Top 6 Best Portable DVD Players

If you are a movie enthusiast, then a portable DVD player could really prove useful to you. These portable devices do vary in price range, being able to provide for any income. They are very convenient and space-effective, which is convenient for you to carry them with you wherever you go and to put them in small spaces. There are hundreds of models to choose from, so our list below is only a small glimpse into the world of portable DVD players. These products are listed in no specific order and are only six of the products available on the market today.

Factors To Consider When Buying a Portable DVD Player

Before we share the 6 best portable DVD players on the market, not every unit is the same, and some are more advanced than others. To help refine your search, we’ve provided some easy-to-follow components to land the best portable DVD player for your needs.

Battery Life

First, be realistic about the number of hours you need the DVD player to last. The average device lasts around four hours before you need to charge it. However, if you wish to use the DVD player as your number one source for watching movies, you might need an extended battery life. Consider how you typically watch movies, too. Do you tend to pause and grab a snack? Perhaps you constantly rewind. Your watching etiquette makes a big difference to the battery life too. You may also wish for the DVD player to charge while you’re watching it to not disrupt your activity. 

Screen Dimensions

With a portable DVD player, bigger isn’t always better. Will it only be you viewing the device at one time? If so, a 7-inch unit will suffice, but multiple users should opt for at least a 10-inch screen. If numerous people will watch a movie at the same time, a swivel screen is a great feature to ensure everyone can see the screen from all angles. Consider that the larger the screen, the heavier and bigger the unit, which isn’t ideal for traveling with a small backpack.

Shock Resistance

Many upper-end DVD players are equipped with shock-resistance technology so animations and graphics don’t become distorted, and movies aren’t interrupted while traveling at high speeds. This is great for car journeys when road surfaces can be uneven. This feature does come with an additional price, so you should consider if it’s necessary. If you play finicky games, for example, you’ll need excellent precision and reliability. 

USB Stick

If you’ll use the device primarily for watching movies, a DVD player with a USB stick is more convenient than burning DVDs. Bear in mind that many devices won’t have a Wi-Fi connection so you can’t log into any streaming services to watch movies. Connecting an external USB stick makes it easy to install movies, songs, and photos. Plus, you can conveniently update your media list at any time rather than taking up memory on your DVD player.

Top 6 Best Portable DVD Players

1. Sony DVPFX780

The Sony DVPFX780 is a high quality 7-inch screen portable DVD by Sony that can be bought for fairly cheap. The DVD comes with a unique design and a four-hour rechargeable battery, the package includes a car adapter as well as a one-year limited warranty on both the labor and the parts. The DVD comes with a comprehensive instructions manual, it has one embedded headphone jack and it can be delivered within a couple of working days from the moment you issue the order!

2. Sylvania SDVD1332 Swivel Screen Portable DVD Player


Rated as the #1 Best seller in portable DVD players on Amazon, the Sylvania SDVD1332 is an affordable and convenient portable DVD player, coming with a swivel screen that can be laid flat with the feel of a tablet. It includes a USB and SD card port for digital media, that can play not only DVDs, but display music and pictures as well. Coming with a car adapter, rechargeable battery, and remote, this portable DVD player is very convenient and an advanced option when considering portable DVD players.

3. The Coby TFDVD70o9


The Coby TFDVD 7009 is an affordable portable DVD player with many different features. It is designed with anti-skip circuitry and Dolby Digital recording. It has outputs that are compatible for home theaters, but also has built in speakers and a headphone jack for traveling convenience as well. It is able to support different languages and subtitles if chosen. It is three inches high and weighs only 2.5 pounds, being light and compact. With positive reviews, this Coby product is a great option for your next roadtrip.

4. The Pyle Home PDH7

This is an excellent product made by Pyle. This portable DVD player comes with a USB/SD card slot, has adjustable viewing angles, and also comes with a remote control as well. It has a high resolution of 480 x 234 and small dimensions, providing a small and compact DVD portable that is great for on the go. Its cheap price is all the more reason to buy this product by Pyle.

5. ieGeek 11.5″ Portable DVD Player

6 best portable dvd players

This handy entertainment DVD player features a 9.5-inch LCD screen for high-quality graphics. You can also rotate the screen up to 360 degrees to offer extra viewing angles to share the viewing experience with others. With 180 classic games all suitable for kids, it’ll keep them entertained and pre-occupied on long journeys. It can also handle bumpy rides, thanks to the anti-shock protection that contributes to undisturbed viewing experiences. This portable DVD player is equipped with bass-boosting built-in speakers, though there’s also a 3.5mm headphones jack for quieter listening.

6. Cooau 17.9” Portable DVD Player

6 best portable DVD players

For those with a bigger budget, this unit by Cooau is one of the 6 best portable DVD players available right now. It’s super hi-tech, making it aimed towards advanced teenagers. For example, you can sync your television to the DVD player to experience colorful graphics right in front of you. If you love to explore around the world, the Cooau DVD player is for you as it’s a region-free device, allowing you to watch movies and shows from all around the world. The bonus features make this unit a must-buy. For example, if the device runs out of battery, it’ll resume the movie from where you left it. Plus, you can recharge the battery via a wall-charging or car-changing adapter.

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