. They are lightweight and foldable, making them easy to carry. More importantly, they have huge drivers for a heavy, amplified bass.

18. [amazon link=”B00A39PPI0″]

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V-Moda Crossfade M-100

When you hear V-Moda, know that the headphone is outright awesome. The Crossfade M-100 is no exception. It comes with a compact over-ear, closed-back design to complement the overpowering bass feature.

19. [amazon link=”B013J7WUGC”]

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These headphones are all about quality sound. They are carefully crafted to offer you the ultimate comfort while delivering supreme sound. They offer a great balance between bass and treble for an enjoyable listen experience.

20. [amazon link=”B0145CC7I6″]

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Beats Executive Over-Ear Headphones

Beats headphones are renowned for their abundant bass, and the Beats Executive are no exception. These high-end headphones are made specifically for those who are constantly on the move and want to experience some high-fidelity sound no matter the place.

Satisfy the Bass head in You!

With these great picks, there’s definitely something for you. Make your choice wisely!

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